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Coach Clive Payne writes from Switzerland

Browsing through the internet I 'found' your website and thought maybe you/your members would have interest in knowing 'my story' as I worked with literally every single one of the wrestlers mentioned. My interest in wrestling started when I was 17 and watched Bert Asserati wrestle Lou Thez to a draw after 6 x 10 mins at the Winter Gardens Bournemouth. From collecting autographs I eventually became a second for Lizander Promotions (Paul Lincoln/Bob Alexander) at the Royal Arcade Ballrooms Boscombe (Bournemouth). I was always getting involved with the 'fights' and as a result was asked by Bob to MC an event and which I did with utmost pleasure and pride- As a result it was not long before I officiated regularly either as MC or referee in numerous wrestling arenas from Portsmouth to Plymouth - Bournemouth to Bristol and once even in Cardiff's famous Sophia Gardens (4'500 people at the time). I was contacted by Dale Martin Promotions who asked me to join them. I was subsequently introduced by George Lawson Peake at Bournemouth's Winter Gardens as "the young man making a name for himself and starting to climb the stairway to stardom". At the end of the evening, I said," That's it for tonight folks. Hope you enjoyed the show. Don't forget we are here again in 2 weeks when ? will head the bill against ?. Until then, have a safe journey home and mind how you go". As the ring lights dimmed my interest in having a career in 'show business' also ended despite being offered a ludicrous contract. Al Hayes later invited me to join him in the United States. Bob Alexander and Ray Hunter invited me to move to Surfer's Paradise. Australia and which at the time was but a village and not the Queensland Entertainment Centre of today! Why? Well in the Winter Garden audience that night was my 22 year old beautiful Swiss Miss and who I eventually moved to this country with. Rita and I have been married now for 41 years. During this time I've helped to promote some of the biggest names in Country Music: Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard to mention just a few - but probably it was when Johnny Cash,June Carter and the entire Cash family appeared as headliners on my own Promotion in Zug (pronounced Zoog) 6 May 1989.Unfortunately I then encountered serious health problems and was forced to retire from all business activities in 1993. I still wonder today, what my life would have turned out to be if I'd joined Dale Martins or went to America with Al Hayes! All I can say folks is "I've enjoyed a great life both in and out of the ring/entertainment world and have NO regrets. Life IS what you make it. Until next time "that's it for tonight folks. Have a great weekend. Sincerely Clive Payne. CH-6275 Ballwil. Switzerland.


Readers may be interested to know that as a result of working for Lizander Promotions I became a regular visitor to the 2 I's Coffe Bar and eventually was compere to many a pop concert organised by Paul, Ray and Bob and introduced just about all the big names of the 50's and 60's with the exception of Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Bill Haley. Yes indeed I have enjoyed my time in the entertainment world. Best wishes. Coach Clive


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