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Tug Holton

Tug Holton’s unspectacular wrestling career was marked by continual underlining of the fact that as a boxer he had faced Dick Richardson, Brian London and Henry Cooper, even decking 'Enery.  

Unfortunately there were no equivalent highlights of any kind in his wrestling during the sixties and seventies. 
Rather oddly this Waterloo heavyweight seemed regularly to face much smaller opponents such as Kellett, Torontos and Kwango, rather than similarly weighted contemporaries such as Tibor Szakacs or Steve Viedor.  Most frequent opponent was skilful Clayton Thomson at two or three stones less.  Thomson would outwit Holton and win every time, thereby illustrating to all spectators the apparent validity of catchweight bouts. 

He is remembered for his tag partnership with Ivan Penzecoff, the black tighted villains menacingly opposing the good guys such as The White Eagles, The Saints and The Royals.A familiar figure on television he made around twenty-five television appearances against opponents as diverse as the aforementioned  Thomson, powerful Geoff Portz and stylish Steve Viedor.

Holton's unremarkable villainy and unathletic shuffling do nothing to diminish our affection for this reliable undercarder.

Tug Holton was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2017.