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We have now received details of STEVE HAGGERTY's funeral arrangements from WENDY MELLOR, which are printed below.

The funeral of Steve Haggerty will take place on Thursday 17th May.
1.30pm at Stockport Crematorium and after at the Queens pub on Porthill Stockport.

Anyone who wishes to pay their respect to this great wrestler and character will be welcome to attend.



It has now been confirmed that  World of Sport legend : STEVE 'HARDBOILED' HAGGERTY passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday.

Steve who was originally based in the  Fulham area of London,  was born Les Good,and  started his wrestling career as part of the PAUL LINCOLN stable,but  joined the Dale-martin outfit following the take-over in 1964, along with MIKE MARINO, WAYNE BRIDGES, JUDO AL HAYES, DENNIS DEAN, DOCKER DON STEDMAN, JON and PETER CORTEZ, ZOLTAN BOSCHIK and many more, soon becoming a crowd favourite as a villain grappler. His trademark bleached blonde hair stood him out from the crowds and he was duly hated wherever he worked for his rule-bending tactics. 

Following divorce from his first wife Vera,a marriage that had produced two children, he worked the Northern circuits, and was spotted by Promoter TED BERISFORD who had recently lost his Son :STEVE CLEMENTS, following a car accident  in the United States.The uncanny likeness of the two wrestlers prompted Ted to form a Business partnership with Steve who moved home to the Manchester area. He soon met and married his wife : Dot and the couple gave birth to their Son : Steve.

Upon retirement from the ring, he took a public house which became a great favourite with customers from all walks of life, just outside Denton of ( Inspector Frost) fame.

Lately, Steve has been cared for at a home for the elderly and last Sunday during a visit, Dot was having tea with him while in his wheelchair, and he dozed off. Dot returned home to a phone call to say that Steve had passed away peacefully from old age, without waking up.

He was 83.

Haggerty was one of the truly great grafters from this trade and was widely respected and hugely popular.

Funeral details will follow when finalised.

( Steve Haggerty,Mel Stuart,Neil Sands,Bob Kirkwood,John Kenny enjoying the Reunion)

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