British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


Bob Barratt

In the mid 1970s, a time when British wrestling was beginning to show signs of age, a new kid appeared on the block,

Bob "Blondie" Barratt. unlike most newcomers of the time this one had a bucketful of talent and two bucketfuls of charisma. We only wish Bob had been born twenty years earlier so that we could have enjoyed watching him during wrestling's greatest years. He would have been a star in any age. 

Bob became an increasingly popular figure in 1970s British wrestling with a memorable feud with Johnny Kidd and clashes with Rollerball Rocco, Dave Finlay and Giant Haystacks. 

The "Rock and Roll Express" moniker and more colourful outfits only embellished his place in 1980s wrestling. Most memorable of all, though, is Bob's long running tag partnership with Kendo Nagasaki. 

As we enter the second decade of the twenty first century he trains new entrants to the business and in 2003 started a successful British promotions, Rebel Pro Wrestling.

Bob was inducted into the hall of Fame in August 2017