British Wrestlers Reunion
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( Taking on Jim Breaks)

Jim who died of cancer was a sensational lightweight who started as an amateur and started his illustrious Pro career with the immortal GEORGE KIDD.

In days when wild haired Peruvians, Stetson wearing Americans, and east Europeans with unpronounceable names were
 familiar features on our wrestling bills it seems ironic that such great interest could be aroused amongst fans by British wrestlers
working outside their customary region. 

Such was the case when Scottish lightweight Jim McKenzie ventured south. McKenzie was an accomplished wrestler, a regular worker

and popular performer who never quite made it to the dizzy heights of Saint, Breaks or Kidd.

After nine years as an amateur, and winner of the Scottish championship, he turned professional and made his debut against George Kidd in Glasgow.

In his third year working professionally he took the Scottish Lightweight title in 1964, holding it for many years apart from short lived losses to Jim Elder

and Bill Ross. Jim remained a popular lightweight throughout the 1960s.

Tributes have been received from former greats such as  this one from M.C. PETER BAINES

Jim wrestled (mostly in Scotland) between the late 50s up to about 1980.
JIM BREAKS I believe was his Best Man when he married Helen,
 Jim & Helen ran a successful Cafe/Diner in Glasgow for several years until redevelopment forced a closure, he eventually moved to the Borders,
where he ran a small Hotel until eventually contracting Cancer, from which he died. sadly missed.

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