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Johnny South

Johnny South was one of the new wave of talent, which included Johnny Saint and Al Marquette,  brought over from the independents to Joint Promotions in the summer of 1969. There was a difference. South had a rougher edge and didn't mind  bending a few rules on his way to victory or disqualification. 

Johnny had around four years experience when Martin Conroy tempted him across to Joint Promotions, working for promoters like Don Robinson and Dale Storm  against Jim Armstrong, Ian Wilson and Brendan Moriarty and Eddie Rose. In July 1969 he entered Joint Promotion rings and showed that he could stand up against bigger names like Peter Stewart and Colin Joynson. 

Fans enjoyed what they saw, or more precisely usually enjoyed booing what they saw.  In the years that followed Johnny was a prolific worker for all the northern promoters, but mostly Wryton, which left time for only the occasional jaunt south of Worcester. Tag partner of Paul Mitchell in The Broughton Rangers, bringing fame and glory to the suburb of Salford. The original Broughton Rangers were a rugby union club, founded in 1877, later to  become a rugby league club and one of the  founder members of the Northern Rugby Union (forerunner of the Rugby League) in 1895.

He appeared on television more than twenty occasions. When wrestling disappeared from the television screens 

Johnny South was still going strong, and continued to do so  for many years to come.

Johnny was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2019.