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Jim Hussey

Colin Joynson poses with Jim Hussey at 2006 Reunion which honoured the great man
the photo in the award depicts both grapplers in a bout together

The wrestling world lost one of its greatest ever Legends with the sad demise of Jumping Jim Hussey on the 30th November 2011. Jim who was in his mid eighties was the Father of  the inimitable Rollerball Mark Rocco and was only chatting with his Son 30 minutes before his passing, saying to Mark that he was going to have a lay down and a rest.  Needless to say the Family and particularly Mark himself was devastated, as he and Jim were inordinately close.

Jim Hussey tackles Tony Charles.

Hussey earnt the title of 'Jumping Jim' because as a short stocky man, could leapfrog over the top of an opponent while that wrestler was standing upright. His devastating dropkicks were so accurate that he could land on a hankerchief placed in front of him. In a 40 year career , Jim worked with every big name in the Business and was revered amongst his fellow grapplers. He was responsible for bringing the great Colin Joynson into the Business for which we are all grateful, and they are pictured together at the 2006 Reunion in honour of the legendary mat man. It was Colin who first received the news of Jim's passing and we are grateful to him for letting us know. Wayne Bridges did phone Mark in Tenerife but he was too distraught to speak although his lovely wife did bring big Winnie up to speed on the sad events.

Tributes came flooding in, especially from  SPENCER CHURCHILL, STEVE VEIDOR,COLIN JOYNSON, BANGER WALSH, PRINCE KUMALI, RAY PLUNKETT, and widow of HANS STREIGER : WENDY MELLOR and but here is one of the first received from Irish welterweight : TONY KELLY

I would like to offer my sincere sympathies to Mark Rocco and the rest of the Hussey family on the death of Mark's Father .Jim Hussey was a great man and a true professional .

May you "Rest In Peace Jim", you are now together again with your beloved wife.

Tony Kelly.


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