British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


Keith Hart, one of the legendary Hart family members writes from Canada



I am Keith Hart, son of Stu Hart the legendary Canadian wrestler and promoter.

 I did in fact, wrestle in England back in 1971.  My first match ever was with Ricky Starr, an American wrestler-ballet star at Croydon, for Dale Martin Promotions.  I stayed in West Norwood, London at the home of my old friend, Billy 'Tornado' Torontos, along with Bernard Murray, a popular referee and Silly Sid Cooper, a good little heal.

Eventually, I found my way up to Leeds and worked for George Relwysko for a while. Some of the guys I remember best were Kendo Nagasaki, Mucky Mal KIrk, Steve Veidor, Lyndy Calder, Geoff Ports, Lenny Hurst, among others. I can honestly say that I never met a better bunch of lads than those boys back in England at that time. 

I always planned on returning to England, but Billy Torontos died young so I lost my place to stay. I resumed my university studies and just never made it back.  Both me and my brothers and I am sure, would be interested in renewing contacts with the old timers from our generation of wrestlers.

If anyone wishes to get in contact with Keith then please send your details to us (via our contacts link) and we will ensure that these are forwarded on to him.



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