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Tom Tyrone

Paul Harrisson was destined to become one of the top heavyweights in the country thanks to his Father-in-law Tug Holton who showed the 1980s heavyweight who was better known to wrestling fans as Tom Tyrone the ropes and prepared him for life in the wrestling ring. 

However, Tom only picked up Tug's good wrestling habits and disregarded the villainous ways of his famous father in law and for the majority of his career was hailed as a fan favourite wherever he wrestled. 

Tom was a popular fifteen stone addition to the ring at a time when wrestling skill was becoming an increasingly rare commodity. 

Tom started with the independent promoters before being signed up by Dale Martin and shortly afterwards made his Royal Albert hall debut against Caswell Martin, himself one of the most established stars in Europe.

Toms first televised outing was against Dave Bond in April, 1981 and this was to be the first of more than twenty televised contests which included reaching the final against Pete Roberts in the 1987 Grand Prix Belt Tournament.

Tom was also part of a wrestling 'stable' formed by Max Crabtree known as The Jets which also consisted of Alan Kilby, Steve Logan (Birmingham) and Pat Patton and the quartet would often appear in televised tournament mainly in four single bouts followed by a tag to decide the winning team.

On retirement from the ring Tom continued to have a keen interest in the wrestling business and regularly attended the 'wrestler only' dinners that were held at The Bridges and hosted by the late Wayne Bridges and his wife Sarah. 

Although Tom now resides in Spain with his wife he does attend the Reunions whenever he can and was scheduled to be at the Kent Reunion in 2021 to accept his induction into the Hall of Fame.  Sadly, due to Covid and restrictions regarding travel at the time of the Reunion he was unable to attend in person although he still got inducted and his award was sent to him after the event. 

(Tom Tyrone was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021)