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The incredible story and tales of Orig Williams - El Bandito.Wrestler and Promoter

This is no ordinary Wrestling book. It is not an expose of the game - it is quite simply,a riot,a good laugh and read,resulting from some of the most bizarre scrapes and incidents in Orig's travels.
Those who traveled with him on tours to Pakistan,Turkey,Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ireland will testify that there was never a dull moment. It was always a crisis!
Wrestlers stoned by crowds,stadiums set alight,100,000 attendances - and the tales of fellow travelers Giant Haystacks,Klondyke Bill,the Amazing Kung Fu and his first "signing" boxer Randolph Turpin - that sort of anecdotal archive. Add to that Dave "Fit" Finlay,Lord Steven Regal, Adrian Street, and Mark "Rollerball" Rocco,Tony St Clair,together with Mitzi Mueller and Klondyke Kate........this is a "must" for any serious Wrestling fan
He recorded his tales of battles with Joint Promotions and anybody else in authority before his untimely death last December. He had no affection for Mr Jackie "TV" Pallo, Big Daddy nor the miserable Les Kellet.
He became a wrestler, since he faced a life ban from soccer, having attracted more red cards than anyone in the history of the Football Association of Wales!
You might not believe some of the stories and incidents, but with contributions from Mighty John Quinn, Dave "Fit "Finlay,Adrian Street,Klondyke Kate,Mitzi Mueller,Mark Rollerball Rocco,Tony St Clair and the Amazing Kung Fu - and a number of other fellow wrestlers and promoters,there is ample evidence that it was all true - almost!.
The Foreword of this often hilarious fully illustrated account,is written by Orig's prodigy,up and coming WWE "star" Ryan Mason,or Barri Griffiths from Tremadoc,North Wales.
The story of Orig Williams- El Bandito is published by the Lolfa Press on September 25th (Price £9.95). For review text copies,available soon, please contact Martyn Williams -the writer, preferably by e- mail at or telephone 02920 753890/ 07721 834165(mob).
The book will be launched on Saturday,Sept 25th,2.00 pm at Rhyl Town Hall - where else?
If you would like to come along,send me an E-Mail. We'd love to see you.
Your interest and support would be much appreciated - and copies of any reviews. 
Trade Enquiries to the same E Mail address welcomed. (30% discount) 
Martyn Williams

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