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Health & Strength Magazine become co sponsors of Reunion

We are pleased to announce that Health & Strength Magazine have agreed to become co sponsors of the Reunion for the next twelve months.

Health & Strength Magazine is the oldest established physical culture journal in the world and has been continuously published since 1898. It includes regular articles on weight training, bodybuilding, strength sports, diet, nutrition, historical features, a physique gallery of famous names, a 'Hot News' page; a "Training Lab"' page and much more.

The magazine actively supports natural bodybuilding and drug-free strength sports, including the NPA (Natural Physique Association - ''); the IAWA-UK, (International All-Round Weightlifting Associaton-UK); and NIFMA (Northern Ireland Fitness Models Association -

Health & Strength Magazine have also taken a keen interest in the professional wrestling business and have over the years written several articles relating to this with contributions from Wayne Bridges and Frank Rimer. The magazine is published quarterly and in a recent edition has seen a fascinating article on the Reunions very own Frank Rimer as well as some photographs not seen for many years of the likes of Mick McManus, Spencer Churchill, Bob Sweeney, Johnny Yearsley as well as Dave Prowse OBE who as well as being most well known for starring as Darth Vadar in the Star Wars films and also the Green Cross Code Man is also a great supporter of the Reunion and attends our functions whenever his schedule allows him to do so.

Dave Gentle, Author, Historian and Features Editor for Health & Strength Magazine is also a regular contributor to our own website and many of his pieces can be viewed in the Articles section under his name. 

For anyone who has an interest in bodybuilding and fitness and who would like to subscribe to Health & Strength Magazine (and we would urge everyone to take a look) you can do this by sending a cheque or postal order (made payable to Health & Strength) for £20.00 (£26.00 if you reside in Europe and $45.00 for USA residents) to Health & Strength, Pant Cottage, Pant Lane, Austwick, North Yorkshire, LA2 8BH, England or telephone +44 (0) 15242 51696    

For further details on Health and Strength go to

We are proud to welcome Health & Strength Magazine to our 'Ring of Friendship' and look forward to a long association with them.


 (A recent edition of Health & Strength Magazine)

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