British Wrestlers Reunion
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John Kowalski was born in Hampshire and his early life was spent in the farming industry.  However, John hankered after more and after a meeting with Portsmouth based wrestler Bruno Elrington was soon in training to enter the professional wrestling ranks.

John was an awesome spectacle in the ring, standing at 6ft 4 and weighing in at over 20 stones very few men had it all their own way when they stepped into the ring with the former Olympian and John soon made a name for himself within the business taking on many of the great heavyweights of the era.



John made his televised debut on a show filed at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon on the 15th December 1970 where he was defeated by popular heavyweight Steve Viedor.  This was to be one of over a dozen appearances on ITV wrestling for John where he took on such men as Mike Marino, Tibor Szakacs, Big Daddy, Count Bartelli, Kendo Nagasaki and his trainer Big Bruno Elrington.  It was without doubt that due to Johns size he was always one of the Promoters first choices when a 'big man' was required to wrestle in big television bouts against the biggest stars of the day.


John was one of the few wrestlers who would change from being a fan favourite to hearing a chorus of boos when he entered the ring on a nightly basis depending on who his opponent was, John was very adaptable in this way and no matter who his opponent was the promoters were satisfied that John would give the fans a very entertaining bout.

John had a number of wrestling names throughout his career, amongst them Killer Kowalski, Johnny Hayles, Big K and The Outlaw but he is best remembered for being just John Kowalski.

John never won any titles throughout his career but was well respected by his fellow professionals and well liked by the fans who regularly cheered him on, especially in his home county of Hampshire.

On retiring from the ring John continues to support the Reunion and has been a regular visitor for many years.

John had been suffering from alzeimers disease for many years before contracting bowel cancer and sadly passed away on Tuesday 8th November 2016.  A great loss to the wrestling business and he will be forever remembered.