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( The awesome Gordon Nelson)

GORDON NELSON, one of the most respected and feared wrestlers in the world died quietly in Amarillo, Texas. . Gordon who spent many years in this Country, worked against every great heavyweight in the Land, both as himself and also as his alter ego : THE OUTLAW. 

He was an awesome and terrifying shoot wrestler, matching the skills of  many top pistol men around the globe, such as our own  late great ERIC TAYLOR. Eric's Son, the legendary DAVE TAYLOR of WWE fame who worked with Nelson for several years on WCW , said that neither his Father or Gordon could tap the other but each felt that the other would possibly win a contest, marking the type of respect that Nelson was held in by the whole wrestling community. WAYNE BRIDGES who toured the States and Canada with Gordon said that he was the nicest guy anyone could meet, but woe betide anyone who crossed him.  A close friend of the immortal GEORGES GORDIENKO,  the two gladiators often met in the gym and fought each other to see who was the kingpin of the shoot world.

Although a quiet and  unassuming man, Gordy as his pals knew him, could turn nasty when aroused, and one story from the old days was when he and JUDO AL HAYES were returning along a country lane from a PAUL LINCOLN show in Taunton, and were pursued by a car at the rear, that  insisted on riding their bumper along the dirt-track  road,with headlights blazing into Gordy's car. Despite allowing the car to pass,thew other vehicle then slowed to swap back to the original position. This went on for many miles until an exasperated Nelson stopped the vehicle, walked back to the other car, and without a word to the driver,kicked both headlights out and calmly drove away with a gob smacked Hayes speechless in the passenger  seat. 

Equally, his humour was legendary and one day whilst working in Florida, a young man came into a Hall and asked promoter Eddie Graham if he could become a Professional wrestler and that he would take on anybody. Gordy was stripped at the time and erecting the ring with the crew and some of the boys, just wearing dungarees and a baseball cap. Without hesitation and much to the amusement of his fellow wrestlers,  he said, 'I am just here to help with the ring  Sir and only a janitor, but if you can beat me then the job is yours'!  - Poor chap didn't know what hit him.  

Tributes have been flooding in for this great warrior, who suffered a stroke a few years ago but recovered to wrestle again. MICKEY SULLIVAN being  one of the first to pay his respects adding that Gordon Nelson was a fine wrestler and great man.

Our thanks to Japanese wrestler :
  Yasutoshi Ishikawa.for bringing us this sad news. Our thoughts are with Gordon's Son and rest of his family. 

( Gordon Nelson has 'Jumping' Jim Hussey in arm scissors)

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