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 Wrestling with the Angels


Please switch your sound on above before scrolling,

as we trust  the music that we have added will enhance  the tremendous sense

of loss from  these great characters ,while you observe a few quiet  minutes

reflecting on your own personal memories and feelings for those who

were taken from us. This beautiful  and poignant piece is called

'Beyond the Rainbows Edge' by Daniel O'Donnell.  Please take a minute to read

the beautiful  poem at the bottom of the page, written by one of the 'boys'


Here you will find a list of all of the British Wrestlers and Officials who are sadly

no longer with us. These great gladiators  are immortalized by their work within

the ring and are embedded in our hearts and thoughts forever.  This is our small

tribute  to those great men and women, who will  live on in the annals of

wrestling history.  If there are any omissions please let us know.



It's Your World Now

A perfect day, the sun is sinking low
As evening falls, the gentle breezes blow
The time we shared went by so fast
Just like a dream, we knew it couldnt last
But I'd do it all again
If I could, somehow
But I must be leaving soon
It's your world now

It's your world now
My race is run
I'm moving on
Like the setting sun
No sad goodbyes
No tears allowed
You'll be alright
It's your world now

Even when we are apart
You'll always be in my heart
When dark clouds appear in the sky
Remember true love never dies

But first a kiss, one glass of wine
Just one more dance while there's still time
My one last wish: someday, you'll see
How hard I tried and how much you meant to me

It's your world now
Use well your time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind
The curtain falls
I take my bow
That's how it's meant to be
It's your world now



George Andrews

Bob Abbott (LenoLarazzi)                                                                                                                                                                                  

Chris Adams


Ray Apollon

Chris Archer O'Brien


Bert Assirati 




Black Angus (Frank Hoy)

Tony Ancell

Dave Armstrong

Gordon Allan (Pedro the Gypsy)

Ronnie (Ace ) Allcard

'Farmer' Johnny Allen

Professor Adiwasser ( Gaby Calderon)

Jack Arkwright

Syd Askin

Dave Adams 



Bobby Barron

George Baker

Ernie Baldwin

William Bankier

John Bates

Cliff Beaumont

Jack Beaumont

Bill Benny

Ted Beresford

Ray St Bernard

Francis P Blake

Yuri Borienko

Bill Brennan

Ed Bright

Dean Briscoe

Harry Brooks

Billy Best

Peter Bates

Hassan Ali Bey

Harry Bennett

George Bollas ( Zebra Kid)

Andre (sledgehammer) Baker

Robby Baron

Alan J. Batt

Billy Barber

Dave 'Butcher' Bond

Roger Brown (referee)

Sue Brittain ( Marje Farrar)

Allan Best 

'Lord' James (Jan) Blears

Bob Bell

Dave Barrie

Alan Bingham aka Al Tarzo

Peter Baines

Salvatore Bellomo

Wayne Bridges 

'Diamond' Jim Brody 

Zoltan Boscik

Geb Brooks

Tony Bishop (Referee)

Alan Bardouille (Kid Chocolate)





George Callaghan

Ian Campbell

Tiny Carr

Jack Carroll

Mick Casey

Steve Casey

Tom Casey

Douglas Clark

George Clark

Steve Clements

Bull Coleman

Geoffrey Condliffe (Count Bartelli)

Gary Cooper (Catweazle)

Gordon Corbet

Bill Coverdale

Shirley Crabtree (Big Daddy)

Frank Cuell

Jack Cunningham '

Romeo' Joe Critchley

Peter Cortez

Kevin Conneely

Dick Conlon

Eddie Capelli

Kevin Cawley

Bill Connor

Ken Cadman

'Bronco' Jack Cassidy

Eric Cutler

'Romeo' Joe Critchley

Ricky Cortez

George Cooper (Jim Cooper)

Sir Henry Cooper OBE

Alf Cadman

John Copping

Vic Coleman
Ray Crawley

Johnny Czeslaw

Clive Carpenter

Jimmy Cassidy

'Mad' Eli Collins (Superfan and Charity Fundraiser)

Tony Charles

Tony Cassio

Charlie Cornish

Bill Clarke

Mick Collins

Pete Curry

Duke Cordell

Terry Camm 

Sid Cooper




Tommy Dale

Jack Dale

John Dale

Dan Davey

Roy (Bull) Davis

Alf (Man Mountain) Dean

Leo Demitral

Herbert Devereaux

Fred Downes

Dennis Dean

Alan Denison

Mike Demitri

Jack Dempsey ( Tommy Moore)

Carl Dane

Harry Digby

Ray Diamond  ( White Angel)

Peter Deakin

Harry Duval

Al Diamond ( The Ebony Kid)

Eric Dudley ( Yorkshire Kid)

Axel Dieter 

Phil Davis (Referee)

Eric Day

Gerry Diprose

Arthur Donovan

Gwyn Davies

Ian 'Doc' Dean

Dynamite Kid (Tommy Billington)

John Davidson

Cyril Dummer 

Mike Dunleavy

John Da Silva 




'Big' Bruno Elrington

Johnny Eagle

Maurice Everett

Ebony Kid

Ken Else ...The Kangaroo Kid




Charlie Fisher

Arthur Fisher

Mickey Flack

John Foley

Grant Fotheringham

Danny Flynn

Tony Fury

Ezra Francis ( Sugar Ray Do Do & The Withdoctor)

Eddie Foxx

Tim Fitzmaurice

Ted Fretwell

Jack Fallon

Tony Francis

Vic Faulkner

Charlie Frary 

Billy Finlay 




Rex Gable

Alan Garfield

Fred Gee

Bill Garnon

Dave George

Mitchell Gill

Abe Ginsberg

Brian Glover (Leon Arras)

Karl Gotch ( Karel Istz)

Peter Gotz

Fred Green

Bob Gregory

Francis St Clair Gregory

Graham Guthri

Georges Gordienko

Charlie Green

Raymond Glendenning

Abe Goldberg

'Butcher' Goodman

Tommy Grant

Ian Glasper ( Ray Diamond- White Angel))

Harry Geoghegan

Bobby Graham

Peter Gurr 

Roger Green

David Gentle 





George Hackenschmidt

Patsy Hagate

Roy Harding

Jackie Harris

Ezzard Hart

Vic Hesselle

John Haggar ( Humphrey Mendoza)

Joe Hill

Tom (Tug) Holton

Mike Howley

Ron Harrison

Ray Hunter

Frankie Hughes

Frank Hurley

Shinya Hasimoto

'Judo' Al Hayes (Lord Alfred )

Billy Howes

John Harris

'Jumping' Jim Hussey

Steve 'Hardboiled' Haggerty

Dave Hines

Roy Hefferman

Tommy Hanson a.k.a. Toma Anson

Johnny Howard ( Rasputin)

'Texas' Ted Heath

Lennie Hurst

Eric Hodgkinson a.k.a. Vince Apollo

Gerry Hoggarth

Jim Howard


Jim Isdale





Eric Jackson

Gerry De Jaegar

Arthur (Butcher) Johnson

Harry Joyce

Doug Joyce

Ken Joyce

Mike 'Flash' Jordan

Peter Jay

Norman 'BoBo' Johnson

Paul Jerome aka Ponsenby Pendleton Pratt

John 'Taffy' Jenkins


 Peter Kelly

John Kelly

Alf Kent

George Kidd

Sammy King

Ernie (Kiwi) Kingston

Mal (King Kong) Kirk

Johnny Kovacs

Johnny Kwango

Les Kellet

Gorden Kilmartin

Tracy Kemp

'Prince' Gordon Kumali

Harry Kendall

John (Killer) Kowalski

Jeff Kaye

Chick 'Cocky' Knight

Dave Kidney

Klaus Kauroff




Alf Lagren

Charlie Law

Sky High Lee

Maurice Letchford

Leo Lightbody

Johnny Lipman

Chris Londos

Tommy Lusardi

Paul Luty

Steve Logan

'Dangerous' Danny Lynch

Ken Lasenby

Frank Lane 

Tommy Lorne

Gordon Lye (Klondyke Bill)

Chic Linton

Paul Lincoln ( Doctor Death)

Lolita Loren

Barry Lee

Jack Land a.k.a. Karl Von Kramer

Dick Lanagan

Rene Lasartesse

Norman Lowndes aka Maurice La Rue/Wild Red Berry






Pat Madden

Jim Maloney

Tony Mancelli

Tommy Mann

Tony Mansi

Lou Marco

Mike Marino

Bert Marsh

Johnny Marsh

Les Martin


Bill McDonald

Raymond Miller

Dennis Mitchell

Don Mitchell

Jean Morandi

Johnny Morgan

Julien Morice

Norman Morrell

Don Mendoza

Charlie McDonald (Lee Charles)

Dave Morgan

Brian (Butch) Mason

Steal Mcree

Rocky Moran

Peter Maivia

Jimmy Munro

Leah Maivia

Stefan Milla

Bob Moncreiff

Dennis McNamara

Brian Manelli

Jim McKenzie

'Judo' Al Marquette

Jim Martell

Bernard Murray

Mick McManus
Drew McDonald

John Murphy

'Jumping' Jim Moser

Keith Martinelli

Mick McMichael

Adrian McCallum

Viv Martell

Al Marshall 

Mal Mason

Len Muggeridge aka Lenny Lions

Dave Muggeridge 





Terry O'Neil

Gordon Nelson ( The Outlaw)

Ramon Napolitano

Terry Nylands





Sir Athel Oakley

Ron Oakley

Sandy Orford




Bobby Palmer

George Lawson Peeke

Milo Popocopolous

Charlie Purvis

Bully Pye

Dominic Pye

Harry Pye

Jack Pye

'Bad' Bill Pye

Emile Povey

Ivan Penzekoff

Angelo Papini

Chic Purvey

Mr  Jackie 'TV' Pallo

Steve "Gaylord" Peacock

Roy Parkes ( Mr. Big )

John Paul

Vic Power

Kevin Peach

Johnny Peters

Eric Pickering aka The Scorpion

Dave Phillips

Pat Patton

Geoff Portz

Barry Potter (The Badger) - Promoter

Peter Preston

J J Pallo

Julia Prayter 

Ray Plunkett

John Powers

Milan Prica






Babe Quesick

Joe Quesick

'Mighty' John Quinn




Harry Rabin

Nat Rabin

Sam Rabin

Milton Reed (Mighty Chang)

Carl Reginsky

Doug Relwyskow

George Relwyskow

Ken Richmond

Billy Riley

Melvin Riss

Alf Robinson

Guido Ronga

Harry Roth

Martin Ruane (Giant Haystacks)

Jimmy Ryan

Pat Roach

Reg Reynolds

Peter Rann

Ernie Riley

Terry Ricardo

Isaak Rain

Gordon Renton ( Farmers Boy)

Joe Reid

Les Riley 

Fred Rondell ( Vladimir Waldberg)

Tony Rowney

John Ryde ( Legs Valentine)

Billy Robinson

Llew Roberts

Ryan Williams

Anne De Relwyskow

'Tiger' Joe Robinson

Dave Reece (Referee)

Jim Rawlings

Ray Robinson

Andy Robin

Frank Robb

Mark Rocco 

Frank Rimer

Jackie Robinson 

Bill Rawlings




Tony (Pasquale)Salvo

Eric Sands

Eugene Stezycki

Max Martin Schultz

Bill Shelton

Stan Stone

Michael Sullivan

Tibor Szakacs

Eddie Stratton

Dave Smith (British Bulldog)

Pat O' Sullivan

Hans Streiger 

Harold Sakata (Great Togo)

Mikey Sharpe

Dai Sullivan

Gungha Singh ( Wildman of Borneo)

Francis Sullivan

Billy Stock

Vic Stewart

Dara Singh

( Big Boy)Charlie Scott

Rajendra Singh

Ian St. John

Bobby Steele

Dave Shade

Ricki Starr

Ken Shaw

Peter Szakacs

Mick Shannon 

Joe Sands

Barry Shearman aka Rex Strong

Bill Sigsworth

Tommy Stevenson

Jim Stockdale

Rik Sands

Sandy Soutar

Lee Sharron

Dicky Swales

Joey Scarlo

Ryan Smile

Steve Sadler

Kieron Satturley 

Bobby Stafford 




Billy Torontos

Lou Thesz

Randolph Turpin

Lord Bertie Topham

Ron Taylor

Eric Taylor

Joe Taylor

Alec Taylor

Jim Thomas

Jack Taylor

Kathy Thompson ( '' Hellcat' Hegarty )

Clayton Thomson

Alan Taylor a.k.a. Seaman Tommy Watts & Anaconda

John Thornwell ( Squeeky)

Doug Taylor 

Brian Trevors

Jack Taylor (Bradford)

Sheik Tannous

Kris Travis

Les Thornton

Reg Trood






'Legs' Valentine

Paula Valdez aka Princess Paula

Tony Vallon





Sonny Wallis

Bill Walsh

Norman Walsh

Johnny Williams

Freddie Woods

Billy Woods

Eddie Woodward

Arthur Wright

Kent Walton

Roger Wells

Max Ward

Joe Williams

George Wade

Bob Walsh

Johnny Willis

Orig Williams

Sgt. Bill Warner

Kevin Wood 

Tiger Williams

Woody Waldo

 Tony Wood ( The Viking)

Keith Waddington

Buddy Ward 

John (Ed) Wensor

Otto Wanz

Albert 'Rocky' Wall

Mike Weaver

Cam Wellington 

Steve Walton 






Harry Yardley

Johnny Yearsley

Reg Yates




Alexander Zass

Honey Boy Zimba

Adolph Zubrowski

Ivan Josef Zaranoff

Tony Zale

Having formed an affiliation with the South African

Reunion we now include their  obituary rosta


Frikkie  Alberto


Harry Bradford

Hans Van Den Berg


Sam Cohen   (Masked Star of David and Alec Simpson )

Killer Coetzer


Johan De Beer

Renaldo Delport   (Ronaldo from Canada)

Andy Dell


Flash Fourie (Springbok Amateur)

Johan Ferreira


Herman Von Gentz

Maans Groenewald


Bull Hefer

Johan Hefer

Wilhelm Hall (Masked Mister X )

Hans Van Hansen

Alf  Harding    (Springbok Amateur)

Dutchy' Holland


Abe Tarzan Jacobs  ( lost title to John Lees)

Janni8e Jacobs

Martiens Jacobs    (Masked Wildman from Kalahari)


Willie Kohne


Lappies Labeschagne ( Springbok amateur)

Willie Liebenberg      (National hero)

Piet Ludick

Hennie Liebenberg


Eddie Muller

Billy Meyer

Butcher Van Der Merwe

Blondie Marais

Willie Miles

Dave van Der Merwe  ( Springbok Amateur )


Willie Olivier


Gert Pieterse

Blondie Pienaar (Empire Games gold medallist)



Jan Swart ( masked Boerseun)

John Slabbert

Vic Van Schalkwyk

Don Charles Sutherland


Louis Van Vuuren


Spider Wheeler


Stripling Young


Silas Van Zyl

Childhood Heroes

I've taken falls and taken bumps

I've suffered bruises and the lumps
I've served my time upon the mat

Learning break falls; this and that

The use of ropes, The corner post

And the moves i found i used the most

The locks and Bars, The Holds and kicks

And other little wrestling tricks

I've studied wrestlers far and wide

That have made me warm and glow inside

As they paraded for the crowd

Who clapped and cheered so very loud

To watch these gods as they display

Their ringside talents every day

To see these modern gladiators

Give all they could for the spectators

Now some have gone to another ring

With a poster that says it all

Where legends of this noble sport

Would fill The Albert Hall

The list sadly is endless and growing every year

As more heroes pass away, all of them very dear

No more will they grace an earthly ring

But their praises we will always sing

There will be no top billing

As each one of them that's passed

Was a hero in his own way

So they'll be not first or last

But a name upon the role-call

That's written on the wall

In the dressing room up in the sky

And we miss them one and all

Barry " Superfly " Roy

Beyond The Rainbow's Edge
Daniel O'Donnell (Until The Next Time)

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