British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


My first reunion visit

Well where to start?

My first visit to a Wrestlers' reunion, until the begining of this year i wasn't aware that such an event existed.  In fact it wasn't until I started training with the Dropkixx Academy that Frank Rimer told me about the event and that I would automatically be invited to it through my association with Dropkixx.  Mind you, even if i had known about it, i'd have been too embarrassed to attend as a fan of yesteryear and just stand there in awe, afraid to speak to anyone!

  As it was, as a wrestling trainee myself I had the privelidge of being introduced to many of my childhood hero's by the aforementioned Mr Rimer to whom i will be eternally grateful.  Whats more thanks to my old mate Rocker Richards i also have a batch of photos to mark the auspicious occassion (some of which should be here).

For me the day was like a who's who of stars, some of which like Wayne Bridges and his gorgeous wife Sarah i'd had the pleasure of meeting at the gym several months earlier.  Of all the stars i met, the one i was most looking forward to meeting was Dangerous Danny Lynch.  This i managed to do, and shake his hand.  Alas i didn't get to have my picture taken with him due to his early departure, nor bore  him to death with my memories of his battles in Wimbledon in the early 80's against the likes of Antonio Cassio (who i also got to meet on the day).  The way Danny used to make the ring slide across the floor when he took a posting was a sight to see.


As i was introduced to each individual star a new memory would re-surface:  Bob Kirkwood, i remember him fighting Dr Death the night he was to unmask (after he'd defeated Bob).  Alas i never got the chance to ask Paul Lincoln if it was him under the hood that night.

Mick West, i recall him and his brother Jim figthing the White Angels in a tremendous tag.  Bruiser Muir, this was another real treat, i'd seen him countless times at Croydon, Catford, and the Albert Hall, he always guaranteed a terrific contest whoever his opponent was.

Butcher Bond & Lee Bronson, i remember them coming down to Dales gym in Brixton (about 1979) to train with me and the other young hopefuls of the day.  Great guys who never tried to bully or embarrass us youngsters like many others did.

Alas i didn't manage to talk to Bill Bromley and ask him if he remembered our impromptu battles in the train carriages on the way to Penge from Brixton on a Sunday afternoon.

There are too many others to give proper credence to in such a short article, Steve Grey, the night he got the first fall over John England in 4 seconds of round one at Croydon.

Mel Stuart for those hilarious tags with Banger.

Karl Heinz for the first time i saw him and Kurt de-wig at Battersea.


All in all i had a magnificent day, topped with me having the privilege of giving Prince Kumali a lift to the station in my car along with our MC for the day Peter Baines who took the time to tell me of some of the exploits he'd been involved in during his career as ring crew, MC etc.  Great stories and very well told.

So until next year God willing, and another great day out.  I only hope that some of the other stars who for one reason or another couldn't attend this year manage to make it next time round.  Until then i can cherish the memory of this year and show off my photos, even if Joe Legend did make me look 3ft nothing....... only kidding Joe - But have you seen the size of the guy?



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