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Paula Valdez

Paula Valdez was one of the few people involved in the wrestling business who could be not only a great wrestler but also a great manager to her then husband Dave 'Fit ' Finlay.

Paula Valdez spent her early life in Manchester and in the 1970s started on a career that would last in excess of twenty years and make her one of the most recognised faces in British wrestling during the 1980s.

Paula was a very popular lady wrestler early in her career working for Jack Cassidy before teaming with the legendary Mitzi Mueller as well as having some great solo matches against her friend and tag partner.  These matches were unique in that they were wrestled as a 'clean' match with no fouls used by either competitor.  As well as Mitzi, Paula wrestled the other greats at the time such as Tracey Kemp, Lena Blair and Klondyke Kate to name but a few.

Although Paula was happy with her career, a change was about to occur when, after marrying current WWE star Dave 'Fit' Finlay , the countries top promoter Max Crabtree introduced her as Finlays Manager and a whole new chapter in Paulas life was about to commence.  Paulas managerial style was very different to managers who had gone before her, instead of sitting quietly in the corner Paula was often seen to get involved in matches and she made sure that everyone in the hall knew she was in attendance.

Paula was soon a regular in the corner at Finlays matches and during this time her own wrestling career took a back seat as she mentored her husband.  Paula, would come to the ring dressed in full Indian headress and certainly knew how to get heat from the crowd. She would always grab the microphone on entering the ring and wouldn't let go.  She scowled down at the audience from the ring and made lengthy but eloquent speeches. And of course she berated Fit Finlay for any of his mistakes as well as any tag team partners he may have.  Make no mistake, when Paula was in the ring she was the boss.

When wrestling finally left the tv screens in 1988 Paula continued to tour around the halls with Finlay but with no television she also had time to revert back to her love of wrestling and again began to wrestle more than she had done in previous years.

Dave Finlay and Paula divorced  and Paula eventually left the wrestling business and returned to live in Manchester.

Paula Valdez died on Thursday 5th December 2013 although she will always be remembered by the wrestling fans as one of the best managers and female wrestlers in the business

Paula was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2016.