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Steve Viedor


Steve Viedor was born on the 10th January 1935 in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire and was a Physical Training instructor for the Royal Air Force where he reached the rank of Corporal.

After being demobbed from the RAF Steve entered the amateur ranks where he had a modicum of success but was soon determined to join the stars of the professional scene which he finally achieved in the early 1960s. Initially Steve wrestled for many of the independent promoters in the North of England taking the ring names of Hermann Viedor, Kurt Viedor and Steve Bell before finally settling on the ring name that he was to use for the rest of his professional career.


 (Steve Viedor in another main event)

Stardom was a long way off for Steve as a fresh faced professional and he was working as a milkman and gardener during the daytime and wrestling in the evenings.  It was not long before Steve came to the attention of the biggest Promoters the UK in Joint Promotions and Steves career was about to take another turn as he was signed to a full time contract and he soon found himself sharing the same bills of greats of the time such as Mike Marino, Mick McManus and Jackie Pallo.  Steves first contest for Joint Promotions was to be in Morecambe where he faced the more experienced Masambula and whilst he lost the bout by two falls to nil Steve was determined not to be disheartened and to train even harder to be the best he could.


 (Steve Viedor in action against Judo Al Hayes)

On the 19th June 1965 Steve had his first taste of national exposure when he had his first match on ITVs wrestling show in a bout filmed in Solihull against Billy Howes.   Steve was to go on to have 127 televised appearances over the next 15 years taking on the likes of Geoff Portz, Jim Moser, Gwynn Davies, Lee Sharon, Bruno Elrington and John Kowalski amongst many others.

Steve was now becoming one of the most recognisable wrestlers in the UK. After appearing at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time in 1962 against Johnny Czeslaw, Steve went on to have a number of further appearances at the mecca of professional wrestling and also took on many foreign stars who visited the UK including Togo Tani and Chat Yokouchi in tag team action with Mike Marino and also a singles contest against Jean Ferre (later to go on to become Andre the Giant).


 (Steve Viedor poses for the camera)

Steve was now a firm fan favourite, especially with the female fans.  He regularly wrestled in the Royal Albert Hall Trophy winning the trophy on four separate occasions (second only to Tibor Szakacs).

On the 15th September 1978 in a match held in Liverpool Steve wrestled Hans Streiger for the European Heavyweight title winning the bout and being crowned the Champion.  Steve was to hold this title until 1979 when he lost it back to Streiger and would never hold this title again.

As popularity grew Steve found himself in demand from foreign promoters and apart from competing in the annual German Tournaments Steve also had successful tours of Europe, South Korea and Japan where he faced the legendary Antonio Inoki.  


 (Steve Viedor takes on Bruno Elrington for the Southern Heavyweight Title....thanks to Wrestling Heritage for this poster)

In 1974 and now living in Croydon, Steve was awarded a title match against Bruno Elrington for the Southern England Heavyweight Champion. Steve defeated Big Bruno for the title and remained undefeated until the title was declared void a few years later.  

During the 1970s Steve have several entertaining matches (and some would say rivalries) with the likes of Mike Marino, Tibor Szakacs, Wayne Bridges and Prince Kumali.  Steve, always the fan favourite, had a modicum of success in these matches and always left the fans wanting more.


 (Steve Viedor and Tibor Szakacks as a tag team)

Steve briefly entered the tag team ranks teaming with his old foe Tibor Szakacs whereby their most famous match was a televised encounter against the team of Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy.

Steve finally bowed out of the professional wrestling scene in the early 1980s where he then concentrated on television work, films and commercials.

Steve still takes an active interest in the wrestling business and is a regular visitor to the Reunion every year.  A great skilful professional wrestler who gave the fans 100% in every contest we feel Steve more than deserves this lasting tribute to him.

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