British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


Reunion Souvenir Programmes will soon be rolling off the presses 

Over the last few years both the British Wrestlers Reunion and the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland have produced a souvenir programme which they have sold with great success on their respective Reunion days.  Such is the demand for these prestigious programmes that they more often than not sell out and as both Reunions send the 2021 programmes for print we do not see that this year will be any different.

British Wrestlers Reunion Programme

This programme which will consist of 12 glossy pages in full colour and in A5 format and will take a look back at 30 years of the Reunion in photos as well as giving details of this years Award winners.

A special section of the programme will, as ever, be dedicated and give details of all of those who have gone to the Dressing Room in the Sky since our last Reunion. Along with this we have various articles including a look back at the career of our President Joe D'Orazio together with articles in which we remember both Wayne Bridges and Frank Rimer plus lots more.

The programme will cost just £5.00 if purchased at the Reunion on Sunday 8th August and £7.00 (to cover postage and packing) if purchased after the event (should there be any remaining).  For postal copies please note that these will not be available until after the Reunion day itself and full details will be posted at here at that time as to how you can purchase one.

Wrestlers Reunion Scotland Programme

This programme consists of top quality articles written by none other than; Alan "Hack" Bamber, Wilf "Storypedlar"Archer, Peter "Conscience" Murphy and Manchester's Top Man Eddie "Caldwell" Rose. Opening welcome remarks feature our Honorary President Mr Martin "Glitter Boy" Gillott and closing remarks will be offered by one of Scotland's top "Ring Villains" Mr William "Bruce Welch" Bryden. All in all a top quality "Motley Crew" of some of the best UK Grappling had to offer back in the heady days of The Golden Era.  This publication is supported by the top man on the true subject of our UK Ring History Mr Alan Bamber from The Wrestling Heritage Site!!! 

The programme will be available at the Scottish Reunion in Ayr on Sunday 12th September and copies will be available (should there be any remaining) after this date from the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland Facebook Page.

Both of these programmes are a great keepsake for any wrestler or wrestling fan and by purchasing one you are doing your bit to support not only the relevant Reunion but also worthy causes who also benefit.

Legends of Wrestling have day out in Eastbourne 

(The Boys are back in town)

For any wrestler or wrestling fan of the golden era you would have been in for a pleasant surprise if you were in Eastbourne on Tuesday 27th July as  some of the famous stars from tv wrestling were in town for a catch up and to reminisce about old times.

Johnny Kidd, Lee Bronson, Mal Sanders, Eddie Riley, Mel Stuart and Steve Grey who have been friends and colleagues for decades visited the Eastbourne Winter Gardens where they all wrestled many times over the years. The ex grapplers then all enjoyed an ice cream which as you can see from the picture looks delicious.

We are sure that many stories of the glory days were told during their time together and the group also raised a glass to Joe D'Orazio who was celebrating his 99th birthday on the day.

A good time was had by all and we are sure that a further get together will be on the cards in the not too distant future.  

Having fun and ice cream !!!

Reunion President Joe D'Orazio celebrates his 99th birthday 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send the warmest of wishes to our President and wrestling legend Joe D'Orazio as he celebrate his 99th birthday.  In honour of Joes birthday we pay our own tribute to him and look back at his astonishing career as he celebrates his special day. 

Joe D’Orazio was born on the 27th July 1922 in Bermondsey, South London, of Italian parents.

Joe was brought up in a very tough working environment with five others becoming professional wrestlers. Joe was educated at English Martyrs Roman Catholic School in Walworth, attending school with Harry Geoghegan who went on to become a fine wrestling referee. At 13 years of age, Joe was elected by his classmates as the youngest ever Captain of the school. Joe’s best friend until his untimely death in 2003 was the South London iron man and for many years Mick McManus’s tag partner Steve Logan.

Joe’s Grandfather owned what was considered to be the best fish and chip shop in South London and this is where Joe worked until the outbreak of the Second World War. During the Luftwaffe’s horrific blitz on London, before enlisting in the Royal Air Force, Joe worked as a member of a demolition squad, knocking down bombed buildings in the City of London.

The war meant the parting of the ways for best pals Joe and Steve Logan. Joe was to spend 4 years in the Royal Air Force air/sea rescue unit, while Steve was away with Montgomery’s 8th army, serving as a desert rat in El Alamein, but they managed to keep in contact by mail, throughout the war, and afterwards renewed their old friendship.

On leaving the armed forces, Joe took up Judo and Steve took to boxing as well as Judo and he joined the South London Judo Society, under the instruction of George Chew, and in just over a year went from novice to Black Belt 1st Dan. Joe and Steve were key members of the 4 man Judo team that took the interclub Judo team title in 1948 at the Chelsea Town Hall.

Joe became a Professional wrestler in 1948, closely followed by his old friend Steve Logan whilst Joe’s cousin  Mike Marino was already established in the wrestling business.

His first professional match was against the New Zealander Russ Bishop in Poole Dorset. Joe’s abilities were quickly recognised, and he was soon in great demand by all the top Promoters to wrestle on their shows.  By 1950, Joe was made a honorary member of  Gruppo Autonomo Lotta Giapponese, and travelled to Rome for the presentation of his membership enrolment. For the next 20 incredible years, he wrestled all over 

Britain and Europe. His tag partner during this hey day of grappling, was the inimitable entrepreneur  Paul Lincoln,who was sometimes known as the fearsome Doctor Death, but doubled up with Joe as Togo Tani.  However, after several injuries, he decided to retire to ‘avoid becoming an invalid for life’.

Joes last Professional bout was against the legendary George Kidd in 1968.

Unable to shake off his passion for wrestling which was in his blood Joe returned as a referee, only to break his nose twice in the first six months. However, he persevered, and as in his earlier wrestling career, refereeing took him  to many places including Blenheim Palace, Olympia, Café Royal, , Lyceum Ballroom, Paisley Ice Rink, Paris, Belgium, Berlin’s Big Top, Hanover Big Top, King Hussein Stadium in Jordan, Italy and many more. 

For a further 20 years, he was a referee at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall Tournaments,becoming a favourite of his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, with whom he became quite friendly.

Joe has made many friends in wrestling over the years. Despite their often fearsome uncompromising ring image and reputations, wrestlers have a common bond and their loyalty and enduring friendships are admirable.

Away from the ring, Joe became a member of Mickey Woods ‘Tough Guys Unlimited’ stunt team.He did lots of film and television stunt work, a highlight coming when he doubled for Hollywood star J.Carroll Naish whilst filming the TV series ‘The New Adventures of Charlie Chan’. He also stunted and acted in ‘Camp on Blood Island’ and ‘Terror of the Tongs’ , and appeared in the film ‘Geordie’. Joe worked in Rome on ‘Quo Vadis’ , 'A matter of Honour', and was a gunslinger in the Wyatt Earp Show, when it came to the U.K. from America, plus a starring part in 'Night and the City' with Richard Widmark.

Other television work included ‘King and Castle’, ‘Flight through the Branches’, ‘Young Charlie Chaplin’, ‘Blind Justice’, ‘Radical Chambers’, ‘Story Board’, ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’, and more recently Londons Burning’, ‘The Bill’, Henry Kelly’s early morning breakfast show, He also starred in one episode of Humphrey Burton’s ‘The Age of Aquarius –The Wrestling Poet’.

On radio, Joe worked on the ‘Late Night Show’, with Monty Modlyn, and was on the panel with Monty and Anne Shelton, which ended up with Joe singing a duet of ‘My Old Man said follow the van ‘ with Miss Piggy. Up until then his role had been to answer listeners questions on wrestling !

Following the sad demise of the TV wrestling and the death of favourite and charity worker extraordinaire  Catweazle from cancer, Joe realised that there was a need for wrestlers to hold a regular get together and not just at funerals. Mal Mason subsequently held a gathering in his Kent garden, and then Joe decided to Found the British Wrestlers Reunion with the aid of Tony Scarlo . Their next attempt several weeks later saw a few more wrestlers attend, with the result that  the event was to be moved to London in the pub owned by the great dazzler himself Joe Cornelius. One year later, the Dazzler emigrated and Wayne Bridges assisted by his wife Sarah Bridges took over as hosts, a role that they jointly held until Waynes death last year although Sarah continues in the role.  The Reunion with Joe at the helm, has  grown out of all proportion and flourishes to this day to have become the largest Annual gathering of its type in the world, only exceeded by the Cauliflower Alley Club in the United States  As a mark of recognition for all his efforts in achieving this remarkable feat, Joe was made Life President in 2003.

A rather lesser known facet of the great mans unending list of talents, is that Joe D’Orazio is an accomplished artist/painter, selling a lot of his art work in exhibitions, with the  rewarding result of him being recruited many years ago by the Teachers of Crispin House, an Adult Training Centre for the mentally handicapped in Bermondsey, and where he worked full-time for over a decade.He surprised everyone, not only by teaching severely handicapped people to paint, but also exhibiting their work and selling a number of paintings. Joe’s students have exhibited at South London Gallery in the Park, Southwark, The Stock Exchange, St Johns, Piccadilly, Royal College of Art, The New Cross Art House, and Southwark Cathedral. Joe is constantly asked by Handicapped schools all over London to give art seminars .He was originally introduced to this rewarding work by the great Steve Grey , who has also shared a lifetime career in the care Business.

As a writer, Joe is a successful writer of prose, and in 1971 wrote The Who’s Who of Wrestling with Co-Author : Pam Edwards.   A book which has become an all-time favourite reference manual on grappling.  The book was written in parallel with his refereeing career, he worked for Dale- Martin Promotions  publicity Department. His work included the preparation of write-ups and programme material for all their shows, which in those days could often run to as many as 10 per day! Joe also turned out a weekly column in ‘Business’ and for many local papers throughout Great Britain

Joe D’Orazio was a researcher for  the ‘TV Times’, ‘Guide to Wrestling’ ,and compiler of ‘The Cover Men of Wrestling . He supplied copy to ;Wrestling review’, ‘The Wrestling Monthly‘Weekly Sporting review’, and ‘Show Business’, ‘Smash’, ‘Ring Wrestling USA’, ‘Tiger Annual’, ‘Beano Annual’, ‘The Royal Albert Hall Centenary Compendium’, plus countless other publications worldwide.

As a celebrated poet, he has had many books of poetry published, and continues to write. To date, he has written over 300 poems. Like ‘Ode to Mad Hannah’, his long masterpiece. Many are deep ,dark, meaty and haunting . Some of his lyrics inspired by his lovely Italian born wife: Tina, are soft and touching. He says “I never thought about poetry until I met her”. His work is varied, sonnets  ranging from love through odes to tramps and meths drinkers, Old Beppo the Potter’,‘an Italian Resistance Worker’, ‘Mick McManus’, ‘The Income Tax Man’, and ‘Tell them I sleep’.

Shakespeare was his favourite writer, and he writes only to satisfy himself , quoting ‘Once I have the first line, the rest is easy’. Ideas come at any time- even when he is buffeted between ring baddies. His pockets bulge with instant first lines scrawled on odd scraps of paper.Joe firmly believes “The world would be a better place if we all spoke poetry to each other”

These days this God of the Mat world, this awe inspiring  wrestling/ Judo playing athlete turned referee, poet, writer, artist, painter, film actor, TV actor, Reunion President is still busily writing and loves nothing better than to reminisce about his varied career.

In 2019 Joe became the oldest living British Wrestler in history to go alongside the oldest living wrestler in the World today. Joe is thrilled to hold both of these records to add to his achievements.

Joe continues to take an active interest in the British Wrestlers Reunion and even though in recent years he has not attended as often as he would have liked he still likes to be kept informed of ongoing events and hear what his friends from the business are getting up to.  Joe is thrilled that the Reunion has reached 30 years and has stated that he hopes it goes on for one or two more years at least. 

As Joe celebrates his 99th birthday we wish him well, we hope that he revels in the celebrations and  that he has nothing but good times ahead for him and his family.

(Joe and Mick McManus at the Reunion)

(Joe and Wayne Bridges at a charity event)

The 2021 Reunion is nearly here...come and join us 

We are just 2 weeks away from this years British Wrestlers Reunion and we would like to send our thanks to our friends at Wrestling Heritage who have given our event a huge amount of publicity over the last few days. For anyone who wishes to view their great site you can visit them at

We look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday 8th August at The Bridges for what we know will be another memorable occasion. 

It all kicks off at 11am so why not come and join us, everyone is welcome, we turn nobody away as the Ring of Friendship rolls on !!!

Reunion remember Alfred Hayes on the anniversary of his death 

Whether wrestling fans knew him as Judo Al Hayes, the White Angel or Lord Alfred Hayes there is no doubt that the man was one of the most recognisable wrestlers on both sides of the Atlantic and on the 21st July we remember Al who passed away on this day in 2005.  

Alfred Hayes was born on the 8th August of 1928 and as a youngster this phenomenal athlete trained in the art of Judo alongside fellow legends Joe D'Orazio and Steve Logan where he was to become the youngest man in history at that time to gain a black belt in the sport.  

Following his Judo success Alfred was trained in the sport of professional wrestling by Sir Athol Oakley making his in ring debut in 1950, he quickly made a name for himself with classic bouts with the likes of Bert Assirati, Mike Marino and Dr Death.  During this time Alfie and his then tag partner Ray Hunter helped to introduce tag wrestling to Europe from the USA, this form of wrestling became so popular that the pair were able to command huge salaries.

Throughout the 1960's as 'Judo' Al Hayes he had a successful run as the Southern Heavyweight Champion. The next phase of his illustrious career saw him turn to Promoting working alongside Paul Lincoln with whom he filled halls all over Britain.  By the early 1970's Alfred had achieved all he could in Britain and set his sites across the pond to the USA.

During the 1970's he made an astonishing impact on the business in the USA claiming many of the NWA's  titles in the process.  In 1982 Lord Alfred Hayes made his debut in Vince McMahons WWF however only a year later was forced to retire from the ring due to severe Arthritis, brought on by years of wrestling.

He eventually re-signed with the WWF as a Manager and Announcer managing some of the top teams of the time.  His career highlight as an announcer came when he called a bout at Wrestlemania 2.  Throughout the 1980's he was a permanent fixture on WWF programming conducting interviews with all the major names of the time such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and the British Bulldogs.

In 1990 Alfred was hit by a speeding car while crossing the street outside the WWF TV studios and was left seriously injured.  His injuries eventually led to him having several vertebrae removed from his spine shrinking his height from 6 feet to 5 feet 6 inches tall.  

At the end of 1996 after an amazing 46 year career Alfred Hayes retired to his ranch in Dallas Texas.  

On 21st July 2005 Alfred passed away peacefully after battling a long illness, he will go down in history not only as being a true innovator of the sport but also as one of the legitimately hardest men to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

Alfred was a lifelong friend of Wayne Bridges and the men remained in contact right up until his death.  To this day we continue to keep in contact with Alfreds daughter who still resides in the USA. 

Alfred is much missed by those who knew him and may he RIP.  

(Alfred and his family relaxing with Wayne Bridges) 

Clarification for the 2021 Reunion

We have received a number of message/telephone calls over the last two days regarding this years Reunion and so we would like to clarify the position as there seems to be some rumours going around.

We can confirm that the British Wrestlers Reunion will take place on Sunday 8th August and it will be held at The Bridges Public House. The event is NOT being cancelled and is NOT changing venue so if anyone hears anything to the contrary can you please set the record straight on our behalf, we would appreciate it.

We are pleased to say that the response to this years Reunion has been very positive with people travelling from far and wide to be with us and we look forward to seeing many of our friends in 3 weeks time. 

Thank you all for your continued support. 

(The Bridges Public House, home to the British Wrestlers Reunion)

Cauliflower Alley Club President undergoes surgery 

The Cauliflower Alley Club have advised us that their President, B. Brian Blair has undergone a nine hour surgery in his home state of Florida.

Mr. Blair has had excruciating pain for a while now and on Friday 16th July he underwent his second 9 hour long operation on his back, this will mark the 19th he's had which he believes is a direct result from his years in the professional wrestling industry.

The CAC is happy to report that Brian is now out of surgery and his doctor's have said that all went well. He is recovering in the ICU unit and will be moved into his room shortly.

The CAC have released the following statement following their Presidents operation:-

'On behalf of Brian, his family and all of us here at the Cauliflower Alley Club we would like to thank you for your prayers, well wishes and positive vibes as our President. Please keep Brian in your thoughts as he regains his strength and gets on the path to a complete and, hopefully, speedy recovery!'

We here at the British Wrestlers Reunion would also like to send Brian our very best wishes for a quick and full recovery and hope that he is fit and well enough to attend the CAC Reunion in September. 

Sid Coopers funeral details announced 

Last week the very sad news was reported that 'Cyanide' Sid Cooper had passed away. We have now been asked if we can advise everyone as to his funeral details which have now been announced.

Sids funeral will take place on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 11.30am at Easthampstead Cemetery and Crematorium, South Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG40 3DW.

Sid was not only a legend of wrestling but one of the great characters and he will be sadly missed. 

May he now RIP

Wrestlers Art Exhibition opens in Middlesbrough 

Some of the biggest names in British Wrestling in the 1970s and 80s are being remembered in an art exhibition which has recently opened. 

Paintings of British wrestlers from the 1970s & early 80s including Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki, Brian Glover, Les Kellett, Mick McManus, Bomber Pat Roach, Big Daddy and Mark "Rollerball" Rocco are currently on display at Eston Arts Centre, Eston High Street, Middlesbrough and will be there until 31st July. 

The exhibition titled 'Uncanny Islands' is by Luke Haines, the musician, author and artist who brings his psychedelic exhibition of acrylic and oil visions of many of the UKs top wrestlers. 

The exhibition is free to attend so pop along if you can and support them.

Jackie Robinsons funeral details announced

Following on from the sad news which we reported last week that Jackie Robinson had passed away, we have now been advised by Wendy Mellor as to his funeral details.

The service will take place on Monday 19th July at 1.45pm at Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium and Cemetery, Buxton Road, Heaviley, Stockport, SK2 6LS.

Due to Covid restrictions, a limited number of people only will be allowed inside the chapel (although this may change by the date of the service) but there is a large covered area outside the chapel which means there is safe space for all who wish to attend and pay their respects.

Jackies family have asked that those attending wear splashes of red, white and blue as he loved his Union Jacks

Donations for Jackie in his memory can be made to the British Heart Foundation.

Jackie will be deeply mised by all who knew him and may he now RIP.

The countdown begins to the 2021 Reunion

We are just one month away from this years Annual British Wrestlers Reunion which will take place on Sunday 8th August from 11am.

This year we will be paying tribute to 'Mr Reunion' Frank Rimer who sadly passed away in February and many of Franks friends and former colleagues will be remembering him with one or two anecdotes no doubt along the way.

We are also, as a Reunion, celebrating 30 glorious years and we will be marking this occasion. Colin Joynson will be leading the tributes to all those who have passed away in the last year which will be followed by the 10 bell count. Due to the tributes being paid to Frank, the number of awards which we will present have been reduced due to time restrictions but we will still be presenting approximately 10 wrestlers with an accolade.

We hope to see many of you on the 8th August when you will be meeting up with friends and colleagues, remembering all of those who have gone to the Dressing Room in the Sky and showing your support for Sarah. 

Together we will make it a day to remember and one where memories will be made. 

See you there !!!!.

Sid Cooper passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to have to report that 'Cyanide' Sid Cooper passed away on Tuesday 6th July.  Sid had recently been admitted to a care home and his passing has come as a great shock to everyone who had the honour to know him.

Sid Cooper was one of the most recognisable faces in British wrestling during the 1970s and 1980s having made a household name for himself mainly thanks to his endless television appearances.

Sid, who hailed from Queensbury, Yorkshire had a number of jobs prior to entering the professional wrestling ranks and had, according to reports, been sacked from most of them so Sid turned to professional wrestling, he could break the rules and mostly get away with it, this appealed to Sid and Sid appealed to the fans.

Having started his career for independent promoters in the North of England under the ring name of Norman Cooper, the long haired scowled face Cooper was soon facing top opposition, he was the perfect villain and the fans loved him.  Sid was having a modicum of success as a singles wrestler and was soon brought to the attention of Joint Promotions who took an instant like to the man and his ring style and signed him to a contract, finally Sid had made the big time.

Norman Cooper became Sid Cooper and on the 25th May 1963 in a bout from Wembley Sid had his first taste of national exposure when he faced Zoltan Boscik in a televised contest.  Sid was successful and won the match by two falls to one against one of the best lightweights in the UK. This was to be Sids first televised appearance that was to last 25 years, his final match being in October 1988 two months before ITV wrestling came to an end.  

As Sid was becoming a trustworthy and loyal employee to Joint Promotions he was given the opportunity to step into the ring with some of the biggest stars of the day including the likes of Johnny Saint, Steve Grey, Jon Cortez, Catweazle, Lenny Hurst to name but a few.  Coopers rulebending style against the likes of these wrestlers made for thrilling contests, the fans booed the man from Queensbury when he entered te ring and booed him even louder the more he broke the rules always protesting his innocence to the referees.

Towards the end of the late 1960s Cooper was to move away from singles competition when the promoters teamed him up with fellow Yorkshireman Alan Dennison, the team known as The Dennisons, had a lot of success in the ring and wrestled the likes of the Cortez Brothers, The Royals, The Yorkshire Terriers amongst others.  The team was disbanded after a few years when Cooper moved to London but they had definately left their mark as one of the best tag teams of the day. Whilst Cooper would go on to form tag teams with other partners, most famously Joe Murphy as The Roughnecks, he never achieved the success that he had with Alan Dennison.

With British wrestling going through a revival during the late 1970s Cooper was very much in demand, a lighter villain in the ring he was soon main eventing as regular opposition to Big Daddy in tag team action over the next ten years.  However, Cooper continued with his solo career and on the 23rd May 1985 at The Colston Hall in Bristol Sid was to win his only championship when he defeated Danny Collins for the British Welterweight Title. Cooper was to hold this belt until the 26th August 1985 when he was defeated by Danny Collins who regained the title.

Sid Cooper although portrayed as a baddie in the ring was one of the much loved wrestlers by the fans.   Sid, always a nightmare for referees, often ended up in contests not against another wrestler but aganst the actual referees, notably matches against Max Ward and Ken Lazenby, as expected Sid was always on the losing side to the delight of the fans.

Although Sid remained a full time professional, as his career was starting to slow down he became one of the top trainers in the UK and taught many of the up and coming stars of the 1980s who, in the event that televised wrestling had not come to an end, would have gone on to great things in the sport.

Sid Cooper had a long and varied career, well known and well loved. Unlike his in ring performance Sid was a very shy and private man and we were very honoured when he agreed to attend the Reunion in 2013 for the first time.

Our condolences go to Sids family and friends at ths very sad time and he has now been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky.

May Sid now RIP.

(Sid Cooper has lunch with Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey in 2019)

Monika Markwart suffers stroke 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Monika Markwart who, during the 1980s as Doctor Monika Kaiser, managed and was the wife of Scottish Heavyweight, the late Drew McDonald who has been admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke.

Monikas long time friend and former wrestler 'Naughty' Nicky Monroe has advised us that Monika was admitted to hospital and is receiving treatment after suffering a stroke.

We send our very best wishes to Monika and hope that she makes a full and speedy recovery.

(Monika and her late husband Drew McDonald)

Reunion Programme returns for 2021 with 30th Anniversary Edition

Over the years the British Wrestlers Reunion Souvenir Programme has become very popular with copies being sold not only to those who attend on Reunion day itself but to the wrestling fraternity as a whole via our website after the event.

In 2019 we were unable to produce a programme because of printing problems due to the Covid pandemic but this year it returns with a special 30th Anniversary edition.

The programme which will consist of 12 glossy pages in full colour and in A5 format will take a look back at 30 years of the Reunion in photos as well as giving details of this years Award winners.  A special section of the programme will, as ever, be dedicated and give details of all of those who have gone to the Dressing Room in the Sky since our last Reunion.  Along with this we have various articles including a look back at the career of our President Joe D'Orazio together with articles in which we remember both Wayne Bridges and Frank Rimer plus lots more.

The programme will cost just £5.00 if purchased at the Reunion on Sunday 8th August and £7.00 (to cover postage and packing) if purchased after the event. For postal copies please note that these will not be available until after the Reunion day itself and full details will be posted here at that time as to how you can purchase one. 

We very much look forward to seeing many of you at this years Reunion and we are pleased that so many people have already confirmed that they will be attending at The Bridges to pay tribute to Frank Rimer and also celebrate our 30th anniversary....lets make it a great day and one we will remember for many years to come !!!!

Andrew Bryden features in National Trust Advertising Campaign 

(Andrew working on a National Trust advertising campaign)

Andrew Bryden, or as he is far better known in wrestling circles Dale Storm, has had a varied career whether it be in the squared circle, as a published author, or appearing in numerous television series and films and that is just for starters.

Andrew hung up his boots a good few years ago now but is still very involved in the wrestling business as the organiser of the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland, the newest kid on the block when it comes to Wrestlers Reunions but one which, under Andrews stewardship, has already more than established itself as one of the top Reunions regularly attracting in excess of 100 wrestlers and fans at their yearly event in Ayr.

Away from wrestling Andrew continues with his media work and has recently finished an advertising campaign for none other than the National Trust.  Andrew will be seen in various outlets advertising the wonderful work that the National Trust currently do and on the 27th June one of his articles appeared in the National Press when it was published in the Scottish Sunday Mail.

In August Andrew and his wife together with his former tag team partner Jim Starsky and his wife will be heading South when they will be joining us all at the Kent Reunion.  Our four friends are travelling down purely to attend the Reunion and we very much look forward to seeing them all on Sudnay 8th August.

We send our very best wishes to Andrew and wish him all the best with whatever is next instore for him and his remarkable career. 

Johnny Saint celebrates his 80th birthday 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send the warmest of wishes to the legend that is Johnny Saint who, on the 29th June, celebrated his 80th birthday.

Johnny is considered by many to be one of the greatest wrestlers ever to lace up a pair of boots and is one of the nicest and most genuine men in the wrestling business today.

Trained by the legendary George Kidd and Billy Robinson, Johnny had his first bout on his 18th birthday in 1959 in Tynemouth against Colin McDonald and although the youngster was full of nerves he overcame these and went on to have a career lasting over 50 years.

On 3rd November 1976 Johnny defeated one of his greatest rivals Jim Breaks to claim the vacant World Lightweight Championship. Johnny was destined to hold the title, on and off, for a quarter of a century and his rivalry with Breaks saw some of the greatest bouts ever seen in the UK.

In 2016 Johnny Saint was inducted into the British Wrestlers Hall of Fame and in recent times has worked as a trainer and Commissioner for WWE UK.

We hope that Johnny has a great day and enjoys all of the celebrations that will come his way. 

(Johnny Saint addresses the crowd at the 2020 Reunion)

Jackie Robinson passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to report the passing of Northern Lightweight Jackie Robinson who died on the 27th June 2021.

Jackie was of course a member of the famous Robinson family following in the wrestling footsteps of his father Alf and his cousin Billy.

Jackie first turned professional in 1969 and had a twenty year ring career which saw him face many of the top names in his weight division during this time.  In April 1983 Jackie won the European Lightweight Belt, a title he would hold on three separate occasions losing it for the final time to Jim Breaks in February 1985.

After retirement Jackie continued with his interest in wrestling and helped many up and coming wrestlers get their first foot on the ladder in the industry and he was also a regular attendee at the Wrestlers Reunions, regularly accompanying his good friend Colin Joynson to the Kent event.

Jackie will be sadly missed by all who knew him and he has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky.  Our condolences go to Jackies family and friends at this sad time and may he now RIP. 

(Frank Rimer and Jackie Robinson at the 2016 Reunion)

Chick Knight update 

As sales of London's Lovable Villain, the Chick Knight Story continue, copies of the book have been despatched around the World.  Author and great nephew of Chick Knight, Andy Scott, has sent us an update on the promotion of the book and the Hammersmith Bridge plaque as follows:-

'Just to let you know a couple of things.

I was on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms programme on the 23rd June talking about the Hammersmith Stadium, Chick, the book etc., which was great publicity and quite by chance.

Also, on Thursday 24th June, I’ve just approved the text for the commemorative plaque which will be made and go on a bench very close to Hammersmith Bridge which is marking Chick’s double lifesaving feat in June, 1930'

This is great news and it finally looks as if Chick will get the recognition that he deserves for his heroic action.

Andy Scott will also be attending this years Reunion on Sunday 8th August when he will finally be presented with Chicks Hall of Fame Certificate that was announced last year.

Melissa Coates aka Super Genie passes away aged 50 years

(Melissa and Sabu working for LDN Wrestling in 2019)

We are saddened to receive news from our friends at the Cauliflower Alley Club in America that Melissa Coates aka Super Genie has passed away just a few days after her 50th birthday.

Melissa Coates was trained at Killer Kowalski’s school in Massachusetts and also trained at Rick Bassman’s UPW Academy after turning to pro wrestling following a career in the bodybuilding industry. She was employed for a short while by the WWE before leaving to work for independent promoters.

In 2014 Melissa began managing one of the hardcore legends of wrestling Sabu as Super Genie. She appeared with him in Impact Wrestling as well as other promoters and in 2019 the two toured the UK working for several promotions during their stay.

In late 2020 Melissa was forced to undergo an amputation of her leg and a Go Fund Me campaign was launched to help her with medical expenses.

Melissa Coates passed away on the 23rd June 2021, her cause of death is not known but she was posting just a few hours earlier on her social media pages.

We send our condolences to Melissas family and friends at this sad time and may she now RIP. 

Ricky Knights father,former referee and WAW President Charlie Frary passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our sincere condolences to Ricky Knight and the entire Knight family on the passing of Rickys father Charlie Frary on the 22nd June.

Charlie was a keen amateur boxer in his younger days and was a former referee for World Association of Wrestling, officiating his final match at the grand age of 90.  Charlie was also the current President of WAW. 

Although Charlie had been suffering from ill health for a short time his passing nevertheless has come as a great shock for the Knight family and our thoughts are with them all at this very sad time.  

Lights, Camera, Action.......come and be filmed at this years Reunion

As the days and weeks go by this years Reunion will soon be upon us when, on Sunday 8th August, we will all meet up at The Bridges to celebrate our 30th anniversary and to pay tribute to Frank Rimer who for so many years alongside Wayne Bridges and Joe D'Orazio were the kingpins of the Reunion movement.

As previously announced Colin Joynson will lead the tributes to those that have gone to the Dressing Room in the Sky during the last year and we will also be presenting a number of Hall of Fame Awards together with the Wayne Bridges Memorial Award. 

We can now also confirm that this years Reunion will again be filmed by one of the UKs leading cameramen Derek Collins.  In addition to this Sky Television and Netflix have also confirmed that they will be sending film crews down to record events of the day and we have also had confirmation that the National press will also be sending a reporter and photographer as they wish to do an article on us what with it being such a milestone event for us this year.

A barbeque will be available throughout the day (plus a vegetarian option which will be prepared in the kitchen) and if the weather is hot Mr Whippy and his van will be outside should you wish to purchase an ice cream or three to cool yourselves down.  Our memorabilia and merchandise stands will once again return and we have also secured the services of a live band to entertain everyone pre and post the tributes and presentations. 

We will of course remain guided and will adhere to any Government restrictions should the easing of lockdown not be complete by the date of the Reunion.  However, we hope we can go ahead as planned and that we will see many of our friends and colleagues on the day to celebrate and make it memorable it for us all.

Mick McManus remembered on the anniversary of his death 

The British Wrestlers Reunion together with wrestlers and fans around the World remember the biggest legend of them all in Mick McManus who sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2013.  It is hard to believe that he has been gone for eight years as his presence is still very much felt at each and every Reunion.

Mick is still fondly remembered by everyone and is still missed to this very day by us all, the man they loved to hate but in reality he was loved by millions.

A huge star, a great wrestler and a fantastic ambassador for the wrestling business,

Mick has left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Mick had and did it all.

Our thoughts are with Micks family on the anniversary of his passing as they remember him.

Micks Hall of Fame entry and full length obituary can be read in the relevant sections right here on our website

Wayne Bridges Memorial Award to be presented at the 2021 Reunion

The British Wrestlers Reunion wish to announce that at this years event on Sunday 8th August a new award will be introduced for the very first time. 

The award is to be known as 'The Wayne Bridges Memorial Award' and will be presented at the Reunion each and every year going forward.  The award is in memory of the former 3 time World Heavyweight Champion and also our host who was one of the greatest heavyweights the UK has ever produced.   This new award has the full backing of Sarah Bridges who will be making the presentation at the Reunion. 

After consultation we can now confirm that the first ever recipient of the Wayne Bridges Memorial Award is Cameron Wellington.  Sadly, Cameron passed away last November at the age of just 19 after contracting Covid.   Cam started his wrestling training as a young child with PWL progressing from their junior class to their adult class and went on to wrestle around the UK as well as a trip to Portugal and had his whole life and career ahead of him. 

Cams parents, Jane and Norman, have been contacted regarding the award and have sent us the following statement:-

'We are truly honoured that the Reunion is to honour Cam and we will do our absolute best to be there.  It is absolutely amazing we will be very happy thankyou once again for honouring our Cam he would have been absolutely over the moon.  thankyou jane and norman xxx'

We as a Reunion are very honoured to award Cameron in this way and we hope that his parents are able to attend on the 8th August to accept this honour.  

(Cameron Wellington is to be the first ever recipient of the Wayne Bridges Memorial Award)

Mitzi Mueller undergoes hip surgery 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to the Queen of the Ring, Mitzi Mueller, who has undergone a hip operation.

Mitzi had a wrestling career that took her around the world to great acclaim and was the most well known female wrestler in the country for many years winning numerous championships during her near 25 years in the ring.  Mitzi also made numerous appearances on television throughout her career and was one of the most popular wrestlers on the circuit.

In retirement from the ring Mitzi has certainly remained in the wrestling spotlight as the wife of All Star Wrestling Promoter Brian Dixon, a business that has well and truly now become a family affair.

We hope that Mitzi makes a full recovery and is soon back to good health and pain free. 

(Mitzi and Mick McManus at the Reunion)

Leather Lena artwork on display at Grayson Perry Art Club 

Leather Lena was one of the great female wrestlers of her or indeed any generation and had a illustrious careeer that only very few can emulate.  However, like everyone retirement from the ring was inevitable but despite no longer competing Lena or Barbara Ann Swan has kept herself extremely busy and has now had her artwork on show at Grayson Perrys Art Club.

Barbara was very excited to have her work selected and even got to meet the man himself as stated in a recent social media post:-

'The day I met Grayson Perry. I still can't believe that my art was selected for Grayson's Art Club and that I actually met the man himself and what an amazing down to earth guy he is. The exhibition is on until the end of October, tickets are free but you have to book through Manchester Art Gallery web site. North West tonight will be doing a feature on the exhibition'

We are delighted for Barbara that her work is on display especially in view of all the hard work that she puts in.  Barbara is also one of the nicest people you could ever meet in the wrestling business and she deserves all the success that she receives. 

(Barbara has her name on the Wall of Fame alongside all the other exhibitors)

Plaque for Chick Knight gets the green light from Council 

As you will all know we, along with our friends over at the Wrestling Heritage site, have for the last two years been supporting not only the publication of Chick Knights lifestory but also the Petition to get Chick recognised for his heroic actions on the Hammersmith Bridge.

We are delighted to now be able to confirm that Hammersmith & Fulham Council have given the green light for a plaque to be erected on behalf of Chick and this will be done in the near future.  Chicks great nephew and author of the book Andy Scott has confirmed this plus given us an update on other news and this is as follows:-

'Just wanted to update you all that at the end of last week, following 2 years of campaigning over 450 signatures and 91 years of waiting, Hammersmith and Fulham Council have now given the green light for a plaque in recognition of my great uncle Chick's double lifesaving feat in the Thames at Hammersmith Bridge in 1930. This is fantastic news. 

The exact location is yet to be decided, but they have said they will try to get it sited as close to the Bridge as possible, and the exact date/wording etc., all still to be confirmed. Now we just need Gibraltar to do the same!!

Copies of the book are now all signed at Sam's Riverside Restaurant shop, The Larder in Crisp Road, ahead of next week's The Haymaker cocktail launch (18th May) at Sam's.

Thanks again for all the support'

We are so pleased that the plaque is now going to be unveiled especially for Andy and all of the family who have worked tirelessly over the last two years to make this happen.  We will of course let you all know the date this will be happening once the Council have decided on this.

Finally, we are also very pleased to announce that Andy will once again be joining us at this years Reunion on Sunday 8th August.  As you know last year Chick was inducted into the British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame but due to the Covid situation and the passing of Wayne Bridges all award presentations were suspended at the 2020 event.  Therefore, Andy wil be presented with his Certificate in August and we very much look forward to seeing him and everyone else on the day. 

Hall of Fame Awards to return at the 2021 Reunion 

As we have previously announced this years British Wrestlers Reunion will take place on Sunday 8th August from 11.00am and will be held at the home of the Reunion, The Bridges, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent.

Following on from the death of Frank Rimer in February this years Reunion will be held in his memory and tributes will be paid to him throughout the day.  

It had been our intention that this year all awards would be suspended but we have recently been contacted by a number of people who have stated that as it is also our 30th year it would be nice to present some awards especially as Frank himself would have said 'the show must go on as normal'.  On reflection we are in agreement with this and so, in addition to the tributes to Frank, we will now be inducting a number of wrestlers into our prestigious Hall of Fame on the day.  All other awards will be held over until the 2022 Reunion. 

We are delighted that we have already received word from our friends in Japan, Holland and Spain of their intention to attend (subject to flight restrictions) as well as those from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and all across England especially as many were unable to visit us last year. 

This year is set to be a very special day for us all and we look forward to seeing many of you on the 8th August for another day to remember and make many more memories. 

Barry Howard gets cancer all clear

As you will all know over the last 12 months or so we have kept you updated on the condition of our good friend and colleague Barry Howard who was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a number of treatments as a result of this.  

We have now received word from Barry as to his current condition and this is what he tells us:-

'After an awful year of uncertainty, today I was given the all clear by my Surgeon and Oncologist.

Positive Mental Attitude 1
Cancer 0

Cannot thank the NHS enough'

We are delighted to hear this news as are Barrys friends, many of who have posted on his facebook page that this is the best news possible.  At a time when life has not been good for many with Covid etc it is great to have some good and positive news to report for a change.

Barry can now get back to living his life now that this torment is over and we look forward to welcoming him back to the fold and seeing him at our Reunion on Sunday 8th August.  

(Barry and his good friend Eddie Kidd)

Reunion hears from 'Marvellous' Mike Bennett

(Mike prepares for a bout early in his career)

We are always delighted to hear from wrestlers from the glory days of British wrestling as to what they are doing and how they are keeping and so were very pleased when 'Marvellous' Mike Bennett got in contact with his former colleague, the legendary Johnny Kidd recently where the two reminisced about old times.

Mike was trained for the ring by wrestler turned referee Joe Hill and also Ernest Baldwin the former British Heavyweight Champion and had his first professional bout against Steve Best in March 1964 when he was just 18 years of age.  Mike had a career which spanned over 20 years and no matter whether he was billed as a fan favorite or not he always gave 100% in the ring.  During his illustrious career Mike opposed some of the great names of the era including the likes of Alan Miquet, Jim Breaks, Mick McMichael, Jackie Pallo, Adrian Street, Mick McManus, Ken Joyce and Alan Dennison to name but a few as well as making a number of appearances on ITVs World of Sport.

Mike is now resident in Australia and has been for a number of years but he has spoken to Johnny fondly about his time in the UK wrestling business and what he is up to now.

Mike now runs his own transport business in Australia and he has two vehicles which he uses to do removals interstate and this keeps him busy. Although these are tough times for everyone we are pleased to hear that Mike is doing well with this. 

Like many of the wrestlers from back in the day, many years of wrestling has taken its toll on Mikes body and he now suffers with knee, hip and lower leg pain from time to time and says that if its not his hip then it's his knee and vice versa. 

Mike, like many of the wrestlers, have numerous stories of his time in the wrestling business and some very interesting ones they are too, some of which we could not possibly publish here but entertaining nevertheless.

Mike fondly remembers his time in British wrestling and wishes sends his regards to his fans joking if he actually had any (of course he did) and also the boys who he worked with over the years.

We are delighted to hear that Mike is doing so well and we thank Johnny Kidd for passing on the information to us.  We know that Johnny is keen to keep in contact with Mike and therefore we will hopefully now be able to keep you all regularly updated.

(Another victory for Mike)

Happy Birthday to 'The Dazzler' Joe Cornelius 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send very best wishes to 'The Dazzler' Joe Cornelius who celebrated his 93rd birthday on Saturday 1st May.

Joe, who was trained by Reunion President Joe D'Orazio, wrestled between 1953 and 1967 and made over 25 television appearances

(Joe Cornelius with Anthony Peters who is the son of Joes former tag team partner Johnny Peters who visited recently)

Joe was also the host of the Reunion before Wayne Bridges took over the role in 1994 and as you can see the two heavyweights were the best of friends in every sense of the word !!!. 

Happy Birthday Joe, hope you have a great day.

(Joe and Wayne Bridges larking around)

ITV wrestling site updated 

It is hard to believe that this coming December it will be 33 years since the weekly wrestling action disappeared from ITV, this is actually the same amount of time that it was on the small screen. 

During the 1960s and 70s it was hard to imagine that wrestling would not be shown such was its popularity but alas all good things come to an end and in 1988 it was farewell to tv wrestling on ITV. 

Over the years many great bouts were broadcast on World of Sport and the stand alone wrestling shows.  These bouts were previously listed on with a great deal of research being carried out by the admin of the site John Lister.  This site has details of all of the bouts broadcast from 1955 to 1988 and you can view these for free.  John has now updated the site and has advised as follows:-

'I've just finished a big update to the match videos embedded at to replace any outdated links and add links to any new matches other people have uploaded. I've also been through my recordings from the reruns on The Wrestling Channel (and a few other tapes/DVDs of original recordings I've acquired) and uploaded around 160 matches which weren't on YouTube. I may have missed a few, but in theory any ITV match (1955-1988, non-WWF) that's on YouTube should be available as a video in the relevant part of the match listings pages on the itvwrestling site'.

Now that John has uploaded many more videos to the site it is the one and only place to go to for your results, bout information and actual footage of many of the bouts shown and we wish him all the best as the site continues to grow.

You can access the site by clicking on the following link:-

Chick Knight book success continues

London's Loveable Villain - The true life story of Chick 'Cocky' Knight continues to be a huge hit with copies flying out of the door to all parts of the World, there are now just 20 copies left from the third print run.  Author Andy Scott has now given us an update which is as follows:-

'Afternoon all another busy week as we had 12 copies of London's Loveable Villain go off and now in stock and available to purchase at The Back Page in Newcastle, a copy has also gone into The Bookshop in Loughton, a signed copy is now in the window at The Barnes Bookshop, Barnes, London and we got to taste The Haymaker cocktail at Sam's Riverside Restaurant and Bar in Hammersmith. The Haymaker is an excellent cocktail, named after Chick's trademark punch and in recognition of his bravery and heroism in saving 2 people from drowning in the Thames at Hammersmith in 1930. The Haymaker will launch on 18th May. It packs a bit of a wallop, like one of Chick's punches!! You will know you've had one!! The restaurant shop will also be stocking and selling copies of the book as well which will be dropped off this week to them. And finally, Manchester rapper Shotty Horroh, a big wrestling fan, has had his copy of the book and has been saying how he's looking forward to reading it.

Stay Safe and have a good one!!

We are delighted that the book is doing so well especially in view of all the work that Andy put into not only researching it but putting it all together to make it a must read.

With regard to the Petition to get Chick recognised for his heroic feat, this is ongoing and we hope to have some positive news on this in the coming weeks. 

Copies of the book can be purchased from the following link:-

(Andy Scott signs copies of his book)

Falls, Brawls and Town Halls now available

Over the last few years many wrestling books have been published with the majority of them proving a great success with those of us that remember the glory years of wrestling.

The newest publication to become available is written by Nick Campbell, the man who has advised us on numerous occasions as to the latest inductees to be recognised for their Contribution to Irish Wrestling by The Wrestling Ireland.  Published on the 11th April , Falls, Brawls and Town Halls: The History of Professional Wrestling in Northern Ireland has already become a must read for any wrestling enthusiast.  

'Extensively researched, the history of professional wrestling in Northern Ireland is detailed for the first time and with exclusive interviews from over 25 pro wrestling personalities including Darkie Arnott (the “Irish-Italian” shipyard worker whose first match was in 1950), Eddie Hamill (who as “The Amazing Kung Fu” thrilled on ITV’s World of Sport), Dave Finlay Senior (an inspirational pro wrestling promoter and amateur wrestling advocate) and Fit Finlay (one of Europe’s greatest ever grapplers and a world-renowned Superstar) plus many more. Year by year from it’s deceptive beginnings, through World War II, through the Troubles and into the new millennium, this is the story of the men and women who as wrestlers, referees and MCs entertained – not only in Ireland but around the world – for decades, from hundreds in the Ulster Hall in Belfast to thousands in a field in Fermanagh to millions watching on television'.

The book is currently available in Kindle form or paperback and can be purchased from Amazon at the following link:-

We wish Nick and all those involved in the book the very best of luck with it, we are sure it will do well and that the book will sell well over the coming weeks. 

Dave Prowse MBE possessions go under the hammer 

(Sarah Bridges makes a presentation to Dave Prowse)

In 2008 Sarah Bridges presented an award to Dave Prowse MBE aka Darth Vader/Green Cross Code Man at the British Wrestlers Reunion.

Dave was a regular at the Reunion over the years but as many will know he sadly passed away in November last year. 

Daves family are now selling off his possessions via Auction on May 4th (Star Wars Day) many of which include film and tv memorabilia. 

If anyone is interested you can view the auction list at the following link:

(Dave addresses the crowd at one of his Reunion appearances)

Wrestlers Reunion Scotland announce date as Blackpool and Essex also scheduled to take place. 

On behalf of the British Wrestlers Reunion, Joe D'Orazio, Sarah Bridges and Ken Sowden we are delighted to hear that our good friends at the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland have announced that their event will take place on Sunday 12th September subject to Covid restrictions etc.

The WRS have always been a great supporter to us and if you have the chance to attend their event please go along, having been there ourselves we know you will receive such a warm welcome from everyone and its a great day out for all the family. 

Although it is a fairly new Reunion the WRS have already established themselves and long may they reign.

We are delighted that Andrew Bryden and Jim Starsky and their lovely wives from the WRS will be joining us in Kent for our Reunion in August where they will be presenting an award to Sarah Bridges in honour of her late husband Wayne Bridges and his illustrious wrestling career and we very much look forward to seeing them again.

If you need any further information regarding the Scottish Reunion you can get this from their facebook page, the link is as follows:-

With our Reunion taking place in August and both the Blackpool Reunion and the Essex Reunion announcing that their events will run in June and the end of September/October respectively (Leeds have made no announcement) it is good to see that the UK Reunions are well and truly back for 2021.

Facebook Page set up in memory of Wayne Bridges 

Wayne Bridges was one of the great heavyweight wrestlers ever to step into the ring.  The three time World Heavyweight Champion had a career that only few can equal and one that took him around the globe on several occasions.

In retirement from the ring, Wayne Bridges remained in the public eye when he took over as host of the British Wrestlers Reunion, a role he held for an astonishing 26 years right up until his death in March 2020.

In memory of Wayne Bridges a facebook page has been set up to remember the legend which, over the last three months, has already attracted over 300 members.  Many unique and never before seen photographs of him in and out of the ring are regulaly posted and has made the page very popular with his fellow colleagues and fans.  The page is overseen by his wife Sarah who incidentally has remained in her role as Reunion host.

For anyone who wishes to join Wayne Bridges facebook page the link is as follows and you will all be made most welcome:-

(Wayne Bridges in tag team action with his late son Dean Brisco)

Statement from Reunion regarding the 2021 event

With lockdown easing in the UK, the British Wrestlers Reunion can now officially announce that this years event will take place on Sunday 8th August subject to no further Covid restrictions being implemented by the Government. As always the Reunion will take place at The Bridges and will start at 11.00am.

This year the Reunion is celebrating its 30th year and we had planned a big celebration to mark this significant milestone in our history. However, with the sad passing of long time organiser Frank Rimer in February it was immediately decided that this years event will now be held in tribute to him with many of his former colleagues paying their respects to him on the day. Members of Franks family will also be in attendance. We will be presenting Hall of Fame Awards to a number of recipients whilst all other awards will now be presented to those who were due to receive them at the 2022 Reunion.

In addition to all the tributes planned for Frank, we will also remember all those who have passed away in the last twelve months and as ever these will be led by ‘Bulldog’ Colin Joynson who carries this out with the greatest professionalism each and every year. This will be followed by a 10 bell count.

This years Reunion will see the return of our popular ‘Wrestling Museum’ as well as having merchandise on sale, a raffle for which some great prizes have already been donated (and we thank our sponsor for these), hot food and drink will be available all day and live entertainment will be on hand. We are also delighted to welcome back Derek Collins who will once again be filming the days events, travelling all the way from Cornwall to be with us.

All Covid rules will be in place regarding social distancing, entry and exit to The Bridges etc should these still be required at the time of the event. All in attendance will be advised of these on the day.

Frank was always very proud of the Reunion and the respect it received around the World. This is the last chance the wrestling fraternity has to thank him for his years of service and to give him a fitting send off. We know that many of you are already planning to attend from around the UK and we are thrilled that one of Bills oldest friends from Japan will also be joining us subject to him being able to enter the country due to travelling restrictions.

Further information leading up to the Reunion can be found right here on the website so keep checking back and we look forward to seeing you all on the 8th August.

Full details are on this years event poster for which we sincerely thank Andy Dale who designed this for us.

(The Reunion Museum makes a welcome return this year)

Message of thanks received from the son of John Da Silva 

Following on from the sad announcement that we made on the 13th April that legendary New Zealand wrestler John Da Silva had passed away we have now received the following message from his son Garth:-

'Hi Ken, I was sorting through some of my dads papers recently and saw some the wonderful correspondence you had sent him. Thank you so much for your lovely message. A great man in and out of the ring. I will add you to our family page where we are posting photo’s and memories etc if there’s anything you feel the family would cherish. Kindest regards Garth'

The official announcement of Johns passing has also been published and is as follows:-

'It is with great sadness that we formally confirm the passing and funeral details of our patriarch John Walter da Silva (QSM), of Great Barrier Island - aged 86 years.

John passed away peacefully on Thursday 8th of April 2021 at his residence in Whangaparapara, surrounded by love and family.

Dearly beloved husband of Willy, much loved father of Sharron, Kimberley and Garth, Elle, Paul and Robbie, Father in law to Jim and Malannie, and cherished grandfather of Karen, Mel, Aaron, Caleb and Riley.

Olympian, Hero and role model to generations of New Zealanders through his contribution to sport and the community.

A larger than life figure, brimming with mana, humility and compassion for all, he will be deeply missed and loved for eternity.

A funeral service will be held in Auckland at Morrison’s Funeral Home, 220 Universal Drive, Henderson on the 23rd of April commencing at 3pm.

Alternatively a live web cast will be made available for those that are unable to attend, and further details on this will be posted in the coming days.

For those wishing to send physical cards etc, please send them directly to Morrison’s Funeral home.

A heartfelt thank you for all the lovely messages, we sincerely appreciate all your aroha and support during these most difficult of days'.

Once again the British Wrestlers Reunion send our sincere condolences to all the family and may John now RIP. 

(John top of the bill at The Royal Albert Hall in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh)

John Da Silva passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to announce the death of New Zealand Born grappler John Da Silva who passed away peacefully on the 8th March as confirmed by his son Garth and also reported on the Heritage website. 

John represented New Zealand in the 1958 Commonwealth Games in Cardiff before turning professional.

John was an immediate success in both Britain and Germany, quickly climbing the bill to main eventer. Based in Britain John was eager to travel, adding Canada to his work schedule in 1960 and the United States in 1961.

John made sure he was in Britain to top the bill against Tibor Szakacs in the presence of Prince Philip, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, at the Royal Albert Hall on 22nd May 1963.

John has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we of course send our condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time.

(John in action against Tibor Szakacs in the main event at The Royal Albert Hall on the 22nd May 1963)

The Bridges re-opens as 2021 Reunion set to go ahead

(The Bridges re-opens)

On Monday 12th April we will see the re-opening of The Bridges Public House, the home of the British Wrestlers Reunion for the last 26 years, which has been closed since last November due to Covid restrictions brought in by the UK Government.

Although The Bridges can only offer an outside service at the present time, they will hopefully be able to return to some form of normality in May when the next phase of the easing of lockdown will be implemented.

During the last year The Bridges has undergone a complete makeover with both the exterior and interior being decorated/updated.  All new garden furniture has been installed and a barbeque area is readily available for when required for social events which, in the coming months, will certainly be utilised.

In view of the easing of lockdown restrictions we are now confident that this years Reunion will go ahead on Sunday 8th August as planned.  This year the Reunion will be dedicated to Frank Rimer who sadly passed away in February and as such all awards have once again been suspended and in their place their will be tributes to Frank from those who were part of his life.  For all of those who were due to get awards last year we are sorry to have to once again delay these but we know you will all understand why we have to amend the format of this years event.  However, all being well, we will return to a normal Reunion format in 2022. 

We are delighted that Sarah Bridges has confirmed that she will continue as host of the Reunion, a role she has held with her late husband Wayne Bridges, for the last 28 years.

We hope that as we start to return to some form of normality those that are able to please attend The Bridges at Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent where you will receive a warm welcome. This has been a dreadful year for Sarah what with losing her husband and having no income so if you can, please show her your love and support.

We thank you all for your continued support of the Reunion and look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday 8th August for our 30th event. 

(Sarah Bridges set to re-open The Bridges and also continue as Reunion host)

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh passes away aged 99

(Tibor Szakacs is presented with the Royal Albert Hall Trophy)

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to hear the news from Buckingham Palace that HRH Duke of Edinburgh has passed away aged 99 years of age.

HRH had recently spent some time in hospital but returned to Windsor Castle in March after undergoing a surgical procedure.

HRH was a great wrestling fan and in the 1960s made a number of attendances at The Royal Albert Hall to see live wrestling presenting the Albert Hall Trophy.

Prince Philip was the worlds longest consort and married to Her Majesty The Queen for over 73 years.

HRH has certainly left his legacy for generations to come, we send our condolences and may he now RIP.

(Royal meets Wrestling Royalty as HRH meets Mick McManus and George Kidd)

(HRH meets Al Hayes and Jackie Pallo)

(HRH meets the hierarchy of Joint Promotions)

(HRH meets the Wrestlers prior to the nights contests)

(HRH The Duke of Edinburgh enjoying himself even though Johnny Kwango is about to land in his lap at the Albert Hall in 1963)

Message of thanks received from the Rimer family

(The Rimer family have sent thanks for the messages of condolences following on from Franks passing)

In February the wrestling fraternity lost one of its true gentleman, a man who will always be remembered by everyone in the wrestling industry and who ensured that the business we all love was remembered.  Frank Rimer was a true legend and he will never be forgotten for his contribution to the industry over a sixty year career.

We have now been asked by Frank Rimer Jnr and the rest of his family if we can post a statement from them in thanks of all the messages of condolence that they received following Franks death and we are more than happy to oblige.  The statement is as follows:-

'I just wanted to take a moment to write to you all, to share my undying gratitude. For everyones messages regarding my fathers death in February, the condolences are still coming in, and coming strong, and its nice to see how many people my fathers existence had touched over the last 60 years. 

I’d like thank everyone for the cards that were sent, both to myself and my mother, and all of the phone calls to check in on us to make sure that were doing okay. The amount of people that said “if there is anything i can do, just ask” was so wonderful, and gave our family the reassurance that we were being looked after, and knowing that we had your support truly helped us through such a difficult time. 

Thanks to Sanjay Bagga of LDN Wrestling for creating such a great tribute video, and thanks to all who were involved in the making of it. We will always have something to look back on to make us smile, and to remind us of how loved he was. 

Thanks also to Ken Sowden for helping us get the word out for Dads Funeral so we could share his service with everyone. 

My last thank you goes out to every one who sent the amazing flowers for my fathers service on the 25th of March. There were so many they couldn’t fit them all in the hearse. Our director said they were spilling on to the passenger seats of the hearse, and even into the extra seats of our limousine that followed. Pictured here is only a portion of the flowers that were sent, and it was so lovely to have such a huge floral display at the funeral. 

Dad would have been so touched to see how many people cared for him. So once again. To the British Wrestling Community thank you for everything, and i hope to join you all at the Reunion later in the year to raise a glass. 

Stay safe and stay well. Frank Jnr and the Rimer Family'

The above are such lovely words from Frank Jnr and very fitting to his father who was respected by everyone.  We of course look forward to welcoming Frank Jnr to the Reunion in August when we will pay our own tribute to his father and give him his final wrestling send off. 

(Just a selection of the floral tributes sent to Franks funeral)

Basil 'Romany' Riley marries long term partner 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our huge congratulations to Basil 'Romany' Riley and his long term partner June Byrd who got married on Saturday 3rd April.

As we have reported in recent weeks Basil is now paralysed from the waist down although he remains in good spirits and was delighted when June accepted his marriage proposal some weeks ago after many happy years together.


Although Basil now requires constant medical attention he is adamant that he and June will continue to make happy memories together and we hope that they have many good years ahead of them. 

Marty Jones undergoes knee surgery 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Marty Jones who is recovering in hospital after undergoing knee surgery.

The former World Mid Heavyweight Champion, British Light Heavyweight Champion and British Heavyweight Champion has had considerable trouble with his knees since retirement and has already had a number of surgical procedures to relieve him of the pain which he has been encountering now for some time.

Whilst the surgery has now been completed to the satisfaction of the surgeons it is too early to say whether this latest operation has been successful but we are told that whilst Marty remains in hospital he is upbeat and is as positive as ever and is looking forward to getting back home.

We hope that Marty is soon up and about and makes a full recovery so that he can re-commence his training seminars which over recent years have taken him all around the World. 

(Marty pays a visit to the Reunion)

Northern Life Magazine article on Giant Haystacks now available to view right here

A couple of weeks ago we told you all about an article written by Mark Slattery which has appeared in Northern Life Magazine. 

For anyone who was unable to get the magazine it it has now been uploaded and we are delighted to provide you with the link as follows for anyone who wishes to read it. 

Well done Mark, good job. 

The link is as follows:-

(Giant Haystacks in action against fellow legend Tony St Clair)

Frank Rimer laid to rest 

On Thursday 25th March one of the great stalwarts of British wrestling, Frank Rimer, was laid to rest.

Franks sudden and untimely death back in February shocked everyone not only in the wrestling world but all that knew him whether it was in a personal or a professional capacity.  Such was Franks popularity that under normal circumstances 100s would have attended his funeral to pay their final respects to him, sadly, due to Covid restrictions, only 30 mourners were allowed but we know that many more watched the funeral on the live stream.

The funeral itself was very fitting to Frank and throughout every aspect of his life was covered.  We, like others, maybe learnt some things that we did not know about him, anyone here will be reading this as a wrestler or a wrestling fan but as we all know Frank had many other interests and whilst wrestling was a huge part of his life it was only right that his other loves got mentioned.  As Frank himself would say 'everyone and everything gets equal billing on my watch, no-one or anything is any better than anyone or anything else', quite true and a motto that many of us could take forward in our own lives.

The first tribute was paid by Franks dear friend Chris Buckwell who gave an in-depth account on how the two men met several years ago and how a combined love of professional wrestling led to a friendship that will always be fondly remembered.  However, Frank could always talk on any subject and had an opinion about everything and the two men enjoyed many hours discussing the rights and wrongs of the World.  

The Eulogy was to follow and was read by the legendary Mal Sanders who did this to absolute perfection.  Mal, discussed in detail Franks introduction into wrestling by the late Johnny Yearsley, his lifelong friendship with Wayne Bridges as well as many others who Frank had a 50 year association with.  This was not a time to be sad but for reflection and Mal made everyone smile with the story about Franks training day at Dale Martins gym.  Frank being Frank turned up in white trunks and white boots when everyone else wore black trunks and black boots only to be told by Promoter Jack Dale 'We have one Adrian Street, we dont need another'.  We are sure that this anecdote lightened the sombre mood.  Mal went on to discuss Franks MC and refereeing days, his days as a Promoter and of course at the Reunion for which he will be most remembered.  Mal also read out two tributes which he had been given, one from the great Johnny Saint who was unable to attend and one from Steve Grey who did attend. We do not feel that Mal could have done anymore than he did, his eulogy was exemplary and it was fitting that this was read by not only a wrestler but one of Franks dearest friends.

The final tribute was paid by Frank Jnr, this is probably the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life but he did an absolutely excellent job and, as many have said over recent weeks regarding Frank himself being a first class speaker', Frankie did not let his dad down and we know that Frank would have been looking down at his son with a broad smile on his face being as proud as any dad can be of their son, something Frank had always been as anyone would testify that he would constantly tell everyone 'thats my boy and there is nobody better'.  Frank Jnr gave a very heartwarming speech about his dad and his life growing up with him and his mother Mary and we know he is going to be lost without him. 

Despite restrictions we were happy to say that the wrestling world was well represented at the funeral.  Alongside Mal Sanders was Steve Grey, Johnny Kidd, Barry Cooper, Keith Hayward, Vince Randall, Bobby Stafford, Mel Stuart and Sanjay Bagga.

For anyone who was unable to see the live stream it will remain available for the next three weeks with the login details the same as previously posted. 

Franks passing will leave a huge hole in many of our lives but his legacy will live on through his various loves and interests of which he had many as well as his family and friends who will always remember the man, the true legend that was Frank Rimer.  RIP. 

Tribute video produced for Frank Rimer 

Following on from the sad passing of Frank Rimer on the 12th February LDN Wrestling with the help of ourselves here at the British Wrestlers Reunion have released a special video tribute to him.

Frank, a well respected member of the wrestling community, will be laid to rest on Thursday 25th March and his funeral will be streamed live (as per our earlier post) due to many not being able to attend due to Covid restrictions. 

We would like to say a big thank you to Franks son Frankie and the Rimer family for contributing towards this tribute.

Frank is very much missed and may he now RIP.

The tribute video can be viewed below:-

(British Wrestling pays tribute to Frank Rimer)

Orig Williams remembered on what would have been his 90th birthday

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to remember Orig Williams who, on Saturday 20th March, would have been celebrating his 90th birthday.

Orig had a long and varied career in the wrestling industry and by the mid 1960s had become one of the top-billing wrestlers on the independent wrestling circuit in the UK.  Throughout his career Orig became a truly international star and travelled to India, Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, United States of America and to numerous European countries. 

Orig was the 'baddie' during the majority of his career although he was a popular member of the wrestling community and went on to promote several established stars including Wayne Bridges, Tony St Clair, John Quinn, Adrian Street and many others. 

Orig was an avid promoter of wrestling bouts and appropriated the name 'British Wrestling Federation', under which his shows were sometimes held as well as holding a number of 'tribute' shows during his promoting years.

On the 12th November 2009 Orig passed away after suffering a heart attack. He is much missed and well remembered by his many colleagues and fans alike and we celebrate his life on what would have been his 90th birthday.

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith to finally receive WWE Hall of Fame Award

In 2020 World Wrestling Entertainment announced that the UKs own British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith was to be inducted into their prestigious Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic the ceremony had to be postponed but the WWE have now released the following press statement on their website:-

'History will be made once again during WrestleMania Week, as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony returns!

The 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will stream Tuesday, April 6 exclusively on WWE Network. For the first time ever, the ceremony will feature two classes of inductees taking their place in sports-entertainment history.

The Class of 2020, comprised of Batista, The nWo, The Bella Twins, JBL, British Bulldog and Jushin “Thunder” Liger, will be joined by a new class of Inductees for 2021. 

Stay tuned to WWE programming and all of WWE’s digital platforms as WrestleMania Week approaches for more information on the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.'

We send our congratulations to Davey Boy Smiths family, some of who will be attending the induction ceremony, for the accolade which is well deserved for a wrestler who became internationally known. 

Reunion remember Wayne Bridges on the 1st anniversary of his death

One year ago, on the 8th March, we lost a great man when the legendary Wayne (Bill) Bridges very sadly passed away.

As we remember Bill on the anniversary of his death it is not a time to be sad but a time for reflection and to celebrate his life.

Bill was a kind, generous, caring, charming and charismatic man, he was a friend to everyone and everyone was his friend. Bill was always there to help and advise anyone who needed it without question, he never judged anyone and was highly respected by everyone who was lucky to have him as part of their lives.

Bill brought pleasure to many through his wrestling days and his other sporting achievements as well as his other interests. Most of all Bill always ensured that he provided for his family and his darling wife Sarah who he was absolutely devoted to.

Our thoughts are with Bills family and of course Sarah who we have all been there for over the last year.

We are sure that we will all remember Bill in our own way. Whilst he may not be here in person his memory and legacy continues to live on through his family and friends and the Reunion which he was passionate about ensuring that he is still part of our lives.

Bill is sadly missed by us all but we remember the good times and thank him for them, he was a true gentleman, a champion and an honour to know and may he RIP.

(Bill seen here with Sarah who was without doubt the love of his life)

The Story of Catch Wrestling available via Amazon

Wrestling in one way or another has been around for centuries with many different styles known and practiced around the World.

Catch wrestling is one such style that became extremely popular and our good friend Ruslan Pashayevs book on this subject continues to bring a great insight into those involved in the sport in its early days.

'The Birth and Evolution of Catch-as-Catch-Can Pro-Wrestling in East Lancashire, England. "The Story of Catch" covers the most forgotten stages of Lancashire's Catch Wrestling history, including it's origin, it's fast growth and evolution during first fifty years of Catch, introduction of professionalism and it's Golden Era, as well as introduction and popularization of it in the United States. This story has many heroes who affected Catch in its early stages and remained in history as true symbols of Lancashire Wrestling. But the whole story is dedicated to the memory of Adam Ridings of Bury, Lancs (1819-1894), who was also known under the nickname of “Dockum of Bury” a pioneer of Catch Wrestling, and the most prominent and popular wrestler of Lancashire in the 1840’s-1850’s. "The Story of Catch" is a must.'

The book is available to purchase via Amazon for £19.99 paperback or £6.56 Kindle and the link for this is as follows:- 

This is a great read for anybody who has an interest in the history of wrestling and would be a good addition to anyones reading library.

Basil 'Romany' Riley celebrates his 79th birthday

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send the warmest of birthday wishes to Basil 'Romany' Riley who celebrated his 79th birthday on the 4th March.

Basil was a regular names on bills across the UK throughout the 1970s and 80s and was a skilled in ring technician who could go in with the best in the business and he often did.  Basil was more than capable of bending the rules on occasions but despite this he had a loyal following of fans and was respected by all of his colleagues.  Like many wrestlers during that period Basil was also involved in the licensing trade and was landlord of The Thanet Arms in Kent for a number of years.

As reported here a few weeks ago, Basil has not been in the best of health and recently had another stay in hospital.  However, despite his ongoing health problems he remains very cheerful and upbeat and is looking forward to the future in a positive manner.

We hope that Basil had a great birthday and despite lockdown restrictions enjoyed all of the celebrations that came his way.  We hope that he has many more to come. 

(Basil Riley and brother Chris)

Legendary USA Promoter Jim Crockett Jnr passes away aged 76

In a week of sad news we have again received word from our friends at the Cauliflower Alley Club that legendary USA Promoter Jim Crockett Jnr passed away on Wednesday 3rd March aged 76 years after suffering from liver and kidney failure.

Jim Crockett took over as the promoter for the southern-based wrestling promotion Jim Crockett Promotions from his father in 1973, and over the next 15 years it grew into a national promotion that rivaled Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation. He served three terms as president of the National Wrestling Alliance and sold the company to Ted Turner in 1988, who renamed it World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Jim Crockett attempted a return to wrestling with a wrestling Internet broadcast network in 1994 called the World Wrestling Network. It was short-lived, and he left the sport for good in 1995. Crockett also brought the NWA back to the Dallas Sportatorium for an equally brief tenure during this time.

Jim Crockett Jnr will go down as one of the great promoters in history, he was one of the men responsible for changing the face of professional wrestling during the 1970s and 80s and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

We send our condolences to Jims family and friends at this very sad time and may he now RIP.

(Jim Crockett Jnr made stars out of wrestlers such as Ric Flair)

American Wrestling Legend Ann Casey passes away aged 82

We are saddened to receive word from our colleagues at the Cauliflower Alley Club that one of the great American female wrestlers Ann Casey has passed away aged 82.

Anns career spanned from the 1950s until the 1970s and throughout that time she was considered as one of the leading ladies in professional wrestling.  Having been trained by the Fabulous Moolah, Ann had a successful career throughout the USA and was famously known for wrestling barefoot after breaking both her ankles after an opponent tied her laces together and heaved her under the bottom rope.

In 1974 Ann defeated her mentor and trainer Moolah for the US Title, a very rare title change as Moolah had held the title virtually undefeated for nearly twenty years.

In retirement Ann had a number of varied jobs but never lost her interest in wrestling.  With Social Media becoming more popular around the World Ann was more than happy to interact with her fans and indeed we corresponded with her ourselves on numerous occasions over the years, she was very knowledgable about the wrestling industry and, like many in the business, had some great stories to tell.

Sadly Ann suffered a heart attack in 2005 from which she never fully recovered and was hospitalised recently following a fall.  

Ann Casey passed away on Monday 1st March and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her, a true legend of wrestling and may she now RIP. 

Chick Knight Petition gains momentum 

As sales of the Chick Knight story continues to rise with copies being despatched around the World, the Petition which we have previously reported on to get Chick recognised for his heroic action on the Hammersmith Bridge is still ongoing and Andy has today sent us the following update:-

'Just to let you know I am now in active dialogue with the new Mayor of Hammersmith with regards to getting recognition of my great uncle Chick 'Cocky' Knight's double lifesaving feat in the Thames at Hammersmith in 1930.

If you haven't already signed the Petition please do so if you can, and ask others as well. Every signature counts! A son of Hammersmith and forgotten hero who deserves long-overdue recognition'.

The link to sign the Petition if you so wish is as follows:-

Are you Ready?..........Scott Conway returns !!!!!

(He is back...Scott Conway returns to wrestling)

There are those people involved in wrestling who can claim to have done it all and Scott Conway is one who fits into this class.

Throughout the mid 1980s to the early 2000s Scott was a second, referee, wrestler and promoter and became one of the most well known names in British wrestling until in 2003 he ended it all and moved to Thailand where he resided for in excess of 16 years, now Scott has returned and he intends to regain his position as one of the top wrestling promoters in the UK.

Prior to leaving the UK for Thailand Scott had taken his TWA brand to great heights and had some of the top wrestlers in not only Britain but from around the World regularly appearing for him at venues up and down the country.  Although Scott returned to the UK in late 2019 his comeback as a wrestling promoter has had to be delayed as, like the majority of others, wrestling shows were cancelled for the majority of 2020 due to the Coronavirus but with Government restrictions being lifted for later in the year Scott is ready and raring to go and he is kicking it all off with a number of shows to determine the champions of Britain.  Scott has released the following statement and it is as follows:-

'A big part of the first Wrestling Alliance shows back will be Championship nights when the REAL British Champions will be crowned. The All Nations Heavyweight Title, British Lightweight Title plus all other British Championships where the best in the UK and not the youngest or cheapest will be selected to enter the Championship matches.The Best of British.'

Details of venues and dates for Scotts shows will be released in due course but in the meantime we wish him and TWA all the very best in their comeback, at a time when the wrestling industry needs all the support it can get we are sure that Scott will give it his all and if previous experiences are anything to go by will soon be up there as one of the elite promoters once again. 

Bob Collins recovering after surgery 

We have today been advised by Neil Evans of the Essex Wrestlers Reunion that his good friend and long time in ring opponent Bob Collins is currently recovering in hospital after surgery.  Neil states as follows:-

'Our good friend Bob Collins(Malcolm Daintry) is currently recovering from major life saving surgery last Tuesday in Basildon Hospital, I’m sure you all along with me will wish him a safe and steady recovery. Bob will be 80 in September, and possibly I had more bouts with him than anyone else. When his son called me last Tuesday and told me, I was totally devastated, but he’s shown he’s a fighter, and although there maybe long term affects, he is doing well'

We send our best wishes to Bob and hope that he makes a speedy recovery and returns home as soon as possible.

Lee Bamber remembers Frank Rimer 

Such sad news recently of the passing of one of the kingpins of the annual Wrestlers Reunion Frank Rimer.

Frank was one of the humblest, kindest, most modest of gentlemen in the business.

Eloquently promoting the achievements of others over himself with always a kind word.

At least he passed on peacefully in his sleep, without pain and knowing he was loved by this family and everyone in the wrestling world including friends for many decades, he had known world champion Wayne Bridges in excess of 62 years for example.

I was last in contact with him in late January when talking about the upcoming birthday of Mel Stuart (again for Frank a friendship of over 60 years).

Rest in peace Frank. It was a privilege to have known you.

WAW Referee Tony Bishop passes away

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to receive word that long time World Association of Wrestling referee Tony Bishop has passed away after a long illness.

Ricky Knight, founder and owner of World Association of Wrestling has stated that he is devastated that his friend of 50 years and WAW ref Tony Bishop has lost his fight with cancer love you pal you will be so missed.

Tony will be added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we send our condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time.  May Tony now RIP. 

Ken Sowden pays tribute to Frank Rimer 

It has now been a few days since the tragic news broke that not only my colleague but my friend Frank Rimer had passed away, to say that I was shocked would be an understatement but seeing all the wonderful and deserved tributes being paid to him is testament to fact that he was admired by everyone in and out of the wrestling business who had the privilege to know him in whatever capacity.

I first met Frank many years ago when I visited my first ever Reunion in Kent and although I did not know who he was, all of the legends of wrestling who were in attendance showed him so much respect I soon realised that he must be someone who was of great importance within the Reunion, and how right I was.  When Frank took to that stage he had everyone in the palm of his hand, he could make everyone no matter who or what you were in the wrestling business sound a million dollars, thats a great talent and Frank had by the bucketload.  I did speak with Frank on this occasion and although I was there as a fan he treated me like someone he had known all his life and gave me the warmest welcome I could have wished for.

I corresponded with Frank for a number of years and then came the call out of the blue asking if I would be interested (with Alan Hinder) in taking over the Reunion website.  It was a great honour and something that was taken up without hesitation.  Frank was a huge help in the early days but never interfered and was always respectful of things that were posted to the site and although he was not directly involved in the day to day running of the website any longer he would still contribute occasionally when the need arose.

As the years went on Frank was still organising the Reunion but he did state privately that he would like to reduce his role and gave me the opportunity to work alongside him in the organising of the event and became my mentor.  We did this for 5 years and worked very well together, Frank often commented that we had the same style and approach to working and writing articles and programmes etc so much so that he stated that when the transition finally came nobody would know that he was no longer involved, and, as was Franks way, he was right.

In 2016 Frank organised his final Reunion and stood down after a remarkable 20 years in the role.  I was very honoured to replace Frank as organiser of the Reunion although I know that even if I am in the role for 20 years like he was I will never be able to match up to his record.  Despite retiring Frank however stayed involved in a consultancy role although, like he did with the website, he would never interfere in decision making and would often start a conversation 'if its alright with you......', it always was, who was going to say no to Frank, it was virtually impossible and over the last 5 years he was a great support to me.


I last spoke to Frank two days before his passing, he was in fine form and was pitting ideas for the 30th Reunion celebrations. Frank was always a great storyteller, you could never have a quick conversation with him and many, for me at least, would be over an hour, most from the shed at his beloved allotment.  I learnt so much about the wrestling business and those involved in it from Frank and he has fought my corner on numerous occasions when others have been less flattering. There were a handful of times, and thats all there ever were, when we didnt see eye to eye, thats the nature of the beast, but it never affected our friendship and I always had the most respect for him and held him in the highest esteem.  His support was like none I have ever received in any other part of my life (apart from my family) and even at the 2020 Reunion he was on that stage selling me and Sarah Bridges with no mention of himself....that was Frank selfless to the end.

Now my friend has gone, no more hour long conversations, no more funny stories, no more history lessons and no more support.  I will miss him and my heartfelt condolences go to his wife Mary who he absolutely adored and his son Frank Jnr, no dad could be more proud of their son than Frank was of his and he would regularly tell me of Frank Jnrs accomplishments.

Frank was a genuine one off, he was a legend in wrestling and was respected and admired by everyone and his passing will leave a big hole in many peoples lives.  I was honoured to know him and to be part of his life and to have him as part of mine.  RIP Frank, you will always have a place in our hearts. 

(Franks last attendance at the 2020 Reunion with Sanjay Bagga, Sarah Bridges and Ken Sowden)

Wrestlers Reunion Scotland pay tribute to Frank Rimer

The Wrestlers Reunion Scotland would like to pay tribute to fellow Grappler, MC and Promoter, Frank Rimer, who most definitely deserves to be lauded and applauded for all he achieved during his time in our Business.

Few have worked harder or put more effort into the list of his talents mentioned in the many tributes that have already been made and that does not take into account what Frank achieved and the selfless work and effort he employed in helping the setting up, and the continued successful running of the British Wrestlers Reunion in Kent. 

During his tenure Frank made the Reunion not only the second longest running event of its kind in the World but far more importantly putting it on the map and reserving its place in UK grappling history as the best, the biggest and by-far the most successful Wrestlers Reunion in Britain!!! 

All any of us mere humans can ask is to be remembered by our peers, for what we achieved during our short time on this good earth. Given what Frank Rimer did with his life, he will undoubtedly be remembered for a long, long, long time. 

The Full Committee at Wrestlers Re-Union Scotland supported by our Membership send our sincere and heart felt condolences to both Franks wife Mary, his loving son Frankie and also to his many, many friends and colleagues in the Wrestling World.

RIP Comrade.

Tributes pour in for Frank Rimer 

On Sunday 14th February the wrestling world were shocked and saddened as the news was reported that one of the most recognizable names in wrestling and a stalwart of the British Wrestlers Reunion, Frank Rimer, had passed away suddenly albeit peacefully in his sleep.  

Since reporting the news the Reunion have been inundated with 100s of tributes to Frank both by email and social media and a selection of these are as follows:-

This is the saddest news. I only chatted with him this week. Deepest sympathy to all the family. 

John Hutchinson

Oh no, this is terrible news. I met Frank briefly at the Reunions I attended and had some conversations with him on here as well. I learned a lot from this lovely man. My sincere condolences to Frank's friends and family at this very difficult time

Jonathan Barnes

oh im so shocked to hear the sad news about frank please pass on my condolences to his family xx

Clive Williams

Very sad news. I am shocked beyond belief. Rest in Peace Frank.

Carl Elliot Allum

Oh no

Larry Green

That is very sad news indeed.My condolences to all concerned. 

Mark Alan Kent

I’m stunned. A good man gone too soon.

Ian Mizon

Indeed, terrible news, so very very sad.

Never met Frank, but we were friends on here and communicated several times.

A lovely and very helpful man.

So very sad.

Rest in Perfect Peace, Dear Frank 

Kevin Richmond

Cannot believe he has gone such a wonderful man would help everyone out I'm so glad to call him my friend everyone will miss you frank sending my love to his family 

Neil Sands

That is such a shock sincere condolences to his family

Margaret Powell

So shocked and so saddened. Condolences to all his family and friends. RIP Frank, you will never be forgotten 

Lee Canderton

Such sad news.

Frank was one of the humblest, kindest, most modest of gentlemen in the business.

Eloquently promoting the achievements of others and always a kind word.

I am genuinely sad and shocked by this news.

At least he passed on peacefully in his sleep, without pain and knowing he was loved by this family and everyone in the wrestling world.

Rest in peace Frank. It was a privilege to have known you.

Henry Lifen

Beautiful and very apt words Lee

Roy Chamberlain

Very sad news and such a shock. Thoughts with all Frank's family

Steven Tempest-Mitchell

So sad, never met but we conversed in texts etc, always nice in comments about my dad, he was a lovely fella,RIP

David Walker

So so sad to hear this news. And what a shock. Sending his family mine and Donna’s condolences RIP Frank

Tony White

I am so sad to hear this bad news Frank was a true gentleman and a professional in the ring my condolences to his family 

Tom Lees


Pete Hall

Such sad news never met him.

R.I.P. Frank.

Tracy Ann Bennett

God bless you Frank x x x my condolences to the family x x

David Gee

That is a shock.Loved to have a chat with him at the Reunions.He did a lot for the game.I went to his show he did at Stanley.We used to converse on Facebook and I used to send him bits and pieces I thought he would be interested.A lovely man.My heart felt condolences to his family.RIP Frank

Stewart Cowling

Sad news indeed. Condolences to his family at this time.

Andrew Bryden

Totally earth shattering news, I'm so, so sorry to hear of the passing of such a servant to UK Wrestling. Frank was a ever present hard working stalwart of what went before, and he will be remembered with great fondness. RIP Good Friend from me personally and also from all the Committee and Members at WRESTLERS RE-UNION SCOTLAND. Andra x

Barry Cooper

Sad news rip Frank

Catherine Thomas Chisholm

Very sad news indeed. R.I.P Frank 

Keith Myatt

This is so sad Frank was a lovely man we had many chats and he made. Me feel really welcome the first time i attended the southern wrestling reunions.

My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Adam Mansfield

This is a shock and sad to hear r.I.p frank 

Andy Scott

So sorry to hear about this. Thoughts with his family and friends RIP

Steve Lee Curtis

Sorry to hear of the sad newsFrank rest in peace my dear friend

Nichole South

Total shock, he was a genuine lovely guy, had the pleasure of meeting him at the last Southern reunion. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

John White

How very sad.R.I.P Frank.

Erik Isaksen

That was sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family. RIP Frank

Barbara-Ann Swan

I can’t believe what I have just read, feeling heartbroken can’t find words to express my feelings.  heartfelt sympathies to Franks family RIP

Adam Crawley

Condolences to the family RIP

Scott Elvis

Can’t believe what I read this morning he will certainly be missed 

Scott Conway

What a shock met him several times a wealth of knowledge sad day

Martin Gillott

I am in shock and can find no words. R.I.P Frank. I will miss our chats on the phone.

Stephen Cresswell

A very sad day ken for all who knew frank sending condolences to the family

Derek Collins

RIP Frank. Condolences to his family.

Chris Smith-Haynes

Such sad news. My condolences to his family x

Hazel Kincaid

Lovely man, RIP, Frank, thoughts are with his family 

Tranch Tranch

So sad R I P Frank 

Tony Kelly

My sincere condolences to Frank's family and may his gentle soul Rest in Peace. He was a true gentleman and a true professional in everything he did. From Tony Kelly .

Janice Fearne

Shocked at this news

Gina Vetter

Very sad my thoughts are with his family and friends R.I.P Frank x

Roy Smith

in my thoughts RIP 

Dave Barman

Sorry for your loss

Gillian Coulson

Sorry to hear this, he was a nice, genuine man 

Chris WrestlingFurnace

This is extremely sad and shocking news. Frank invited me to the Dartford reunions in the early 2000s when he became aware of my attempt to start a British wrestling website. He and Joe D'Orazio were very generous with their time in taking me round, introducing me to many of the wrestlers. It's because of their kindness that I was able to experience such a warm welcome from the wrestling community, despite me not being from a wrestling background myself. Frank's hard work, not only on every second Sunday of August at The Bridges, but also throughout the year have been fundamental in making the reunion the great success it is today. My sincere condolences to Mary and the family on the loss of such a wonderful man.

Susan Walker

R. I. P frank rimer 

Emma Yearsley


Steve Amies-Winter

Very sad

Esther Stone

So sad. My thoughts are with his family. Bless you Frank for all your help and kindness.x

Steve Lytton

True gent. So sad

Stephen Cresswell

Such sad news frank was loved and will be sadly missed sending condolences to the family

Tina Peters

Bless you Frank, my deepest condolences to your family and friends, thank you for the help you gave my family after uncle Bill passed x

Kerry-Anne Goddard

Sad news! Rest in peace

Condolences to his family and friends.  

John Griffiths

Absolute gentleman, sincere condolences and God bless Frank x

Sarah Bridges Ifbb Pro

Sorry to hear the very bad news very good friend of my bill 

Kevin Dewhurst

Frank was a diamond. Always had time to talk us younger wrestlers, be it at shows or the reunion. He done his best to include everybody.

Tony Kelly

My sincere condolences to Franks family. May he Rest in Peace. Frank was a true gentleman in every way. Sadly due to travel restriction i won't be able to attend his funeral.From 

Tony Kelly

Barry Messenbird

RiP Frank

Neil Evans

Very sad news, RIP Frank

Frank Thomas

Very sad news indeed. RIP

Lois Hyett

Very sad, what a peaceful way to go, hope that brings his family some comfort at this time

Kathy Marchant

Such sad news. Condolences to his family xx

Barry Howard

The loss of a dear dear friend... i am deeply saddened... RIP Frank sleep soundly my friend.

Lyndsey Mason

OMG!!! I'm in so much shock & emotional right now reading this 

Stephen John Haggar

True legend of the wrestling scene, R.I.P Frank

Peter Keith Edwards

So sad to hear this what wonderful man always there for a chat about our allotments

Rip frank will always remember the good times

Sean Clarke

R.I.P Frank you have been such a legend to the British wrestling scene and a mentor to the new stars coming through the business today. You are such a gentleman inside and outside of the ring my hearts and prayers go out to the family at this sad time.

Andi King

RIP Frank

Alan W Tompkins

r.i.p frank.

Wayne Collins

John Jnr

Oh dear sad news, he always looked so healthy

Richard Cole

No way ill miss him at the reunions rip frank

Melvyn Eyres

OMG what a shock

RIP frank. And condolences to his family

Dan Brydon

Oh no  only met Frank the once but he was a such a nice guy and very complimentary. Rest in Peace Frank, thoughts are with his family   

Stephen Hayes

Sorry to hear that

Armani Russell

Omg  Rest in Peace Frank 

James Fitzmaurice

Rest In Peace Frank.

Jem Mtx Brown

Very sad news

Rafael Hounddogg Gonzalez

My condolences and im almost sure i met him when i was their but then again i met a lot of new fun people may he R.I.P. another brother lost but always remembered

Ali Raja

Top guy

Darius Carter

Terrible news!! Had the pleasure of meeting, and he was SUCH a gentleman. Always complimentary & the most respectful man. May be RIP.  

Billy Beaney

Sad news rest in peace Frank

John Searle

Was always a gent when I spoke to him online

Dave Rennie

Sad news indeed. RIP Frank!

Tranch Tranch

So sad R I P Frank 

Brian Lord

Totally shocked, what devastating news, R.I.P. Frank..

John Tempest-Mitchell

A fantastic man and a great ambassador to the busines

Roy Chamberlain

RIP Frank and thank you for all you have done

The Knight family and all at WAW are shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Frank Rimer we send our condolences to all his family and friends
We are deeply upset by the news that British wrestling's Frank Rimer has passed away at the age of 76. Frank had been involved in the wrestling business for over 50 years, as a wrestler, MC, show host and wrestlers reunion organizer.
Franks first major involvement in LDN Wrestling was helping to organize and host the Legends Parade in 2007
He continued to host the legends parade and occasionally returned to the ring to host the events.
Outside of the ring, Frank Rimer was a friend to us and one of our biggest supporters in the business. We are truly upset by the news and would like to send condolences to his family and friends.
RIP Frank Rimer
Was shocked when I heard the news, really upset with the passing of  Frank Rimer who was very supportive to LDN Wrestling. Frank was not only only good colleague but a really good friend who gave me good advice of improvements and the rights and wrongs.
British wrestling has lost one of the best spokesman in the business but will never forget and tribute for everything he’s done for the business.
RIP frank
Really sad to hear that Frank Rimer has passed away, doesn't quite seem right. Frank was always so good to all the boys at dropkixx and was a massive help to me starting out in the wrestling business. He paid me my first wages from it, gave me my first match (against Mel Stuart) and basically let me train for free in exchange for helping him out at shows. Frank did more for me in those early years then i could have ever thanked him for and brought me into the reunion fold to help bring some younger guys along with that which allowed me to get close to legends of the job. Without Frank being such a huge help to me starting out honestly i dont think i would have got to do half the things i have over the years. Along with
Tony Scarlo the gym that Frank created in dropkixx has changed wrestling for the better with world champions coming through the doors at one time or another. Thanks for everything mate, RIP
Wonderful , kind , caring man , if it wasn't for him and Ken , I wouldn't have the great relationships I have in the wrestling world .There were a lot of dad haters and Frank changed my mind to attend , and I owe him loads , and making new friendships that I've kept . Xxx RIP Frank, a wonderful person xxx
Rest in Peace Mr Frank Rimer who popped in to offer his support on one of my all aspects of pro wrestling training seminars
Very sad you never know what the future holds RIP FRANK
RIP . The first person I ever met in wrestling and someone who even years after he had left DKW I would constantly see at ldn and elsewhere. Made a awesome cup of tea and was so helpful and instrumental to my early days in wrestling way back In 2004. The founder of DKW and true icon of mine, he will be missed
Wally Grover aka Al Saxon
I have lost a good friend. My thoughts are with his family....Al Saxon

We are sure that more tributes will follow in the coming days and we thank you for these, we know they will be a great comfort to the Rimer family at this very difficult time.

Frank Rimer Obituary.....RIP old friend 

(Franks final appearance at the 2020 Reunion)

Frank Rimer had been part of the wrestling business for over 50 years.  His numerous activities and achievements within the world of wrestling include former Southern Area Lightweight Amateur Champion, professional wrestler, second, referee, Master of Ceremonies, promoter, co-founder of Dropkixx Wrestling Academy, organiser of the British Wrestlers Reunion, writer, webmaster and columnist

Outside the ring, his life has been equally varied, ranging from being Mr South-east England bodybuilding champion and life member of NABBA, Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme Physical Training instructor, karate black belt 1st Dan, and high-board diver, to model, rock'n'roll promoter, and commentator for television Channels 4 & 5 on the British Strongman Championships.

When he was just 9 years old, Frank's parents were involved in an horrific car crash in which his father was killed and his mother crippled. This inevitably resulted in very hard times for the family financially. At 11 years of age, Frank was taken swimming to a local lido, where some mindless louts threw him in the deep end, not realising that he couldn’t swim. Two huge athletes were quickly on the scene to pull him out, with a third acting as pool attendant. One was European diving champion Perry Blake; the second was the great Johnny Yearsley and the third was TV wrestling legend Bobby Barnes. John Yearsley took Frank home and offered to assist his mother in raising him, by teaching him "the manly side of life". She was initially very sceptical, and insisted on inspecting John's home, only to relax somewhat when she met his boys, Mark and Carl

Frank trained in John's home gym with other aspiring athletes, including his brother Malcolm Yearsley, Charlie Fisher's son Brian Sparks, Leon Fortuna, Dave Phillips, physique champions such as Dave Marshall and amateur wrestling new boy Wayne Bridges, with whom he has remained friends ever since. Sometimes they would visit the Billy Stevens gym in Stratford, where Frank met and befriended Dave Prowse MBE who was then Britain's Strongest Man. Film star Sean Connery also trained there and went on to be placed in the Mr Universe contest, having also been guided by John.

Frank attended diving and swimming lessons with Perry Blake, eventually joining his aqua show as a stunt diver opposite another young hopeful, Brian Phelps, who went on to win Olympic gold. Another swimmer was Anita Lonsborough who also won an Olympic medal.

Just before his 12th birthday, John enrolled Frank in the Viking Amateur Wrestling Club where Wayne Bridges trained, and he began to study the catch-as-catch-can style of grappling. Wayne was also an ardent swimmer and eventually won an Olympic medal in Australia in 1962.

Frank began to get bigger, and by 1959 had transferred to the Sparta Club in Shoreditch when he won the South Eastern Lightweight Amateur Wrestling Championships at Pentonville. Two years later he took the Mr Junior South East England physique title at the Scala Theatre in London.

In 1960, Frank won a place at Dale Martins gym in Brixton, where he enrolled with another athlete called Rajendra Singh. It was while he was there, being trained by former World Shoot champion Mike Demitre, and watched by Jack Dale, that a trainee wrestler decided to "scurf" Frank in order to impress "The Boss". "Scurfing" means hurting your opponent in a shoot match. Frank felt really humiliated, as he didn’t know the art of submission wrestling at that time. A well-built athlete training in the corner had seen this happen, and asked if he could replace Frank in the ring. Mike agreed and Frank witnessed the total annihilation of the other "wannabe". That athlete was Ray Fury, who Frank later learned was Demitre’s protégé, and regarded as one of the top ten submission wrestlers in the world. He and Frank have remained friends to this day.

Frank's first Pro bout was for an opposition promoter called Mickey Kylie in a fairground booth in Plymouth, where Johnny Kincaid also started. Then followed sporadic work for Gorden Corbett, Baverstock Cooter, Orig Williams and other lesser-known promoters. By 1964 Frank had his first bout for Dale Martins and served as a part time wrestler for several years, against many top names of the day.

1969 saw Ray Fury and Frank form Independent Joint Promotions, which they ran for some years, utilising many former TV names such as Danny Lynch, Basil Riley, Wildman of Borneo, Harry Kendall, etc., who had left Dales. At this time Ray Fury,TonyScarlo and Frank accepted many modelling and bit-part acting roles for magazines, TV, movies etc., and they also promoted many Rock'n'Roll revival and Country & Western shows featuring names like Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and Shakin'Stevens.

Mid seventies, and Frank took up karate and studied Wado-Ru (Way of peace) under Tatsuo Suzuki, winning a black belt 1st Dan in 1978. He taught physical training and bodybuilding at the Association of Boys Clubs, which was sponsored by singer Frankie Vaughan during the 80’s, and also qualified as a Fitness Instructor for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme in 1985.

In 1995, Frank attended his first British Wrestlers' Reunion in Greenwich, and went on to organise the Reunion with Wayne Bridges and Joe D’Orazio from 1997 retiring from the role in 2016. Attendances have increased greatly each year, making it the largest of its type in the world, other than the American Cauliflower Alley Club. Frank has helped build the reunion website, and written 10 newsletters which would go out worldwide. In 2002 he received an award from the founder in recognition of his work and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019.  Despite retiring as organiser Frank continued in a consultancy role right up until his death. In 2020 Frank returned as a one off to MC a very special Reunion which was held in tribute to host and his great friend Wayne Bridges who had passed away earlier in the year. 

In 1998 Frank co-founded the Dropkixx Wrestling Academy with Tony Scarlo whom he had known and wrestled for over 45 years teaching amateur, submission and Pro styles of grappling, especially "Word of Sport" traditional British style. They have helped 85% of current wrestlers in U.K. to start and also helped many bullied and medically disabled children. Dropkixx made several TV documentaries during this time and became involved in the ‘Britain's Hardest’ endurance shows, featuring Leroy Kincaid, Hade Vansen , Darren Burridge and Ian ‘the machine’ Freeman. Frank retired from active 'bumping' in 2005, following a spinal and neck injury, and was honoured to receive another award from the wrestlers for his achievements in this venture. Frank says his proudest moments were seeing a paralysed boy roll into the ring and grab legendary Doug Williams -"My deepest respect and love to Doug who proved what a great star he really is by giving his time to that project", says Frank - seeing several bullied kids make their wrestling debut on the circuit, and also watching his son Frankie in his inaugural bout with Jonny Storm against Darren Burridge and another American ECW wrestler, and meeting his boyhood hero, actor, movie and physique star "Mighty Joe" Robinson, who asked for Frank's autograph

Frank's Master of Ceremonies work has been ongoing since 1968 and acted as ring announcer up until 2018 for Dropkixx and LDN wrestling shows as well as guest spots on the annual Legends shows, where he has presented "Lifetime Achievement" awards to Mick McManus, Joe D’Orazio, Mel Stuart and more.  

Frank passed away suddenly although peacefully in his sleep on Friday 12th February 2021 aged 76 years and died of natural causes with no pain.

Frank was fit and healthy the day before his death so we are all very shocked but the comforting thing is knowing he went to bed the night before just like any other night, with no fear, no hurt, and with only love in his heart.

Frank was everyones friend, he was a legend in wrestling and had done it all.

Frank leaves behind his loving wife Mary and his son Frank Jnr and daughter in law Jess.

The wrestling world has lost a good and faithful servant and UK wrestling owes Frank a debt that can never be fully repaid.  Sleep in comfort and RIP our dear friend.  

(Frank accepts his Hall of Fame Award at the 2019 Reunion)

Frank Rimer passes away aged 76 years.

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened and shocked to have to report the death of Frank Rimer who passed away suddenly although peacefully in his sleep on the 12th February.

Frank died of natural causes with no pain.

Frank was fit and healthy the day before, so we are all very shocked. But the comforting thing is knowing he went to bed the night before just like any other night, with no fear, no hurt, and with only love in his heart.

Although Frank had undergone a hip replacement operation in December he was recovering well and was back driving his car and doing some shopping, he had also had his first Covid jab and had no side effects.  When we last spoke to him on Wednesday 10th February he was in fine form and was keeping himself busy during lockdown although he was keen to get back to his allotment which he loved tending to and had won awards for in recent years. 

Frank was everyones friend, he was a legend in wrestling and had done it all. He was very instrumental in making the British Wrestlers Reunion the great success it is today and his sudden passing has devastated us all.

Frank has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and Joe D'Orazio, Ken Sowden, Sarah Bridges and the rest of the British Wrestlers Reunion send our condolences to Franks family and friends at this very sad time, may he now RIP.

Reunion remember Rita Ruane 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to remember Rita Ruane the loving wife of Giant Haystacks who passed away on the 12th February 2019.

Rita moved to Manchester as a teenager and fell in love with Martin. They soon married and remained devoted to each other bringing in to the world their children, Martin, Stephen and Noel.

Rita battled with cancer over the years and through her devotion to prayers overcome these challenges against all odds. Although her mobility reduced greatly in recent years Rita was independent, sharp minded and strong willed, she never gave up and lived for her Children and Grandchildren who all adored her.

Our thoughts are with the entire Ruane family on what will be a difficult time for them but we know that Rita is now at peace and reunited with Martin for eternity. 

(Rita with husband Giant Haystacks)

Reunion remembers Jackie Pallo on the 15th anniversary of his death 

On the 11th February 2006 the wrestling world lost one of the most "Iconic Figures" of The Golden Era of UK Grappling; Mr Jackie TV Pallo. Old Jack as he was lovingly referred to by those who knew and adored him both as a colleague, and probably more so as a character was a truly wonderful ring worker. 

Jackie passed away in Ramsgate leaving behind his adorable wife Trixie and his son JJ, sadly both have gone now as well. 

Always a controversial character Jackies autobiography of his Wrestling Days caused quite a stir when it first published and yet all these years later it is still being referred to which would delight Jackie knowing he was still in the spotlight.

Most of the huge crowds who tuned in to the Saturday Afternoon Wrestling Slot during the 1960's and the 1970's, did so to see Jackie and hopefully witness that cheeky smile being wiped from his face by a winning opponent. Sadly for them it seldom happened, and Jack just continued  around the ring talking to the audience whilst wobbling his head from side to side and occasionally sneering at someone in the front row of the audience. He was a one off who can never be replaced.

Of course Jackie will best be remembered for his feud with Mick McManus and their Cup Final bout drew record television audiences.

Jackie remained in the wrestling business long after he hung up the boots as a promoter and was still in high demand for public appearances.  In 2013 he received the honour of being inducted into the Reunion Hall of Fame,

Jackie Pallo will never be forgotten, a true icon and a legend of wrestling and we remember him on the 15th anniversary of his death, may he continue to Rest in Peace. 

(Jackie waits for his next opponent)

Bobby Ryan celebrates his 70th birthday 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send best wishes to Bobby Ryan who celebrated his 70th birthday on Wednesday 10th February.

Bobby, the son of Stan Rylands, was a top class lightweight throughout the 1970s in which he was both British and European champion contesting the belt on numerous occasions with Jim Breaks.

Bobby gained his fair share of television exposure which made him very popular with the fans and was often in demand around the UK.

Bobby retired from the ring in 1982 but remains a regular attendee at the Wrestlers Reunions.

We hope that Bobby enjoys his birthday with many more to come.

(Bobby and Jim Breaks at the Reunion)

(Bazil and Steve Veidor at the 2019 Reunion)

Johnny Yearsley remembered on the anniversary of his death

The British Wrestlers Reunion remember Johnny Yearsley who passed away 41 years ago on the 2nd February 1980. 

John turned Professional in 1953, having learned the basics at the ROFSA gym in Woolwich and won several titles during his rampage across Europe including Southern area Heavyweight Champion, Kent all in Champion, and the Austrian heavyweight Championship in 1970. 

Johnnys trips took him to Africa, Middle East, Europe and many other Scandinavian Countries throughout his illustrious career.

Johnny Yearsley will be remembered as not only one of the strongest men in the world, but as a master villain in his chosen career, His charisma, elegance, quirky humour and boyish charm was second to none and he is still sadly missed to this day by all who knew and loved him.

Tony Costas celebrates his 80th birthday

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Tony Costas who also celebrated his 80th birthday on Tuesday 2nd February.

Tony initially started off in the amateur ranks in Cyprus and continued with this when he came to the UK.  In 1962 Tony turned professional working for Dale Martin Promotions taking on some of the greats of the day.  Tony would also tour Europe and also returned to his native Cyprus where he won their Welterweight Title.

Tony was a popular wrestler with both his colleagues and fans and is a frequent visitor to the Kent Reunion.

We hope that Tony enjoys his 80th birthday with many more to come. 

(Tony on a visit to The Bridges)

Mel Stuart celebrates his 80th birthday 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like tio send our very best wishes to Mel Stuart who on Tuesday 2nd February celebrated his 80th birthday.

Mel started his career wrestling for the independent promoters in the South of England but was soon a regular for Dale Martin Promotions throughout the 1970s and 80s and opposed some of the all time greats whether it be in solo or tag team contents. More times than not Mel heard a chorus of boos from the fans as he made his way to and from the ring but enjoyed every minute of it.

Mel is also a great supporter of the Reunion and was always the first to volunteer when back in the day Legends Shows were held or an old style World of Sport bout was required.  A regular at the Wrestler only dinners held at The Bridges, Mel, despite the character he portrayed in the ring, is one of the nicest men in the wrestling business.

We hope that Mel enjoys his 80th birthday and all the celebrations that go with it and we hope that he has many more to come. 

(Mel Stuart and Roy St Clair at the Reunion)

Worlds largest Wrestlers Reunion cancels April event 

As the World continues to suffer from Coronavirus and with many countries in lockdown or under restrictions we have received word today that our colleagues at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in the USA have cancelled their event scheduled for April but are hopeful of holding it in September.  CAC President B. Brian Blair has issued the following statement:-

'Due to Covid restrictions and the safety and welfare of all, we will be cancelling the April, 2021 reunion and have tentatively secured the dates of September 13th, 14th and 15th for our 55th reunion. Please find news and updates at We greatly appreciate your understanding and wish you a healthy, happy year ahead!'

It is disappointing when any Reunion has to be cancelled especially when, in many cases, they have been unable to meet with friends and colleagues since 2019.   In the UK no decision has been made by any of the Reunions as to whether they will be taking place this year but with the clock ticking we are sure statements will be made shortly as to the various events. website for all your wrestling results from 1955 until 1988

Whilst the majority of us remain in lockdown many are reliving the glory days of ITV wrestling by watching You Tube videos of their favourite stars.  With more and more videos being uploaded there is certainly no lack of bouts for us all to enjoy and reminisce about those great Saturday afternoons when everything stopped for the wrestling.

Sadly, not all of the bouts broadcast on ITV are available on You Tube but we have been asked to let you all know about a website which has been running for several years but some of you may not be aware of.

The website has a full and comprehensive listing of every bout broadcast on ITV from the very first in 1955 until it left the small screen in 1988.  Many also show the result and the number of falls, disqualification etc etc.  Alongside this there are also some links to various articles which refer to the golden age and also wrestling sites like our friends at Wrestling Heritage.  

To view this site please go to:

We are sure you will enjoy viewing the above site which we are certain will bring back many memories and we hope that as these tough times continue you all remain healthy and stay safe

Mike Dunleavy passes away aged 88 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to report that Mike Dunleavy passed away on the 17th January aged 88 years of age.

Mike competed to a high level in the 1960s alongside his brother Seamus who he formed a tag team with as well as opposing some of the great names in the business in solo action.

Mikes funeral was held on Tuesday 19th January at his home church in Charlestown.

Mike is survived by his wife Margaret, daughter Siobhan, son Michael, daughter-in-law Marie, sisters Kathleen, Angela and Monica, brothers Louis and Séamus.

Mike has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we send our condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time. 

(Mike and Seamus Dunleavy and referee Lawson Peak)

Rave reviews and good sales for London's Lovable Villain...the Chick Knight Story 

A week after the release of London's Lovable Villain....the Chick Knight Story we are delighted to advise that the book has received rave reviews and already just short of 70 copies have been sold not only in this country but in the USA and in Europe.

Initially Andy had ordered 100 copies but such has been the interest in the book thanks to all the publicity that it has received that further copies have now been requested and will soon be winging their way to him.

Having received our copy we can highly recommend this book.  It is not only very well written but gives a great insight into what Chick was like in and out of the wrestling ring.  The details have been very well researched by Andy and there is a comprehensive section in which the majority of Chicks results are shown which, for any wrestling fan, will certainly bring back memories of wrestlers whose names may not be as familiar as they once were.  There are also some great stories regarding Chicks involvement with the likes of Bert Assirati, the Pye Family, Farmers Boy, Joe Cornelius and many others.

The book can be purchased from ebay or by contacting Andy directly at 

Stay safe during these tough times

As Lockdown 3 comes into force the British Wrestlers Reunion hope that wrestlers, fans and all of our supporters remain healthy and stay safe as we all come to terms with new restrictions.

With many of us now staying at home and unable to live our normal life our thoughts and prayers go to those who have lost loved ones or who are suffering from this awful pandemic.

We can only hope that by following current guidelines and with the new vaccines in place we can eradicate the Coronavirus as soon as possible and get back to some form of normality.

Mental Health has been and will remain a huge issue for many and if you do feel that you are experiencing this please seek help, there are many people who can help you get through this ordeal.

Please look after yourselves and your family and friends during these very tough times for us all.

Billy La Rue in hospital after fracturing neck in a fall 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Brian Thomas aka Billy La Rue who is currently in hospital after suffering a fall on New Years Day and fracturing his neck.

Brian is in good spirits now that they have his pain relief under control and it is hoped that once he is a little stronger he will be allowed home where he is expected to make a full recovery.

We are in regular contact with Brians wife Catherine and we are sure many of you would like to send your best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

2020...a year not to be remembered 

As the year comes to an end this will not be one that many of us will remember with any great fondness.

The wrestling industry sadly saw 33 of our fraternity pass away during 2020, this is such a high number and not something that we ever want to repeat.

This year was particularly hard for us here at the Reunion as our beloved host for the last 25 years and former World Champion Wayne (Bill) Bridges passed away suddenly in March. Bills passing hit us all very hard although we all remember the good times and the warmth and support that he gave to everyone. In August Bills wife Sarah released some balloons as a final mark of respect in front of over 150 people.

As we enter 2021 we all hope for a better year. Bills memory alongside all of his comrades who not only passed away this year but that have passed in previous years will stay alive through the Reunion for many years to come so they will never be forgotten.

Funds raised in memory of Wayne Bridges 

As you will all know back in March we lost one of the great legends of wrestling when Wayne Bridges very sadly passed away.

Due to the Covid pandemic it was not possible for people to attend Waynes funeral and so a Just Giving page was set up so that anyone wishing to do so could make a donation.

We can now confirm that the sum of £1010.00 has been donated in Waynes memory and this will go to the British Heart Foundation. This sum is in addition to the £450.00 which was raised at the Reunion in August and donated to the Kent Fire Brigade/NHS.

On behalf of Sarah Bridges, the Bridges family and the British Wrestlers Reunion we would like to thank everyone who has donated so that these very generous causes can benefit from the sums raised.

(Wayne and Sarah Bridges in happier times)

Referee/MC Mal Mason passes away aged 80 after losing cancer battle 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to hear news that referee and MC Mal Mason passed away on Tuesday 1st December at 7.30 after losing his battle with cancer, he was 80 years of age.

Mal had a 50 year career in the wrestling industry working not only in the UK but all around Europe. The first ever British Wrestlers Reunion was held in Mals back garden and even when it moved firstly to Joe Cornelius public house and then to Wayne Bridges, Mal continued to work within the Reunion for a number of years and was instrumental in the early days of its success working alongside Joe D'Orazio, Tony Scarlo and Frank Rimer.

Mal has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we send our condolences to his family and friends at this sad time for them.

Spencer Churchill suffers nasty fall 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Spencer Churchill who is recovering at home after a nasty fall. Bob Sweeney has written and advised as follows:-

'Spencer Churchill who is 91 fell down the stairs and broke both shoulders necessitating in hospitalisation. Thankfully he is recovering now and back home'

We hope that Spencer makes a full recovery and is soon back to full health and we are sure all of you here will send best wishes to him

Gary Wensor gets cancer all clear 

At a time when there is so much sadness in the World the British Wrestlers Reunion are delighted to bring you some good news.

Our friend Gary Wensor has today received the all clear after a 10 year battle with cancer. 

Gary, seen here with his brother Ed, has advised as follows:-

'Today has been a great day just had the all clear from the doctors at Kettering General Hospital on my bladder cancer after 10 years it seems like a huge weight as gone. So at long last the light at the end of the tunnel is here. many thanks to the doctors but the biggest thank you is to my wife Janice she has been my rock and stood by me all the way thank you baby love you always'

We are delighted to hear this news from Gary and hope that this is now the end of his health issues and wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

Dave Prowse MBE passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to hear news today that actor Dave Prowse MBE has passed away after a short illness aged 85.

Dave made a number of attendances at the British Wrestlers Reunion over the years and was most famously known for his roles as Darth Vader as well as the Green Cross Code Man in the 1970s.

Our condolences go to Daves family and friends at this very sad time and may he now RIP.

Cam Wellington passes away aged just 19 years of age 

The British Wrestlers Reunion were deeply saddened to learn that young up and coming star Cam Wellington passed away on Thursday 19th November aged just 19 years of age after contracting Covid.

Cam started his wrestling training as a young child with PWL progressing from their junior class to their adult class and went on to wrestle around the UK as well as a trip to Portugal.

Cam had his whole life ahead of him and was destined to become one of the top young wrestlers in the UK today. To be taken at such a young age is heartbreaking and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

Cam has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we send our condolences to all that were lucky enough to have Cam in their lives.

To help with funeral costs a Go Fund Me Page has been set up and anyone wishing to donate can do so at the following link:-

May Cam now RIP.

Wayne Bridges finally laid to rest 

Wayne Bridges laid to rest.

As you will all know, in March the wrestling world lost one of its biggest legends when Wayne Bridges sadly passed away.

Due to Covid and despite a delay, it was not possible to give Wayne (Bill) a funeral that everyone could attend and as such only a handful of mourners could pay their respects in June.

Under normal circumstances Bills ashes would have been laid to rest shortly after his funeral but again this was postponed to Covid. However, today Bills ashes have finally been buried with his son Dean who passed away several years ago. Bills dear wife Sarah and members of his family and close friends have now been able to say a final farewell to him as per the photograph shown.

Bill Bridges will never be forgotten, a remarkable man, a true gentleman until the end and may he now RIP.

Steve 'The King' Sadler passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion were saddened to receive word from Johnny Kidd  that Steve 'The King' Sadler (seen here with Johnny) passed away on Sunday 1st November 2020.

Steves friend and colleague Neil Evans has expressed his sadness at the passing of his great friend and has paid his own tribute as follows:-

' I’m still struggling adjusting to the loss of Steve ‘The King’ Sadler, and here with a heavy heart are some of the memories I have,  I contacted Neil Sands who added some to this.

Steves interest in wrestling had been around a long time, but it wasn’t until 1986 that his local publican Neil Sands started to show him a few holds and moves,  I first met Steve that year when he refereed at an open air gala in Sudbury, he then went to I believe to learn more wrestling and training with Ricky and Julia Knight, he wrestled on their circuit and holiday camps, and became a stalwart on my Four Star Promotions shows.

Steve had some of his most memorable matches with Dick The Bruiser Harrison and Bearman John Elijah, and I know he treasured sharing the ring with these guys. 

Steves crown and gown became synonymous and he was brilliant portraying that roll. 

Last year at our Essex Wrestlers Reunion in October was the first time I’d seen him since my 40th birthday, some 26 years, and knowing how unwell he was, his brother brought him down for the day, I was truly treasured seeing him, even more so today. 

Steve was such a lovely guy, not many would know that he was also a talented guitarist and played in many bands during his lifetime. 

I have very happy memories of time spent with him, a 3 show weekend in St Helens, was a great weekend, plus many more great days. 

RIP King Steve no longer in pain, my thoughts go to his wife, daughters and grandchildren who must also have such happy memories of him, taken too soon, but memories will last for ever.'

Steve has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky where his name and legacy will live on for generations to come.

Our condolences go to Steves wife, his daughters and grandchildren along with the rest of his family and friends and may he now RIP. 

(Steve with the GLOW Ladies of Wrestling)

(Steve at the 2019 Essex Reunion)

Stu Allen publishes autobiography

Stu Allen aka the Dominator has finally put pen to paper so to speak (alongside Neil Cameron) and written his autobiography 'Simply the Beast' 

The book which has now been published tells the hard-hitting story of Stu Allen aka The Dominator, one of British wrestling’s most loved, and iconic, characters of the last 20 years. 

If the book is anything as good as his wrestling career and his podcasts (and we are sure it is) we are sure that it will be an absolute knockout and a must read for all wrestling fans. 

The British Wrestlers Reunion wish Stu and all those involved in the book all the very best with it and if you would like a signed copy it can be obtained from the following link:-

(Stu received an award at the 2019 Reunion)

Billy La Rue and wife Catherine celebrate Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our huge congratulations to Billy La Rue (Brian) and his lovely wife Catherine who celebrated their sapphire wedding anniversary on Sunday 18th October, thats 45 years of wedded bliss.

Both Brian and Catherine are huge supporters of both the Kent and Scottish Reunions and attend both on a yearly basis and we hope that they will continue to do so for many years to come.

We hope that Brian and Catherine have a special day and enjoy the celebrations.

A Man of All Talents by Steven Bell is out now

***** OUT NOW *****

‘THE MAN OF ALL TALENTS’ is the extraordinary story of sporting legend and World War One hero Douglas Clark - who went on to be British wrestlings first global superstar

'A Man of All Talents is the remarkable story of rugby and wrestling legend Douglas 'Duggy' Clark. Born in 1891 in the sleepy Cumbrian village of Maryport, at 14 he left school to work for his father's coal merchant business. Duggy grew into an exceptionally strong but quiet and reserved young man. His two great passions were rugby and Cumberland and Westmorland-style wrestling, and he excelled at both. By 24 he was already a rugby league great and a key member of Huddersfield's 'Team of All Talents', winning every honour the sport could offer. He represented Britain in the infamous 1914 'Rorke's Drift' tour of Australia before being called up to serve in the Great War. He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery, but his war injuries were so severe he was discharged with a 20% disability certificate. Doctors gave Duggy an ultimatum: either he could stay home and live a long but sedate and ordinary life or risk his health by returning to sport. He chose the latter and went on to achieve more extraordinary and pioneering feats'.

The book can be purchased via Amazon on the following link:-

The British Wrestlers Reunion are happy to recommend this book and we hope that it is a great success for its Author Steve Bell.

Neil Sands releases first novel 

Legendary wrestler and performer extraordinaire Neil Sands is releasing his first novel entitled 'Time for Justice' on Thursday 8th October.

The novel will be available via Amazon in Kindle version or from 

Please show your support for Neil as this certainly looks like a good read.

Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey meet WWE NXT Trainers James Mason and John Moss

Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey met with James Mason and Johnny Moss on Saturday 3rd October at The Dickens Inn at St. Katherine's Dock in London.

James and John are currently trainers with the WWE NXT UK brand and talked Johnny and Steve through the training programme at the Performance Centre they are running.

Steve and Johnny will hopefully get a chance to visit the training facility when the current Corona virus situation improves.

A good night was had by all with talk of contrasting styles between Johnny and Steves days in wrestling and the new style of'wrestling.

We thank Johnny Kidd for the photo and details of the night out.

Double celebration for British Wrestlers Reunion at first ever Virtual Reunion

History was made on Sunday 13th September with the first ever virtual Wrestlers Reunion in the UK and what a great experience it was. The Scottish Wrestlers Reunion should be very proud of what they achieved and we were proud to be part of it.

The British Wrestlers Reunion are delighted that Wayne Bridges has been recognised by the WRS by being awarded a Legend of the Ring certificate, an honour well and truly deserved to not only a great champion but a man who gave 27 years to the Reunion movement.

Whilst the award was announced today it will actually be presented in person to Sarah Bridges in Kent next August and we are delighted that a contingent from Scotland will be travelling to Kent to be part of the celebrations.

It was a double celebration for the Reunion as current organiser Ken Sowden was also presented with a Mossblown Gym Fellowship.  This is a new and limited award category and alongside Ken these awards were presented to Eddie Rose, Alan 'Hack' Bamber and Martin Gillott.
A huge congratulations to all involved with todays Reunion, it was a great success and was enjoyed by all who were part of it.

Chick 'Cocky' Knight inducted into Hall of Fame 

Over the last few months we have brought you regular updates on a book being written about 'Londons Lovable Villain' Chick 'Cocky' Knight.  The book is now well underway and will be published shortly.

To coincide with the release of the book Chick was to be inducted into the British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame this year.  However, due to the changes made to this years Reunion it meant that all award presentations had to be postponed until 2021.

We were approached by Chicks great nephew and the author of the book, Andy Scott, who advised us that Chicks Hall of Fame induction was to be mentioned in the book and could we supply him with something he could use to publicise this.   In the circumstances, and to assist Andy, we made a special exception this year and have now inducted Chick into the Hall of Fame.  An official presentation will be made to Andy at the 2021 Reunion.

Chicks induction into the Hall of Fame is well deserved and you can see this by clicking the following link:-

We were delighted that Andy and his partner Linda paid us a visit at the 2020 Reunion and we look forward to welcoming them both back in 2021 to receive Chicks award.

(Reunion organiser Ken Sowden and Andy Scott at the 2020 Reunion)

Johnny Saint pays tribute to Wayne Bridges at Reunion

At this years Reunion Johnny Saint was invited to pay tribute to the legendary Wayne Bridges which he accepted without question.  Johnny is of course one of the great legends of wrestling and had known Wayne since the 1960s and we were delighted that he was able to attend, especially this year, to pay tribute to his long time friend.

Johnny also made reference to the future of the Reunion urging everyone to continue to attend stating ' We want to see you every year, lets keep it going in memory of Bill'

Johnnys quote is one that we hope people will listen to and act upon. During the last few years the wrestling fraternity have lost a huge number to the Dressing Room in the Sky, if the Reunion movement is to continue around the UK  we need your continued support otherwise the Reunions will eventually fade away and we will only be left with our own memories with nobody to share them with. 

2020 Reunion Report 

(Johnny Saint addresses the Reunion)

On Sunday 9th August the British Wrestlers Reunion staged a Reunion like no other. Instead of our usual celebration of wrestling this years event was held in tribute to Wayne (Bill) Bridges and Mark Rocco, two of the greatest, who sadly passed away in March and July respectively.

If the death of two wrestling legends was not bad enough for us, we all have been affected by the terrible Coronavirus and whilst we had been urged to pay some form of tribute to both Bill and Mark we in all honesty were not expecting anymore than about 50 people to attend this years Reunion. Therefore, we were somewhat surprised that approximately 150 people arrived at The Bridges to pay their respects to not only Bill and Mark but all the other wrestlers that have passed away this year.

As is customary, after the opening address, Colin Joynson normally leads the tributes to those that have passed to the Dressing Room in the Sky. Unfortunately, Colin was taken ill and had to return home (we are pleased to say he is now feeling a lot better) and as a result of this Frank Rimer offered his services to substitute for Colin. This year 30 members of the wrestling family have passed and all were remembered followed by a 10 bell count for which we thank Karl Heinz and Steve Cresswell and a minutes silence which, as always, was respected by all.

Bill Bridges was a great fan of bagpipe music in particular Amazing Grace and we were honoured that this was played as a tribute to him, again this was well received by all in attendance.

This years Reunion was to continue with tributes paid to both Bill and Mark by their colleagues and friends both in wrestling and in Bills case from the bodybuilding world which he remained heavily involved in until his death and also the boxing world as he was a keen supporter of the Dartford Boxing Club. Despite this being a sombre occasion, there were a few lighthearted stories along the way from the likes of Johnny Saint, Johnny Kincaid, Frank Rimer and Lloyd Ryan along with others. All of these tributes were wonderful to listen to and very fitting for both men.

Following on from the tributes to Bill and Mark the mood was lifted when the UKs number one Elvis tribute act, Scott Elvis, performed a medley of Elvis’ greatest hits and this was appreciated by everyone.

As always, we held a raffle and sold memorabilia (thanks to Roy Smith) and this year the Reunion is able to confirm that we will be donating £450.00 to charitable causes as previously advised.

This years Reunion was not one that anyone would relish organising and we are pleased that the UKs Reunion movement as a whole have supported us. The Scottish Wrestlers Reunion was represented this year by their President, Martin Gillott whilst the Blackpool Reunion was represented by their President and their Chairman, Johnny Kincaid and Tony Scarlo. Peter Thompson from the Leeds Reunion sent a message saying he was pleased we could get together with Bills close family and friends and pay tribute to him and to have a great day whilst Neil Evans from the Essex Reunion wrote to say he was wishing all a great day.

Whilst this was no ordinary Reunion we are pleased that we could give Bill and Mark a fitting tribute. We must of course thank Sarah Bridges for her hospitality, as you will understand this was a very difficult day for her and she, and the rest of the staff at The Bridges did a sterling job for us ensuring that social distancing/ppe etc was all in force.

We have loaded some photographs of yesterdays Reunion to the website and these can be found under the Reunion Galleries section. 

We would finally like to once again thank everyone from the bottom of our heart who took the time to attend this years Reunion, especially at these very difficult times. We hope that over the next few months things will continue to improve and that next year we will be back to some form of normality. If this is the case then we hope to see many of you on Sunday 8th August for our 30th anniversary Reunion.

Thank you all for your continued support and please stay healthy and safe.

(Sarah Bridges releases the balloons in memory of her husband Wayne Bridges)

On Friday 31st July we brought you the very sad news that Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco had passed away aged just 69 years of age.  

Since the announcement tributes have poured in from wrestlers, officials and fans from around the World on all forms of social media.  Not since the passing of Mick McManus in 2013 have we seen such a response to a wrestlers passing which just goes to prove that Mark was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him.  A selection of tributes received by us at the Reunion are as follows:-

Barbara-Ann Swan  heartfelt sympathies to Marks family xx

Edwin Caldwell A great wrestler and a great lad. Eddie Rose (Manchester). RIP and condolences to Mark's family.

Tranch Tranch R I P MARK 🕷️

Lewis Spragg God bless you mark 🙏🙏👍🙏👍🙏👍🙏👍

Feargus McDonnell RIP Mark

Sam Betts Snr One of the finest grapplers ever to step foot in a ring & a great pullerover a sad day for wrestling r,I,p mark

Melanie Smith-langridge Very sad news indeed and quite a shock at a comparatively young age. RIP Mark and thank you for all the entertainment you gave wrestling fans, and for your tough, uncompromising style....

Chris WrestlingFurnace This is very sad news. I remember at a reunion a few years ago when Mark was guest of honour. There were many tributes to him, and the main theme throughout was that he never, ever, let anyone down. He once fought with a leg heavily bandaged, concealin…See more

Tracy Ann Bennett Oh no what a shame he was one of my mums favourites.r.i.p x

Tom Lees True💔

Lyndsey Mason Very very sad news indeed. Sending my love and condolences to Marks family, friends & colleagues alike. Aother taken too soon but he can now be added to the amazing ring in the sky. RIP Mark xx

Alan Sugden God bless rip mark

Tommy Millar RIP Rollerball :(

Carl Elliot Allum Rip mark always titanic battles v Marty

Michael Stockdale Very sad news. RiP

Clare McMahon So incredibly sad 💔 thoughts are with all who loved him Xx

Doug Mongan OMG very sad news. One if the greats!!
May he rest in peace and rise in glory

Ellard Roberts RIP. Very sad to hear the news. Another of my heroes gone

Clifford Cowie Very sad, very few people really deserve to be called a legend but Mark was.R.I.P Mark Rocco

Stuart Arnold Sad news RIP

Ian Rhodes RIP Mark

Ben Roberts Gutted 

Jane Wade Such a great loss to the wrestling fraternity xx 😢

Kevin Brown So sad to hear Rocco was a brilliant wrestler & a credit to the sport our thoughts & condolences go to his family & his wrestling family RIP Mark xx❤️❤️

Davy Anderson Jeez that is a shock, one of the greats

Richard Brock Sad news. One of my favourite all time British Wrestlers.

Shaun Marsh sad news rip mark

Darren Chivers RIP Mark, very sad news

Dave Twigg Oh thats a real shame, a real star in the ring & great ambassador for the sport, gutted.

Timothy Cross That's really sad news. He was an awesome wrestler. He brought wrestling up to another level. His bereaved family though can be heartened by a life well lived, and the excitement and interest he brought to millions of lives.

David Holden guys a legend

Stephen Day So sad to hear the sad news...we travelled together around 1979-85......ken: might it be prudent to reprint that lovely 1981 close up photo of mark,myself and stax? you still have it?....I just thought that it was a great photo of him in his prime,taken after a bout in walthamstow.x

  • Kevin Sargent My favourite wrestler by far ! so sad by his passing, my condolences to his family . At this moment I am in my local pub so my next pint will be a salute to Mark !

Broderick Bassett Such awful and sad news. One of the great wrestling characters. In a year which seems so full of bad news this is such a terrible shock to anyone who watched Mark all those years ago. My sincere condolences to his family at such a difficult time.

Phil Coley I Watched Mark On Lots Of Occasions At The Wolverhampton Civic Hall .
He Was A Tough Character In The Ring But He Had A Heart Of Gold Out Of It RIP Mark 🙏

Mark Wall The greatest wrestler of all time in my eyes an absolute legend and I'll never forget him RIP to the master of disaster thanks for the memories no other wrestler comes close.

Jason Spooner I worked for Mark , many years ago. I can honestly say he was a fantastic guy who will be sadly missed. Sending my love and condolences to all the family. RIP

Hugh Templeton Oh no; in tears reading this.
I am glad he is no longer suffering.
Rest in Peace Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco; the greatest wrestler of all time.

Lance Nicholas This is a massive loss to the world of wrestling. I watched Rollerball close up at Belle Vue on countless occasions and was in awe of his performances. For me one of the all time greats of British Wrestling and certainly in my top 3 favourites. Sleep well Mark. Will never forget the enjoyment you provided for me. 😢

Martin Brady Gutted probably one of the best wrestlers ever . So so sad my condolences to his family. He was a legend and you couldn't meet a nicer man . Absolutely gutted

Peter Nulty Mark it was a privilege to work with you and travel with you. But most of all it was a privilege to know you and enjoy your company. My condolences to Ann, Jonno and Richie. Rest easy my friend.

Mark Firth He and his comrades were a big part of my Saturday afternoon’s as a kid. RIP Mark.

Dave Boyd An absolute tragedy. Mark was one of the standouts for me in my journey getting into traditional British wrestling this past year and I’m gutted I never got to meet him to get his two cents for my study. One of the best wrestlers the world has ever known

John C-West This is very sad news. A true Champion no longer with us. He will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family. RIP Rollerball. World Heavy-Middleweight Champion.

Rich Hils Such a shock to read this, so sad. A brilliant wrestler who was well respected. Condolences to his family and friends.

Tony White What a shock I can't believe it, Mark was without doubt one of the best and a true gentleman always had time for everyone.
My condolences to his family RIP❤️

Steve Cox Met him in the 90's on the canary islands, nice bloke, always a great figure on the British Wrestling scene. Many condolences.

David Daniels I cannot believe this news ! A terrible loss. I understand he did have health issues but I am still very shocked. RIP Mark, you were the best !

Debbie Betteridge So sad to hear this news a true great always knew it was going to be a great night when Rocco was on the bill ! Huge loss RIP Mark x

Simon Lang Very sad and unexpected news. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Another legend gone.

John Muir This news saddens me deeply! Condolences to his family and friends!
The man is a true legend, way ahead of his way of thinking! He will be missed sorely!

Colin Daffern Very sad news. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet him at the reunion back in 2006.

Dean Ayass My favourite wrestler of my childhood. And a lovely man when I met him as an adult. Gutted. Leaves an amazing legacy.

Anthony Morris Wow.Shocked.A truly gifted man in so many ways.thoughts go out to the great ones family and friends

Zoe Clarke A great & massive loss to the wrestling world. He has left many memories for alot of people. Safe journey to the squared circle in the sky Mark with the other legends. Much love from Norwich xx

Peter Keith Edwards What a great man had a few chats at wrestling reunions had plenty of time for his fans
Rip Mark you will be missed

Peter Hickenbottom Was only watching his bout with the Dynamite Kid yesterday. RIP Mark

Larry Green Mark Rocco will be remembered forever.I was so lucky to meet him 3 years ago at the reunion & tell him he was the best in the business for entertainment.He said “thank you, I really appreciate that

Austin Rigo Bless Rocco
Mick Mcmichael will be waiting for you in the ring in the sky....
He spoke many a good times about you x

Richard Harris Very sad. Rocco was one of the greats. His matches with Dynamite were years ahead of their time

Andrew Smith spa royal hall bridlington always top of the bill RIP mark rocco

Paul Gattrell Wow , this is a shock , so sorry to hear this, condolences to marks family and friend

Frank Thomas So sorry to hear this, Mark was a wrestler years ahead of his time, reunited with his Dad, will be much missed. RIP

Christopher Bucko Buckley This is sad news, One of the best wrestlers to ever grace the mat. RIP Rollerball

Stephen Cresswell Very sad news a great innovator sending condolences to the family 🤼

Steve Harbott Omg massive loss to the wrestling world, rip mark. You was the best off all time. So sad.

Bob Howison His battles with Marty Jones and Dave Fit Finlay were always tough and entertaining.

Sam Cadwallader Rip Mark "rollerball" Rocco thank you for the memories.

Jim Soucy RIP! First seen videos of him as the Original Black Tiger against the original Tiger Mask their matches were extraordinary! Got to see videos as himself when I started looking up British wrestling!

Paul Dougie Douglas It’s hard to put into words how amazing a talent Rocco was!
Head & shoulders above most wrestlers, not just in wrestling ability , but charismatic & exciting.

Nigel Pacitti Talented guy and introduced more of an American style type wrestling while generally adhering to British rules to UK audiences..Sad loss

Jonathan Barnett Condolences to Mark's family. A true legend of wrestling.

David Walker This devastating news just sums up 2020 in a nutshell. The greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots and criminally underrated.

Francis Rowe My favourite British wrestler of all time, a true legend in the business when that term is thrown around lightly.

David Smith Omg, his battles with Marty Jones were the best... rip

John Lowing Very sad news. His style in the 70's and 80's was way ahead of it's time in British wrestling. And was a forerunner of the American style seen today.

Andrew David I'm devastated. Roller ball was one of my favourite heels. His matches with the Dynamite kid were legendary.😪

Dave Rocky Cullum My thoughts are with Marks family in this darkest hour , RIP The legend “Rollerball

Stephen Day R.I.P To one of the best in the business as someone once said no one went to the bar when mark wrestled the will be no more like mark rollerball rocco,

Steve Higgins One of the best, carried matches way before his time...

Brian Scott Ford Didn't he have a pub on Manchester Rd. Kearsley Forgotten the name.

Pete Coppola Sad to see this post RIP to The Maniac. Did he start hardcore? It seemed he would anything as a weapon, if it wasn't bolted down

Bob Smith So sorry to hear this terrible news, my thoughts and prayers and condolences to Mark and his family R.I.P, Mark.

Linda Murray One of my faves. Loved watching him on World of Sport wrestling. 💔💔💔

Nigel Hamlett One of the great wrestlers ever so sad news rest in peace buddy

Jon Waters Sad news. Great wrestler ahead of his time. RIP Mark.

Cameron Thomson Very sad to hear this, I knew him best as Black Tiger 1, many great matches

Ian Hancox Absolutely stunned condolences sent to the family

Andy Marsden Wow very sad new great wrestler watch him as a kid on world of sport

George Glen I am so sorry to hear this, he was a legend, God rest him

Tom Lees So sad RIP old buddy so sorry we never got to hold hands again!

Mick Daley RIP Mark. Well respected here and in the USA.

Carolyn Morris so very sad .. a true wrestling legend .. a favourite of mine for many years. RIP .. thoughts and love to his family and friends 💔

Gordon Pryor So so sad R.I.P. Mark My deepest sympathy to his wife and family

Shazz Maddison So sorry to see this. Thinking of his family and friends at this sad time xxx

Calum Hossack So sad,great heel and a great wrestler

Mike Connell Gutted. A big inspiration to me and one of the absolute best 😞

Lisa Gregory Condolences from Roy st Clair ( Roy Gregory and family x

Gina Vetter My thoughts are with Mark's family and friends. R.I.P MARK X

Garry Vanderhorne A proper legend and ground breaking icon of World Wrestling. Rest in Power. xVx

Harold Weller I met him in the early 1980's, Sad news nice guy.

Julian Kirby Oh of the best, never stopped coming forward. Sad loss.

Silv Auriemma Very sad news. A true British Wrestling icon..... RIP

Dan Hopkins Sad news a true legend off the business. Thoughts are with his family

Stuart Dobbins Top wrestler sadly missed
Followed him for years

Steven Tempest-Mitchell So sad but I will remember Mark with fond memories and the fact he was a top worker worldwide, and a nice man, just like his dad Jimmy, my thoughts are with the family, please remember him as he was a top athlete and wrestler, and just a nice man RIP 💔

Brian Syddall RIP Mark I & millions more will still watch you
On You Tube.

John Hutchinson One of the all time greats...RIP Mark


David Newson for me he was the Gov'nor. I'm gutted RIP x

Haruhiko Iwasawa Very big shock! Actually Black tiger did visit our country Japan a few years ago.

Simon Walker Oh no! What a shock, always watch him on You Tube.

Gareth James Phin R. I. P mark rollerball Rocco.

Gary Cook Was always one of my favourite wrestlers. Very sad news

Michael Stockdale Very sad news. Was always in the top 3 of best wrestlers Rest in peace

Peter Philip Sneesby God Bless RIP Mark Rollerball Rocco One of the great villains in the World Of Sport wrestling but a truly great wrestler none the less. He's matches against the likes of Marty Jones & Kendo Neversaki & Many others will be long remembered .. ❤💪😉

Cho Jim My favourite, RIP Rocco,

Shane Hennah The all time best ..feast well in the Great hall Rollerball , you have earned it

Garry Jones Am shocked and saddened by this such a great wrestler RIP Mark

David Webb R.i.p Marc

Michael Wittinbaker I am gutted 💔 deepest sympathies to his family, friends and fans 💔

James Bowkett Legend RIP

Julie Shailes Tony Smith remember seeing him antnee! X

Simon Holden Very sad news.

Martin Thorne Real tough wrestler

Julie Thrasher Rip Marc volleyball Rocco

Gary Palmer 😮omg that has poleaxed me , 😪

Scott Fletcher Bill Moors Ian Dodd cant believe it very sad

Michael Pratt Great Wrestler

Dabinder Rana May his soul Rest In Peace 🙏🙏🙏

Davy Elder R,I,P, mark rocco,

Brian Lord I am so very sorry, my condolences go out to his family, a sad day indeed...

Ken Sowden 2020 is a year none of us will remember with any great fondness and today more sad news as one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step through the ropes, Mark Rollerball' Rocco has passed away at the age of 69.. Although Mark had been ill for some considerable time his passing is none the easier for any of us.. A wrestler who was ahead of his time and who always gave 110% every time he stepped into the ring. Mark has certainly left his legacy in wrestling, he is one of those who will never be forgotten and his memory will live on for generations to come.

Graham McRobert Rip 😢

Dave Rennie A true LEGEND the fans loved to hate....a proper heel who could produce all the heat required in any situation...Marc 'Rollerball' Rocco...Job done Sir! Wrestle In Peace!

Mark can now Rest in Peace leaving a legacy in the wrestling industry that will live on for years to come. 

Tony St Clairs wife Christiane passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to announce that Christiane Gregory, the wife of wrestling legend Tony St Clair passed away at 11.30 on Thursday 30th July having battled cancer for 20 years. 

Tony and Christiane were together for 27 years and married for 19 and were simply devoted to each other. 

Our deepest sympathies go to Tony and his family at this very sad time and may Christiane now RIP. 

Tribute to Mark Rocco

Mark Hussey was born on the 11th May 1951 in Manchester to a family that was already well established in the world of boxing and professional wrestling.  Marks great grandfather had worked on the boxing and wrestling fairground booths, his grandfather was a good amateur and most famously of all his father was none other than Jumping Jim Hussey, the powerful heavyweight wrestler who himself was known throughout the world.

The name Rollerball Rocco in which Mark was later to become most famous for was a long way off when he first took a keen interest in the wrestling business.  At the tender age of 6 years old Mark would regularly accompany his father around the halls of Britain and more notably Europe watching all the great names of that era, taking in the atmosphere and hoping that one day he to would be stepping into the ring as a main event star.  However, as great as Marks wrestling career was to become, life could have been very different for him.  His father, Jim Hussey, was adamant that his son would not follow in the family tradition and enter the world of boxing or wrestling, instead, Jim encouraged his son to try his hand at equestrian.  The Hussey family were keen showjumpers and Mark, or so his father thought, had a career mapped out in this profession.  Infact, Mark did excel in equestrian and could well have become one of the top riders in the country but his first love was professional wrestling and no matter what his father said he was determined to carve a career for himself in the ring.

The Hussey family had a gymnasium at their home which was fully equipped with a practice ring and a weights room.  Infact, many of the top wrestlers from the North of England would attend the Hussey gym for training and Mark saw this as a great opportunity to learn the art of professional wrestling from some of the leading wrestlers in the UK.  Jim Hussey was, like many others at that time, regularly away from home travelling not only around the halls of the United Kingdom but also of Europe.  One of the wrestlers who was already himself an established star was Colin Joynson.  Colin would often train at the Hussey gym and he agreed to teach a young Mark the art of professional wrestling although it was agreed that Marks father would not find out about this.  Mark would go to the gym as often as he could when he father was not at home and trained vigorously for three years where he would lift the weights learn the holds and was taught how to take the bumps and it soon became apparent to everyone that he had exactly what it took to succeed in the world of professional wrestling.

Marks first professional bout came somewhat unexpectedly when in November 1969 at 18 years of age, he, like he did many times, accompanied his father to a wrestling show. This show was being held in Yardley, West Midlands and due to adverse weather conditions the promoters found themselves short of wrestlers and so Mark agreed to step up to the plate and entered the ring against none other than Colin Joynson.  This was the first Jim Hussey knew of his sons involvement in the business but by this time it was too late, Mark Rocco was a professional wrestler and his next goal was to ensure that he became the best that he could.  Growing up in the business Mark knew the pitfalls of being a wrestler but he also knew the adulation that you could get if you got it right and this is what Mark strived for.  Although Jim had previously been against his son entering the wrestling business he knew that if this is what he really wanted to do then he would need to do it properly and he therefore sent a young Mark around the UK and across Europe to learn the different styles of wrestling and to enhance the skills that he had already acquired.  

By the early 1970s Mark was now working regularly for Joint Promotions and was starting to get noticed around the halls of the UK.  It was at this time that Mark was to start using the ring name of Rocco, this was taken from his Italian great grandfather at the request of his father.  Later on Mark worked as a stuntman on the film Rollerball and it was after this time that wrestling supremo Max Crabtree suggested that this be used as his ring name, therefore Rollerball Rocco was born.

Mark soon progressed from the opening bout of the night to mid card and after just six months he found himself thrown into the national spotlight when he was given his first taste of appearing in a televised bout.  This bout was to emanate from Wembley on the 14th November 1970 where he faced an already established star in his own right in Brian Maxine.  Although Mark lost this bout it was good training for him and he would go on to appear on television many more times over the coming years against the likes on Bobby Barnes, Caswell Martin, Tony St Clair, Johnny Kwango, Steve Grey, Marty Jones and Mike Marino to name but a few in solo bouts as well as tag teams bouts partnering the likes of Giant Haystacks, Mal Kirk, Banger Walsh and Steve Logan. 

Although Mark was still considered a rookie in the wrestling business he spent a lot of his early years abroad wrestling in such countries as India, Turkey, France, Germany, and Austria learning his craft and striving to get better and better with each passing day. On returning to the UK Mark was to have his first taste of championship glory when on the 11th June 1977 in Marks home town of Manchester he defeated top wrestler Bert Royal for the British Heavy Middleweight Title.  Around this time another young wrestler was emerging on the scene in the shape of Marty Jones.  Mark and Marty were to have some tremendous battles over the coming years, all top class and entertaining bouts and you would be hard pressed to see two better wrestlers in this weight category anywhere in the World.  Infact, Mark was to be defeated by Marty on the 13th September 1978 at Woking for his Championship belt but was to regain it again on the 6th December 1978 when he won a tournament against Chris Adams after Jones had vacated the belt. Mark would successfully defend this Championship on many occasions until he himself vacated it in August 1981.   

August 1981 was to be a pivotal month for Mark, having now made it to a main event star in his own right he was now challenging for the biggest prize in the wrestling industry, this being a World Championship.  On the 26th August 1981 in Southport Mark was to get his opportunity to achieve his lifetime ambition when he faced Joel de Fremery from France. Although this was a hard fought battle, as you would expect, Mark was victorious and was named World Heavy Middleweight Champion before a packed crowd.  Mark was to hold this championship on three occasions losing it to Frank Chic Cullen and Fuji Yamada but regaining it in both rematches.  Mark was to remain the World Title Holder until his retirement from in ring action in 1991.


By the late 1970s Mark was now wrestling all over the World and was in great demand, adding the World Title was just a bonus and Mark found himself wrestling for many of the top promoters in the USA such as the AWA and the WWF.  A bout in Madison Square Garden brought Mark to the attention of the top Japanese Promoters and they soon offered Mark the chance to headline their promotions.  Mark had at this time been having some tremendous bouts around the UK with Japanese star Sammy Lee who had returned to Japan and was wrestling as Tiger Mask.  The Japanese Promoters were keen to let the Japanese fans see these two great wrestlers face each other in  their own country and a series of matches were made.  However, Mark was not to wrestle as Rollerball Rocco but as Black Tiger and on arriving in Japan lived the life of Black Tiger wearing the mask whenever out in public. The two men wrestled each other around Japan and was the main event at a sold out Tokyo Dome, the action was said to be the best seen in years and the two continued to feud until Tiger Mask left the promotion.

Although Mark would continue to tour the World and make several visits back to Japan he returned to the UK but rather than return to his old stomping ground of Joint Promotions decided to jump ship where he worked for Orig Williams and All Star Promotions.  By doing this Mark was allowed to continue with his world tours, something that Joint Promotions were not happy to allow him to do.  Although by leaving Joint Promotions Mark would not be on mainstream television this all changed in 1987 when he made a triumph return to the small screen where he would take on such wrestlers as Chic Cullen, Danny Collins, Johnny Saint and Fuji Yamada.  Mark also had a notable feud with Kendo Nagasaki, a rarity as Mark was one of the biggest baddies on the scene at this time and to face another baddie in Nagasaki was something of a gamble but it paid off.   The feud started in a televised bout aired on the 5th March 1988 from the Fairfield Halls in Croydon where Mark was teaming with Nagasaki against Dave Taylor and Kung Fu.  This was a heated bout which resulted in Mark ripping off the mask of Nagasaki thus starting a feud that would continue around the halls of the UK even after ITV wrestling was axed at the end of that year. 

British wrestling now had no shop window with the loss of mainstream television although Mark continued to tour the halls of the UK having top of the bill clashes with the likes of Kendo Nagasaki, Marty Jones and Danny Collins as well as continuing with his tours of Germany, Austria, France and Japan.  However on a fateful night in Worthing in 1991 Marks wrestling career was to be dealt a massive blow and this was one bout that he wasnt going to win.  Mark had just completed a bout against Dave 'Fit' Finlay when on returning to the dressing room he collapsed.  Mark was taken to hospital where it was discovered that his heart was severely damaged and he had an irregular heartbeat.  This was a very sad day not only for Mark but for the wrestling business as he immediately announced his retirement from the ring. 

On his retirement Mark lived in his luxury home in the Canary Islands, a premature end to his wrestling career had not stopped Mark from making a good living and he has a number of successful businesses on the Island.  Throughout his wrestling career Mark was at the very top, a competitor who would easily be a star of the ring today as he was in his day, a true professional who wrestled to full houses whenever he appeared, a wrestler known around the world and loved and admired by not only his fellow professionals but by the fans alike.  The wrestling business will never see the likes of Mark Rollerball Rocco in the ring again and for those fortunate enough to have witnessed him wrestle can count themselves as very lucky to see the Worlds best.  

Sadly in later years Mark suffered from dementia and had full time care and on Friday 31st July the sad news was reported that Mark had passed away aged 69 years of age.

Tributes have poured in for Mark following his death from wrestlers, promoters, officials and fans from around the World and may he now RIP.

Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are very saddened to hear  that Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco has passed away on Friday 31st July.

Although Mark has suffered over the last few years with health issues this has still come as a great shock to us all.

Mark was without doubt one of the all time greats of wrestling around the World and will be sadly missed. 

A full tribute to Mark is posted above..

Mark has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky. 

We send our condolences to Marks family and friends at this very sad time.

Birthday wishes flood in for Joe D'Orazio

(Joe accepts an award on behalf of the Reunion from our friends at the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion in 2017)

On Tuesday 27th July wrestling legend and Reunion President Joe D'Orazio celebrated his 98th birthday and we here at the Reunion received many greetings for him from wrestlers and fans around the World, a selection of these are as follows:-

Ross Mycroft Holmes Congratulations & happy Birthday Joe. 

Roy Chamberlain Happy birthday Joe

Conor Clyde Lafferty Happy Birthday Joe!

Thomas Wright Happy birthday, hope you have a great day. Enjoy

Tony White Happy birthday Joe 

Ken Sowden Happy 98th Birthday Joe, you are an inspiration to us all and without doubt one of the all time greats of wrestling. Hope you have a great day.

Stephen Cresswell Happy birthday to young joe and no celebrating it’s bad for you

John C-West Happy Birthday Joe.

Tim Gilks Happy birthday Joe.

Ben Hollis Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you have a great day.

Gina Vetter Happy birthday x

Tom Lees Happy Birthday Joe

Ann Richardson Happy birthday Joe

Broderick Bassett Many Happy Returns Sir!

Glyn Jenkins Hi to Joe just to say a very happy 98th birthday and congratulations from your number one fan David Boyes age fourtyeight,

Alan Ainsworth Happy Birthday

Bill Kinsey Congratulations Joe Happy Birthday

Tony Kelly A very happy birthday to you Joe and many more to come. Enjoy your day. All the very best from Mike Donlevy and Tony Kelly

Jon Waters Happy birthday Joe

Micky West Happy birth day Joe

Gabriella Niccoli Happy Birthday Dad !! and Dad thanks you all for your kind thoughts !!

Antony J. Peters Happy 98th Joe!! Hope you enjoy your special day with the people that count!! Family & Close Friends!!

Stephen Cresswell Sending joe best wishes

Kevin Arthur As you know ken I've worked with joe happy birthday joe xx

Margaret Powell Best wishes to Joe, for his birthday and we hope he has the best time 🎂🎁🤗❣️

Ruslan C Pashayev Happy Birthday The Father of Wrestling !!! Long Life To The Patriarch of English Pro Wrestling!!!

Andrew Bryden Al the very best to you Joe. Andra

Chris Smith-Haynes Happy birthday Joe x

Neil Sands Congratulations to Joe he is without a doubt one of the nicest, kindest men you could ever meet.

Stuart McRoberts Happy Birthday Joe

Mick Sullivan Hi JoeHappy birthday and have a great day,

Richard Dartnall Happy Birthday Sir.

Tony White Happy birthday Joe, I hope you have a great time 🥂👍

Gary Wensor happy birthday joe many more mate x

Paul Harrisson-Sandra Harrisson Happy Birthday joe have a great day · 

Gary Johnson Happy Birthday!!!!

Sam Betts Snr All my best to you joe ',the godfather of wrestling indeed ,,

Chris WrestlingFurnace Happy birthday to Joe. I'd never met him before, but he greeted me like an old friend at the first reunion I attended about 20 years ago. What a wonderful man.

Clive Williams Happy Birthday Joe, have a great day

Tony Scarlo Happy birthday Joe still one of my best friends hope you have a great day

Tracy Ann Bennett Happy birthday x x

Jonathan Barnes happy birthday Joe hope your having a lovely day great photo xx

David Gee Happy Birthday to a legend

Frank Cullen Happy Birthday Joe, and here’s to many more 🙏

Frank Rimer Bob Stafford spoke with him today and Joe is in great spirits sending his love and best wishes to all. He is still very active writing his poetry and painting

Diane Fretwell Happy birthday Joe have a wonderful day xxxx 🤼‍♂️

Tracey E Kilby Happy birthday Joe xx

Pete Hall Happy birthday to a true British wrestling legend
Have a great day Joe.

Edwin Caldwell Best wishes, Cheers! Eddie Rose (Manchester)

John Hutchinson Happy birthday Joe :)

Lewis Spragg A big happy birthday to One of the great legends of wrestling Joe have a great birthday mate 🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂👍👍👍👍👍

Neil Evans Happy Birthday Joe,

Staal du Plessis Happy birthday legend. Have a super day. May God bless you in the years to come

Tony StClair Happy Birthday 🎉

Wrestlers Reunion Scotland The Full Committee and all the Members of Wrestlers Re-Union Scotland would like to to take this opportunity to wish all the very best to the great Joe D'Orazio President of The British Westlers Reunion on the occasion of his 98th Birthday. All the very best to The Man and "The Legend of the Ring

Joe spent his birthday at home with his family and his daughter has advised us that he had an enjoyable time and that he would like to send his thanks to everyone who has sent him good wishes on his special day.

Zoltan Boscik passes away aged 81

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to announce that former British Lightweight Champion Zoltan Boscik passed away peacefully on Saturday 25th July aged 81 years in the care home in which he was residing in Christchurch, New Zealand with his wife Suzanne at his bedside holding his hand.

Zoltan was born and raised in Hungary until the time of the Hungarian uprising. As a result of this Zoltan managed to cross the border to Austria and ultimately was one of the thousands of refugees who came to the UK. Zolton initially found factory work and in his spare time trained at Ted Beresford gymnasium, firstly as an amateur before entering the professional ranks.

Zoltan was a regular name on independent bills up and down the UK and eventually found himself in the employ of Paul Lincoln. Zoltan soon gained a reputation as one of the great lightweight wrestlers of his era.

In 1966 Lincolns merger with Joint Promotions gained Zoltan national coverage via the television screen and his regular appearances on World of Sport made him an instant hit with viewers across the UK. Whilst he was still facing his old foes Zoltan was now able to oppose other greats that Joint Promotions had to offer.

Zoltan became a regular at the Royal Albert Hall as well as on the small screen and he soon found himself in competition against the likes of Johnny Saint, Al Miquet, Jon Cortez, Jim Breaks, Bill Ross, Bobby Ryan, George Kidd, all of whom were at the top of their game in the lightweight division, this was certainly a great time, albeit a competitive one to be a lightweight wrestler in the UK.

In June, 1969 Zoltan defeated Jim Breaks at Sheffield to take the British lightweight championship, and had another championship victory over Breaks at the Royal Albert Hall the following year. Zoltan lost his British belt to Jon Cortez, before regaining it and finally losing it to Johnny Saint at Sheffield on 12th May, 1971.

Throughout the 1970s Zoltan remained in high demand and was one of the busiest wrestlers on the circuit such was his talent and popularity with the fans.

Zoltan finally retired from the wrestling business in 1988 after more than 25 years in the professional ranks. On retirement Zoltan moved to New Zealand with his wife Suzanne.

Sadly, over recent years Zoltan suffered from dementia but he still had fond memories of his wrestling career and was inducted into the British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame in 2016. Zoltans wife had also kept in regular contact with Johnny Kidd throughout the years updating him on Zoltans health issues. 

Zoltan was the ultimate professional and respected by all who knew him, a great competitor and ambassador for wrestling, he will be sadly missed.

Zoltan has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky.

We send our condolences to Zoltans wife Suzanne and his family and friends at this sad time and may he now Rest in Peace.

Tributes have poured in from around the World since the news of Zoltans death was announced and a selection of these are as follows:-

Frank Thomas RIP, always a great worker, and a master wrestler..

Bob Howison Zoltan was good.

Philip Howlin RIP Zoltan one of the greats

John Hutchinson One of the all time greats famed for his 3 in 1 submission hold. RIP Zoltan :(

Clive Williams Rest in Peace Zoltan

Tranch Tranch R I P Zoltan 🕷️

Thomas Wright Very sad News, my thought are with his family

Ann Spencer RIP Zoltan great wrestler. Xx

Geoff Stout The first time I ever saw a live wrestling show he was on the bill and was a great heel against Bernard Murray, great wrestler RIP

Pete Hall R.i.p. Zoltan.

Tony White I am very sorry to hear that, my condolences to his family

Rich Hils Condolences to his family. Sad news

David Gee RIP.A great wrestler

Steve Cornish R I P zoltan

Jody Shealy Fantastic worker. A true legend of the style. RIP

Mick Sullivan Anther legened had passed on RIP Zoltan RIP

Dee Thomas Meet zoltan many times at the stadium Liverpool during the 70s may zoltan rest in peace

Anthony John Craddock Always an awesome performance.

Alan Miquet We worked together many many times he was good very good

Jay Gauldie One of my personal favourites

Roy Chamberlain Rip Zoltan and thanks for the great memories

Barry Howard RIP ZOLTAN. thank you for all the excellent memories of your matches on WOS

John Lowing Suzanne messaged me earlier to inform me of Zollie's passing. She was with him at the end and his passing was very peaceful.

Alan Ireland So sorry to hear this. He was on the bill of the first show I went to

Matt McNamara What a great pro, my thoughts are with his family :(

David Webb R.i.p zoltan

Carl Elliot Allum Rip

Steve Austin Banks R.I.E.P to a REAL legend of his sport 😔

Philip Lawton w o s legend

Monika M Markwart R.I.P

Stephen Cresswell Sending condolences to the family 🤼

Broderick Bassett My condolences to his family and friends. So many great names and characters no longer with us but we still have the precious memories they blessed us with.

Mike Connell Phenomenal wrestler. Deep condolences, but know he should be incredibly proud of what he achieved during his career.

Frank Rimer A truly great grafter and inspiration to many. RIP

Bob Bartholomew Always great when he was on a bill, guaranteed a great match.

Gary Pennington R I p,

Gordon Pryor Top lightweight, one of the very best R.I.P. Zoltan

Philip W Guest 😞😞😞��

Philip Newell So sad to hear this, Condolences to the family. 😪

Frank Cullen


Kiss Áron Rest in Power 🖤

Tom Lees RIP!Zoly!

John Sweeney RIP.

Fred Ottman GODBLESS

Brian James RIP

Alan Sugden God bless rip

Stephen Day Very Sad rip zoltan

Jackie Abrahams rip

Ronald Crook Very sad news one of my favourites may I send my very deep condolences to his family. R.I.P. Zoltan Boscik

Conor Clyde Lafferty Rest in Peace, Champ.

James Muir RIP God bless

Ryan Ringo Ambrose one of my heroes. loved watching his bouts! very sad to hear

Chris Ball Loved watching him on ITV World of Sport, RIP x

Ken Sowden One of the all time greats in lightweight wrestling and a sad loss to the entire wrestling world. Zoltan was a legend and his memory will live on. RIP Zoltan.

Ann Richardson RIP Zoltan

Shayne Nichols RIP

Tracy Ann Bennett R I.p zoltan you were a great ambassador for the sport

Ian Mizon Very sad to hear of Zoltan. Always loved to see Zoltan wrestle, may he now Rest in perfect peace <3

Tony Scarlo I wrestled Zolly on many occasions he was a brilliant wrestler worthy to hold the championship belt RIPZolly

John C-West Sad news. RIP Zoltan. Nice pic with him wearing the championship belt. A brilliant lightweight.

Sid Morton Rip

John Mcloughlin A brilliant tactical wrestler very clean and clever I enjoyed watching his bouts greatly missed by all who knew him RIP

Andrew Bryden This really sad news marks almost a month of ups and mostly downs among those of us who were in the business, when this ring-man was tops. He was simply fantastic and always gave 100 percent every time he climbed through the ropes. All at Wrestlers Re-Union Scotland would like to take this opportunity to send our deepest condolences to both Zoltan's Family and his many, many friends. RIP Brother

(Zoltan Boscik in action against Al Miquet)

Wayne Bridges leaves the Bridges for the final time

Wayne Bridges last journey as he leaves The Bridges, the home of the British Wrestlers Reunion for 25 years, for the final time.  

Bill may have gone but he has left a legacy that will never be forgotten and he will live on in our hearts and memories for years to come.

RIP Bill (video courtesy of Tayler Murphy)

(Wayne & Sarah Bridges in happier times at The Bridges)

Thank you from Sarah Bridges and the Reunion

On behalf of Sarah Bridges and the British Wrestlers Reunion we would like to thank you all for your heartfelt tributes that you paid to Bill on the day of his funeral

We know that many of you watched the service live online and if you missed it it will remain available on the link previously provided. 

Hopefully, even though you were unable to be in there in person, you felt part of Bills final send off. 

A memorial to Bill will be held in the village hall in due course and at this years Reunion will also pay our tribute to him. 

All of your tributes have been a great comfort to the family and even though Bill is no longer with us we will never forget what a remarkable man he was.

Reunion receives word from Joel de Fremery 

The British Wrestlers Reunion were delighted to hear from Joel de Fremery the international French wrestling star on Sunday 3rd May.

Joel, who during his illustrious career made a number of visits to the UK, was presented with one of the Reunions prestigious awards back in 2009 by Bob Kirkwood (as seen here). Joel fondly recalls his time in the UK stating:

'I have a lot of memories my 1st coming in 1965. I was 21 now 76. I met all the great stars of that time : Mick Jackie Pallo Steve Logan and had a tv with Jon Cortez. I would like to come back at that time. In 1982 I met Mark Rocco 4 the title. Best regards Joël'

We are pleased that Joel is well and we wish him all the best and thank him for contacting us.

Message received from the great Bobby Barnes 

At these difficult of times it is nice to hear from some of the greats of the ring letting us know they are safe and well.

Sunday 26th April was one such day when the British Wrestlers Reunion received word from the great legend Bobby Barnes.  Bobby keeps in regular contact with our good friend Chris Buckwell as well as a number of others in the wrestling industry and it is nice that he continues to have some involvement after such a distinguished career.

Bobby and his wife Jan advise that they are safe and well and isolating at home like many of us and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary. 

Bobby wishes to extend his good wishes to all colleagues and friends at this difficult time and we are happy to pass these on. 

We hope that Bobby, Jan and all our other friends remain healthy and stay safe

(Bobby with tag partner Adrian Street)

Remembering Wayne Bridges.....a tribute to a great man 

Born in the roughest part of Islington, London on July 5th, it was on the cards that WAYNE BRIDGES would end up on the wrong side of the fence, but his obvious love of sport managed to keep him out of the long arms of the law. Bills Father sadly died when he was just 3 years old, leaving him to act as Dad to his younger Sister Esther , plus becoming the breadwinner for his Widowed Mother at an early age. He was an unruly child who hated school, rarely attending his lessons and preferring to run with the local pack, getting into all sorts of mischief, with would be gangsters such as the infamous Naish Brothers with whom he grew up. On one occasion, he set light to the back door of his home for a prank.


However by 9 years old, he was introduced to swimming at the local Hornsey Road Baths where he took everyone by surprise at his prowess in the water. Soon, he was winning competitions and eventually beat everyone in his class. His ability at the crawl was awesome and he became like a fish in the water. By the time that he was in his teens, the young Woodbridge had been chosen to represent his Country many times, culminating by being chosen to swim for the British Team at the Rome Olympics in 1962. Here he was beaten by the Legendary IAN BLACK , during the 100 metres crawl and also his friend and rival DICK CAMPIAN.

Simultaneously, away from the pool, Bill was becoming increasingly interested in Amateur wrestling and having grown into a strapping 6ft 2 inch giant with a Tarzan type body to match, was a natural to do well at this sport also. He regularly trained at the United, the Ashdown, The Loughborough, The YMCA in Edgeware Road, and Police training headquarters at Hendon, with great Champions such as DENNIS MCNAMARA,DON IRVINE,BILL MOSTYN, GEORGE COLEMAN, DENNIS GARVEY, FRANK WARREN and TONY BUCK who has remained a friend to this day. Simultaneously, he honed his great physique at the London gym's in the celebrated company of ARNOLD SWARZENEGGER  when he lived here. Title followed Title as the almost invincible grappler with the immense strength tore his way through the top Division, until yet again he was chosen to represent his Country at International level, where he fought for Great Britain over 15 times, travelling to France, Germany and many other Overseas Tournaments, his meteoric rise to fame being assisted by JIMMY BROWN and TERRY BLACKWALL It was at one of these contests at the United Club, that the immortal Legends : MIKE MARINO and JOE CORNELIUS happened to frequent and were immediately struck by the sheer physical presence of this super youngster. They invited him to attend a Professional Show where they were working and Bill became immediately drawn to this new form of wrestling. There followed some training by his hero : MIKE MARINO in the different styles and his amateur days were soon forgotten, when the late great PAUL LINCOLN offered him a job , having his inaugural bout against the same MIKE MARINO, re christened now by Lincoln as WAYNE BRIDGES, the Legend began

Meanwhile, PAUL LINCOLNs Business Empire was in full demand, with the CROMWELLIAN Night Club, 2Is Coffee Bar , Booze cruises and other outlets were flourishing, giving WAYNE BRIDGES a new role as minder and chief Security Officer of the many pop stars who were booked such as SIR TOM JONES, P.J. PROBY and many more. This success, gave him the opportunity to reward his Mothers devotion to his upbringing and he managed to buy the four story house where she had a flat , followed by the house next door., so that she might live in comfort. Erstwhile pop stars like SIR CLIFF RICHARD, HANK MARVIN and THE SHADOWS, MARTY WILDE, JOE BROWN ,BILLY FURY,LONNIE DONNEGAN ,TOMMY STEELE, etc., were all working for Lincoln, erecting the rings in exchange for a spot singing at the 2 is and Bridges cashed in by letting out spare rooms to these would be stars. He soon graduated into pub life by buying his first pub called The Cock? in Deptford, retaining ownership of all three to this day and with the houses being let to the Japanese Embasssy.

Over the next few years, his rise to the top billing spot was phenomenal, working with grapplers that were to become lifelong friends such as JUDO AL HAYES, BOB KIRKWOOD, DON STEADMAN, REBEL RAY HUNTER ,BOB ANTHONY, ZOLTAN BOSCHIK, PAUL LINCOLN ( DOCTOR DEATH), JON CORTEZ,DENNIS DEAN , etc.,and when DALE-MARTINS bought out Lincolns promotions in the mid 60s. he was integrated into the main stream of wrestling in a way that was unprecedented. Once Established and with many TV appearances under his belt the Beau Brummel of wrestling as he was often called, because of his insistence that the wrestling socks were always even , commenced many Foreign Tours, especially into Europe, Japan, Africa, Canada and the USA where his charismatic charm , physique and good looks made him a firm favourite on the circuits. Shoot Legends such as KARL GOTCH and GEORGES GORDIENKO not known for their generosity towards opponents took the youngster under their wing, teaching him many new manoeuvres while on Tour, working for the WWE . Such was his popularity , that the original VINCE McMAHON Snr., invited him to lodge at his home in Connecticutt.

Finally, after many minor titles, WAYNE BRIDGES was given the opportunity to wrestle for the belt and a new Heavyweight Champion of the World was crowned. During his reign as Champion, there were many attempts to lift the strap, with the Title changing back and forwards three times, but his bouts against KENDO NAGASAKI and the great MIGHTY JOHN QUINN were the most legendary and ironically despite the ferocity within the ring, the two have remained friends to this day. 

Wayne Bridges was born a gifted athlete and was one of those infuriating people that excels in everything. Standing tall at 6ft plus, dark hair, good looks, a physique to die for, he was destined to become the global super star that he was to become. Everyone who has ever known him, is drawn to his quiet modest charm, and he can number many former opponents as his closest allies. Men such as STEVE VEIDOR, PRINCE KUMALI, JOE CORNELIUS, COLIN JOYNSON ,GORI ED MANGOTITCH,JUDO PETE ROBERTS and dearest pal the late BOMBER PAT ROACH.

He has helped many colleagues into Business ventures of their own and rarely does anyone say anything detrimental about this immensely popular character known as Big Winnie or 'Waynetta', a joke that he absolutely loves in his self deprecating way,  modestly referring to his own work in the ring as Lacklustre, which was a phrase used by KENT WALTON during one TV broadcast.

He also played regular soccer for the wrestlers team to raise monies for charity and appeared many times in public to generate funds for spina bifida and other worthy causes with others wrestlers such as TONY 'BANGER' WALSH, BILL BROMLEY, IAN MUIR, SID COOPER, ROBBY BARON, DAVE 'BUTCHER' BOND, JOHNNY KINCAID, MAL SANDERS, LENNIE HURSTand more.

Simultaneously, his athletic frame was in constant demand on movies and TV shows , where he body doubled for old friend SEAN CONNERY in all his JAMES BOND films, plus numerous roles in other productions and TV favourites such as THE GENERATION GAME  with SIR BRUCE FORSYTH, and THIS IS YOUR LIFE etc.. 

Away from the ring, he continued swimming and training on the weights , plus a love of horses and never more than when he was living in the States, where he roamed freely across the cowboy lands on horseback.

Family life was also good for Wayne with his then wife Sheila and two children Dean and Jo Anne.   Dean grew up wanting nothing more than to follow in his fathers footsteps turning Professional as soon as his age permitted. His height, and youthful good looks reminiscent of his Dad. He took the name DEAN BRISCO and was soon emulating the success of his world famous Father, taking on all the star names of the day, even appearing on TV against the Bear man : JOHN ELIJAH. Dean often could be seen in the corner for Waynes title defences, and the two appeared together many times as they travelled the same circuits. Everything seemed perfect until the boy became ill when he was just 24 years old, contracting Leukaemia which ravaged his body. He fought the disease with immense courage, but lost the fight in January 1986. He had just turned 25 years old! To make matters worse, the lad had recently settled down with his girlfriend and they were expecting their first child who was to be christened DANIEL but who Dean would never see. The Family were devastated and none more so than Wayne himself.


By the early 90s, he owned and ran a large public House called The Prince of Orange in Greenwich. It was here that he eventually met and fell in love with SARAH BRIDGES, who was working as a barmaid. Around this time, he took on the hosting of the British Wrestlers Reunion after his pal JOE CORNELIUS, emigrated to Cyprus in 1993, a role that he has played ever since.

Sarah meanwhile, started to visit a local gym and took an increasing interest in body-building with Bill eventually becoming her mentor. Her success in that field has been outstanding, winning the Miss Great Britain Title and then conquering the world as the largest woman bodybuilder on the planet, numbering legends like  Mr. Universe: LOU FERRIGNO ( Incredible Hilk) and  6 times Mr Olympia :DORIAN YATES as her friends. 

The couple decided to settle in Kent and sold the Orange to buy a beautiful bungalow and a nearby pub in Horton Kirby, South Darenth, which they renamed The Bridges.

Of course, weight-training has never been far away from Bills own life, in order to maintain his enormous physique, and he trained daily in the gym, followed by over 40 lengths of the local pool twice weekly , where he still cuts a dash against the youngsters.

Wrestling for so many years and against the giants of the ring, took its toll on his body however and a few years ago, Bridges underwent serious spinal surgery in a double  operation, each  taking 7 hours, but the nervous system was damaged beyond repair and although the pain factor has been removed, the nerves have never re-grown, leaving the Legend struggling to walk or stand up straight for any length of time.

For all the hardships that he has endured over the last 25 years however, the star remained positive and cheerful , welcoming all his many friends at the Country pub whenever they called, often playing host with Sarah to close wrestling buddies over dinner and convivial evenings of chat and laughter, plus  telephoning all his pals on an almost daily basis. 

Sadly, on Sunday 8th March 2020 the inevitable happened, Bill Bridges faced a bout he was unable to win, after years as a star and a champion he passed away with Sarah, his sister Esther and his niece Tina at his bedside.

Bill Bridges has left a legacy in wrestling that will never be equalled, a true gentlemen, a champion and an all round top man, he will never be forgotten and he will live on in all our memories through his family and the Reunion.  RIP Bill, you will be missed. 

Reunion Organiser pays tribute to Wayne Bridges 

(Bill Bridges and Ken Sowden at a recent Reunion)

Following on from the very sad news that wrestling legend Wayne Bridges had passed away, Ken Sowden, the British Wrestlers Reunion Organiser who has worked alongside Bill at the Reunion for the last eight years, has paid the following tribute:-

'I am deeply saddened to write this as a man I used to go and see regularly growing up and for the last 8 years a man who had become a friend is no longer with us.

I was shocked and heartbroken to receive the call to tell me that Wayne Bridges (or Bill) had passed away yesterday due to kidney failure. Always to me a champion in the ring, he held the World Heavyweight Championship on 3 occasions and always gave 100% in the ring, you never left a hall feeling short changed when Wayne Bridges had been on but this was one bout he was not able to conquer and he has now joined all those other greats in the Dressing Room in the Sky.

I will always remember a visit to the Fairfield Halls in Croydon in 2013, Wayne Bridges was part of a legends parade that afternoon and totally out of the blue I was called to ringside where Wayne presented me with a cup that he had won at the hall some years earlier, this was as a thank you for my early reunion work, he didnt have to do it but he did, that was Bill. Shortly after that Belinda had a stroke, Bill phoned every day for 2 weeks to see if there was anything that we needed, these may seem trivial things but they are things I remember.

Over the last few years Bill had always been very supportive of me with regard to the Reunion, we have had a few hiccups along the way caused by other people but the phone call from him to say I will sort that....and he did. No matter how down you were and fed up with things, it was always brighter when Bill had phoned, sorted the problem and told you an amusing anecdote.

Now Bill has gone, no more phone calls, no more stories about his trips around the World (I am sure Bill knew everyone in wrestling wherever they were in the World). Both Belinda and I send our condolences to Sarah and the rest of the family at this sad time.

Bill was a true legend, a real gentleman, a great champion and my friend and I will miss him....Rest in Peace Bill, you will never be forgotten'.

(Wayne Bridges presents Ken Sowden with one of his cups at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon in 2013)

Wayne Bridges passes away 

It is with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that the former Heavyweight Champion of the World : WAYNE BRIDGES has passed away peacefully.

 'Big Winnie' or Bill as he was affectionately known, achieved every success in life as a supreme athlete, swimming for England in the Olympics, representing his Country as British Amateur Wrestling Champion, then as a Professional wrestler, becoming three times Heavyweight Champion of the World, followed by appearances in many films including 'The Italian Job' with Michael Caine, 'Shalako' with Brigitte Bardot, and acting as Sean Connery's body double in the James Bond movies plus many more appearances, culminating in being Host of the British Wrestlers Reunion for over 25 years with his lovely wife and bodybuilding Champion :Sarah Bridges and travelling the Country as statistician at many bodybuilding contests.

Sarah, who was in the States working with Arnold Swarzenegger on the Arnie classics last week, got the call to return home urgently which she did spending Bill's last moments at his bedside. 

Bill also has a beloved little Sister Esther whom he adored plus his niece Tina Kerry- Anne who were fortunate enough to be at the bedside in time to share some precious last moments .

Away from the glamour, Bill remained modest, unassuming, self effacing, humourus, giving most of his time to young upcoming wrestlers plus always recognising and applauding the abilities of grapplers and other athletes known as carpenters in the Business,who had not been as fortunate as himself. 

His last wish was that the Wrestlers Reunion continues as normal and accordingly this year it will be on August the 9th at 'The Bridges' which will be dedicated to his memory. 

When the funeral arrangements are complete, we shall post details and Sarah has asked me to say that everyone is very welcome to attend and celebrate the life of this true Champion

Needless to say that Sarah is devastated at this time and we would respectfully ask that we respect her privacy during her initial grieving. 

Since the announcement of Bills death was announced we have been in-undated with tributes from wrestlers and fans from around the world, over 200 within a few hours just showing how loved and respected Bill was with everyone. 

Referee Bob Stafford at the age of 80 returns for one night only

(LDN Senior Referee Dave Walker thinks he has got the best of Bob Stafford but ........)
International referee Bob Stafford who at 80 years of age can still show todays referees a thing or two as LDN referee 'Dodgy' Dave Walker found out on the 20th January at a show held in Swanley.

Once Dave was sorted Bob ran to the ring (he really did) and counted the 123 to bring to a close the main event of the day.

As many of you will know Bob has been suffering from ill health for some time now and last year spent some time in hospital so it was nice to see him out and about enjoying what he does the most.and he certainly proved who was the better man on the day.
(Bob had the last laugh)

Joe D'Orazio sets another record

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send huge congratulations to wrestling legend and our President Joe D'Orazio who has now become the oldest British wrestler in history.

Joe, who as we told you a few weeks ago, is already the oldest living wrestler in the World today broke the British record surpassing that of Gerry Hoggarth who himself only passed away in August of this year.

Joe has been informed of this achievement by his grandson and is delighted by the news.

Joe still takes a very keen interest in the Reunion and its ongoings and we look forward to celebrating more milestones for him in the coming years.

God Bless the Guvnor.

Scottish Reunion hailed a success as they also receive an award from the BWR

(Ken Sowden presents a Ring of Friendshipo Award to Dale Storm of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on behalf of Joe D'Orazio)
The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to congratulate the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on a successful Reunion which was held in Ayr on Sunday 15th September.

Despite a last minute change of venue 80+ people attended including a special appearance by the legendary Colin Joynson who, like everyone else, received a warm welcome from the committee.

The British Wrestlers Reunion were delighted to present a Ring of Friendship Award to the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on behalf of our President Joe D'Orazio who was honoured to receive an award from Scotland three years ago. The award was presented by Ken Sowden who himself received an award from the Scottish Reunion.

The committee of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion have thanked everyone who attended and hope that all will return again next year for their next event.

(Ken Sowden received an award from Dale Storm at the Scottish Reunion)

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