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Hans Streiger 

Few were rougher and tougher than the blond German, Hans Streiger, oft billed as the “Blond Bomber” or “Teutonic Terror.”  He wasn’t German, of course, and we have doubts about the hair colour, but the hardness was for real. Streiger was a villain of the old school, compared by many to Jack Pye, the blueprint of the dirty wrestlers.

Hans Streiger was “Country Boy” Clark Mellor, and in the early days he did use that name, and he was as German as anyone else who comes from New Mills, Derbyshire. As far as his wrestling was concerned he was a first degree villain, sometime tag partner of Steve Haggety, sometimes Jim Hussey, and at times Cowboy Jack Cassidy. 

Whether wrestling tag or solo he was  a popular name on any bill. The style had been developed in the fairground booths of Britain, but it was a style that led to wrestling success and  took him around the world. Around the world  yet mostly in the north of midlands, north of England and Scotland whilst in this country, though Hans did make frequent visits south for Devereux Promotions and Paul Lincoln. 

Having turned professional around 1957 Hans worked for the independent promoters until 1961,  Hans made his television debut shortly after joining Joints, defeating  Dean Stockton in June 1961.

If he hadn't been such a genuine tough guy, he wouldn't have made it through the crowd, the spectators used to get so angry with him." Outside the ring he was a very different man, a lover of dogs remembered fondly by those who knew him. Nonetheless, out of the ring he was still a larger than life character, and whenever wrestlers gather together it doesn't take long before stories of Clark Mellor begin to surface. 

Hans Streiger died in May 2002 and was posthunously inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2019.