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Max Crabtree

Max Crabtree is generally reckoned to have been the best of the three Crabtree brothers when it came to wrestling ability.   Max was a very competent light heavyweight of his day and even won Wrestler of the Year.

It was his wrestling ability, blond hair and looks that made him a very popular wrestler in the 1960s.  Older brother Shirley was already  established as BWF heavyweight champion  when Max made his debut towards the end of the  the 1950s, working initially for the independent promoters against men such as Black Butcher Johnson, Doctor Death, Quasimodo and Leo Demetral.

In the late 1950s Max began to promote wrestling and established himself as one of the most successful of the independent promoters. Success was based on Max's inventiveness and his ability to create and develop new wrestling stars.  

In the early 1970s as wrestling audiences went into steep decline Max was appointed manager of most of the Joint Promotions circuit. New faces, creative matchmaking and the higher profile of championship matches resulted in renewed interest amongst the fans.  Max could do no wrong and was promoting to sold out venues across the UK as well as maintaining Joint Promotions stranglehold with ITV wrestling,

The reprieve was short lived and by the mid eighties audiences were starting to dwindle and it was a huge blow to him when ITV pulled the plug on tv wrestling in 1988.  However, Max continued to promote until 1994 using brother Shirley as top of the bill under 1993.

 A controversial figure Max Crabtree was undoubtedly one of the most influential people in British wrestling and rightly deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.