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Ray Neal

Ray Neal, the welterweight wrestler from the 1970s has contacted us and given us a brief synopsis of of his wrestling career and we are pleased to include this to our site. Ray writes as follows:-


 (Ray Neal making an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall)


I was 5`10" and 12 1/2 stone in the 1960s and I went to a gym in Wimbledon which was where I lived at the time.  At this gym I met Eddie Capelli and Johnny Dark and Eddie asked me to be his Second at the Wimbledon Palais in a bout he was having shortly afterwards.  I jumped at the chance (I do remember he did not like the sight of Blood ) and that was my introduction to the wrestling business and that was when I knew I wanted to be a Wrestler but this did not happen until the mid 1970s.

I was Friends with Ricki Starr and he arranged for me to train at Neil Sands Gym in Chelmsford. I then worked part time for Independent Promoters up North and down South.
I was then Introduced to Mike Marino at Dale Martin in Brixton by Brian Maxine a good friend. I had a trial bout with Johnny Kincaid at Brixton gym but Kinky buried my head in the canvas but Johnny was a good worker and we became friends.
I then started working with Dale Martin at the same time as Mal Sanders (He has done well !!! ) After wrestling at the Royal Albert Hall work got a bit slow from Dale Martin so I worked with other Promoters and worked the Holiday Camps and once or twice Refereed.
I loved every minute of it, I sadly lost all my photo`s and posters in a house fire and I would be willing to pay for any posters with Ray Neal on the Bill.
Other people I worked with and friends I made were Johnny Kincaid, Adrian Street, Ricki Starr, Brian Maxine, Danny Lynch, Billy Stock, Peter Kelly, Tony Scarlo and Chris Bailey.
Other people I have wrestled with are Bobby Barnes, Ken Joyce, Mick  McManus, Ian Gilmour, John Hurley, Peter Szakacs, Harry Kendal, Jackie Pallo The Mummy, Wildman of Borneo, Sid Cooper, Zoltan Boscik,and many others .

I Will be at the August Reunion and hope to meet many old friends

I am now 73 years young and live with my wife Wendy in Crawley West Sussex
If anyone can help Ray with his request for posters or programmes which feature him please contact us at and we will forward your details to Ray so that he can contact you. 

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