British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


BWA Action Promotions

Action Promotions of Manchester coached and supplied female wrestlers to the British Wrestling Alliance group during the 1980`s . Were also BWA member Promoters serving the Gt. Manchester area 1978 to 1991 . In 1989 we amalgamated Seconds Out Promotions which then became Action Promotions ( Doncaster) operated by Mr Kevin Davis. In the early stages we were helped and advised by well known Manchester Wrestlers Eddie Rose and Mark Wayne. In 1986 Action Promotions took over a large ex-cinema in Salford, and staged several public Tournaments in the spacious auditorium. Some well known contracted wrestlers were Jodie Lee, Terri Kruger , Goldie Wells, Stella Fox and many others favorites on the female wrestling scene.
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