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Mat Allcard posts funeral details

Dads funeral arrangements are Friday 28th September at 3.15 at the South Crematorium, Grenoside, Sheffield. All are welcome. We are having a gathering afterwards at the Pen Nook Pub in Deepcar, Sheffield afterwards.

Regarding my late fathers 'Life achievement' award which he was to receive this year at the Reunion but had to miss because of his illness ,  I would be more than happy to collect this on my Dad's behalf.

We plan on having a remembrance for Dad in London but have not yet fixed a date. I will inform you as soon as I know more.


Mat Allcard

Wrestling Mourns Ace Allcard

(Ace Allcard with Mick McManus at Southern Reunion)

The whole wrestling world is saddened by the recent death  of legendary Northern star grappler known as ACE ALLCARD .

RONNIE ALLCARD was always a fighter and started out working at boxing/wrestling evenings in the fairgrounds before graduating to the Professional ranks in 1968, where he primarily worked for  the highly respected Promoters:NORMAN MORRELL and TED BERESFORD touring the Northern circuit and into Scotland. He also appeared many times in the South under the Joint promotions banner.

Originating from the Stocksbridge area, he could often be found working the door of the 'Penny Farthing' Club in Sheffield, with his long time pal : RONNIE CROOKES.

By day, he sold vegetables as a greengrocer and practised his inventions which were to eventually  make his fortune.
( Ace Allcard and Roiy St. Clair at Southern Reunion)

His irrepresible humour and upbeat story telling made him a firm favourite among the boys with whom he stayed in touch be telephone up until his passing last week.A particular friend was EDDIE HAMILL -AMAZING KUNG FU who was devastated by his demise.Similarly, the late great  'Bomber' PAT ROACH together with his wife Jean, were very close friends and  magnaminous Ronnie gave so much of his time to comfort big Pat during his own cancer suffering which would ultimately claim the big man. 

Ronnie was a stalwart at the reunions both Northern and Southern only missing the last two outings in Kent through illness. He suffered tremendous trauma and ill health in his latter years having endured and beaten his heart scares with  a quadrupal by-pass , we all thought that he was over the worst, only to be told in a recent phone call that he had contracted cancer , which would take his life in just 8 short weeks.
Tributes have been flowing for this popular wrestler, led by TONY BANGER WALSH who had one of his first bouts with the Ace,saying 'He was a great man, a great wrestler, and we shall all miss him dearly.'

Funeral details will be published when known, and meanwhile, we extend our sincerest condolences and thoughts to his grieving Family.
( Ronnie Allcard seen here with the late Sir Jimmy Saville.

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