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Memories of the 1940's at Belle Vue

Wartime bills consisted of those wrestlers who were available either because they were on leave, in local barracks, or who had not been called up. Regulars included Jack Atherton, John Hall, George Gregory, Dave Armstrong, Billy Riley, Val Cerino, Bill Garnon, Bill Ogden, alongside newcomers Jeff Conda, Jim Hussey and Billy Joyce.
The end of the war was celebrated in the usual style at Belle Vue with Bert Assirati and Bulldog Bill Garnon knocking each other about and ending in a “No contest”

Assirati granted Gregory a return contest, and held on to the title, on 31st August 1946. Also on the bill was the popular Irishman, Danno Davey. Davey was an almost permanent feature on Belle Vue bills during the post war years tackling opponents that included Tony Bear, Rex Gable, Iron Duke, Alf Rawlings, Vic Hessle, Tony Mancelli and Billy Joyce.
The end of the war meant that wrestling returned to many other venues around the country
Twice weekly shows continued at Belle Vue with heavyweights Assirati, Pye, Baldwin, Garnon and Ray St Bernard topping the bills.
Amongst the lighter wrestlers were Danny Flynn,Jim Mellor, Jack Dempsey, Danno Davey, Chick Knight
and Jack Dale. Domestic favourites were boosted by overseas visitors Felix Miquet, Pat Curry, Kiwi Kingston, Bert Van Der Auwera, and Legs Langevin.


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