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LDN Wrestling Promotions


This site is dedicated to one of the biggest promoters in the UK today, running 150+ shows per year throughout the UK.  Headed by the young entrepreneur Sanjay Bagga, this likeable promoter has carved himself a place in wrestling history by spearheading the revival in traditional World of Sport style grappling and his shows were viewed most days of the week on TWC fight Channel . Sanjay has been responsible for some of the most innovative displays of recent times and even managed to coax the great Johnny Saint out of retirement in a contest with legendary Johnny Kidd that was described as the bout of the decade at a subsequent legends shows.  Sanjay has also acquired the services of Johnny Kincaid, Keith Myatt, Mal Sanders, Steve Grey, Kendo Nagasaki, Marty Jones, Danny Boy Collins, Goldbelt Maxine, and Lee Bronson to appear at his shows and was the person chosen to promote the only World of Sport television show to be filmed by ITV Productions in 25 years at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon in 2013.   LDN Wrestling continue to bring in wrestling stars from around the World and hope to increase the number of shows they promote over the coming years.

All Star Wrestling

Official site of Allstar/Big time wrestling Promotions which is headed by Promoter Brian Dixon. Allstar has been established since the 1960's and Brian Dixon has over forty five years in the business.  The Company features regularly at Holiday complexs throughout the Country and has done so for over 30 years. In between these camps, Brian finds time to put on a number of shows up and down the country. Married to former wrestler Mitzi Mueller, and with the business managed and M.C.'d  by daughter Letitia, this promotion is a real family affair who specialise in a USA/ British style of entertainment.

Wrestling Heritage Site

This site is an excellent tribute predominantly dedicated to the gladiators of the 50s, 60's and 70's , and run by two enthusiasts simply known as Hack and Anglo Italian. The articles and photos are awesome and factually accurate. A must for all wrestling fans of the golden era.

Wrestling Furnace Picture Gallery

U.K.'s leading tribute site, devoted entirely to British wrestling, featuring galleries of all the great stars, plus Reunion photos and news etc..   Contact Chris Owens:

Dropkixx Wrestling Academy

Dropkixx Wrestling Academy is the largest school of wrestling in both the U.K. and Europe. Established in 1999, it is dedicated to amateur 'catch as catch can' freestyle wrestling, shoot ( submission) and  traditional Professional styles of grappling.

Originally founded by Frank Rimer and Tony Scarlo, the school has launched the careers of over 80 % of all current British wrestlers, with top names such as  Charlie Rage, Darren 'Pukka One' Burridge, Doug Williams,Ashley Reed, Ross Jordan, Hugh  Mungus,  Martin Stone, Stixx, Paul Burchill, Nikita, Leroy Kincaid, Hade Vanson, Marty Scurll, Jimmy Starr, Kristen Linnell, Jonny Storm, Alex Shane, Paul Robinson,  Jodie Fleisch, Ashe, Philip Bedwell, Tex Benedict, to name but a few having all  been associated with the Academy, over the years.  

Current owner and Head trainer : Jon Ritchie, himself a 20 year veteran of the Pro ranks, has taken the gym a stage further, staging shoot (submission) wrestling competitions, and Championships, also incorporating  'catch as catch can' freestyle wrestling with the assistance of his father the legendary John Hall, world famous amateur Andy Gibson, Buster Claydon ( European Amateur Champion) and Lucy Claydon ( Ladies Freestyle Champion.), turning out a new breed of grapplers such as : Danny Beckwith,Mike Mendoza., Barry Ryan, Stu Sanders, Brad Beck, Gary and Steve Docherty, Yorghos Cristopolous, Amit Rambojam, Dan 'Barbell' Bateman, etc.,  etc..

Former World of Sport stars Steve Grey, Bobby Barnes, Wayne Bridges, Brian' Goldbelt'  Maxine, Tony 'Titch' White, Pat Roach, Mel Stuart, 'Gay One' Vince Randell, Bobby Stafford, Gordon Quirey, Bobby Bear, John Hall, have all taught at Dropkixx, even the former WWE superstar Jake 'the snake' Roberts.

The Academy now boasts three Branches, and  Promotes around 40 shows per year.

For more details see website.

Kendo Nagasaki Official Website


This is the official website of the legendary masked wrestling star Kendo Nagasaki who in 2014 celebrated 50 years in the professional wrestling business.

Kendo has always mysterious and although he has been in the public eye for a remarkable five decades he continues to be revered, respected, and admired, both as an outstanding athlete and an inspiring source of empowerment, wisdom, and healing. On this official website you can find out all about Kendo's spectacular wrestling career as well as his spiritual healing practices. To access the site click the following link:- 

Amazing Kung Fu - Official Website


This web site is packed with anecdotes and photos appertaining to the career of one of Britains most enduring and well loved wrestling stars Eddie Hamill known to his legion of fans as 'The amazing Kung Fu'

Tony 'Banger' Walsh Official Website

This is the official online home of Tony "Banger" Walsh, British Wrestling Legend, Actor and successful businessman.

Danny 'Boy' Collins Official Website

Danny 'Boy' Collins is a 30 years veteran of the professional ring.  Making his debut at the tender age of 16 Danny has wrestled many of the greats including Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco, Marty Jones, Fit Finlay and Jim Breaks.  Although Danny is one of the last wrestlers from the World of Sport era still active in the ring today he also spends a lot of his time training the next generation of stars with monthly seminars being held around the United Kingdom.  For more details on Dannys training seminars or to relive some of the many memories from his illustrious career the link for his website is as follows:-

All In Wrestling Website

Britains top wrestling historian Mike Hallinan looks back at pre war wrestling complete with programmes, posters and articles.  A must view site for anyone interested in wrestling at this time.  Check out Mikes site at the following link:

Bert Assirati Official Website

Bert Assirati was without doubt one of the greatest heavyweight wrestlers the world has ever witnessed.   Now look back on Berts fantastic career, his achievements, his trophies and marvel at some of the great action shots which can all been seen on this website which is run by Bert Assirati biographer Mike Hallinan.  The link for the website is as follows:-

British Wrestling DVDs

For 33 years British wrestling was an ever presence on our television screens but sadly that all came to an end in 1988 when ITV decided to axe what was once one of their most watched programmes.

During the years 1000s of bouts were aired on ITV and now you can relive many of those bouts thanks to Carl Stewart and British Wrestling DVDs.  Carl has spent years obtaining footage on many of the bouts that were shown not only on ITV but on various other channels including bouts of many of our top stars wrestling in Europe and Canada.

Carl has amassed a huge amount of wrestling bouts and having purchased some of these ourselves we can confirm that the quality is good and certainly worth purchasing.  Not only can you buy dvds with a mixture of bouts but Carl has also done dvds on individual wrestlers showcasing their talents against numerous opponents.  

DVDs start at just £2.00 per disc with each disc lasting approximately two and a half hours, well worth the money and hours and hours of great entertainment.

You can see the full list of dvds available by visiting the website at or search for British Wrestling dvds on facebook.

Happy buying and happy viewing.

British Wrestling, the Glory Years (on Facebook)


The official facebook page of the British Wrestlers Reunion. This page has been set up to relive the glory years of British wrestling and to keep its memory alive together with bringing you all of the latest Reunion news. This page is updated on a daily basis and has fellow fans from around the world together with wrestling stars past and present interacting with each other. 

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