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Crusher Mason 

Crusher Mason, Butch Lynch or the Mighty Chang; whatever the name on the poster the result was always the same – mayhem.

He was an awesome,shaven headed assassin yet is remembered with affection by fans and fellow wrestlers alike.Essex wrestler Neil Sands told us, "He was without doubt one of the best, but most under used andunder rated heavyweights of the last thirty years. He had it all, the looks, the size, amazing athleticability, (he could take awesome bumps) greattiming, and a pro to his finger tips."

We can't say there was no one else like him because Crusher (Brian) based his ring persona on his long term mentor and friend, Danny Lynch. Such a statement does him an injustice, however, because Crusher was very much a top rate villain in his own right. He partnered Lynch as one of the Assassins, and was at times billed as Butch Lynch, but he was a talented wrestler who needed no one to rely on. Later in his career he adopted the persona of the Mighty Chang, not to be confused with Milton Reed, the original Mighty Chang.

Brian Allan Mason was born on 24th September, 1944 in Portsmouth. An agile and athletic man for his size the initial experience gained in the 1960s led to the 1970s development we all remember as the shaven headed villain of the 1970s friend and tag partner of Danny Lynch, adopting the name Duke Lynch. His reputation as a rule bending bad boy was cemented with an involvement in violent matches, including a terrific feud with Rollerball Rocco.

Working with his friend Danny (left)  may well have helped Butch's career but he was in no way second fiddle to his friend. No way at all. If anything was a more versatile wrestler than Danny, always able to adapt to the style of his opponent. Former wrestler Tom Thumb reminded us of just how many wrestlers owed so much to Crusher Mason – Chic Cullen, Klondyke Kate and Dave Hines amongst them. 

Another tag partner of Crusher was Mal “King Kong”Kirk, a more than formidable pair.

Brian "Butch" Mason died on 23rd August, 2000, just 55 years old and was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday 8th August 2021.  The award was presented to his daughter Lyndsey Mason.

(text courtesy of Wrestling Heritage)

(Lyndsey Mason receives a Hall of Fame Award on behalf of her late father)