BWA Action Promotions BWA Action Promotions Ana Marie Martinez 142693486 Goldie Wells BWA Champion 1985-7 142693487 Kara & Jodie Lee 142693488 Lynn Stevens 142693489 Jodie Lee BWA Champion 1984-5 142693490 Stella Fox 142693491 Terri Kruger 142693492 Sue Brittain 142693493 Lady Satan 142693494 Kelly Shannon 142693496 Terri Kruger BWA Champion 1983-4 142693497 Stella Fox 142693498 Goldie Wells 142693499 Goldie Wells 142693500 Sharon `Tiger` Rose 142693501 Jackie McCann BWA Champion 1987 142693502 Dee Jones V Goldie Wells 142693503 The Black Widow 142693504 Countess De`Sade 142693505 Liz Scott 142717070 Kelly youngblood 142717071 Kelly Youngblood BWA Champion 1989-91 142717072 Julie Fielding Teenage Sensation 142717074 Kay West 142717075 Madame Kiss 142717076 Lizanne Dee 142717077 Kelly Youngblood 142717078 Angel Blue 164987785 Sadista Powerful Scots Heavy-weight 164987786 Sandy Storm Six foot Blonde Bombshell 164987787 Miss Dynamite 164987788 Linzi Farraday Blonde Middle-weight Stunner 166880085 Fabia 164987789 Akala Jan 166880086 Gina Laverne 166880165 Jackie McCann 166991286 Jackie McCann 166880166 Lady Satan 166991652 Lady Satan 166991653 Black Widow 166991597 Dee Jones super fast Light-weight 166991598 Dee Jones 166991599 Jodie Lee BWA Pin-Up Girl in all her glory 167731627 Terri Kruger 167731628 Sue Brittain Somewhat `illegal` throw by the Boobs !!! 172525367 Akala Jan Miss India well in control 172525368 Jodie Lee The Ref tells Jodie a thing or two..... 172525369 Fabia Fabia Throws Jane St John 172525370 Kara 172573398 Kara V Jodie Lee Mistress of Rule-Bending.... 172573399 Miss Pinkie Trained by Kevin Davis, ( Action Promotions Doncaster ) 172573400 Lynn Stevens 172573401 Miss Pinkie Pinkie gives her rival a colossal Body-Slam which shook the Ring. 172678836 Kelly Youngblood The Champ notches up another Victory 172856580 Lizanne Dee Attractive Brunette Heavy-weight 172856581 Fabia Winning Pin to Fabia, and what a Beauty !! 172856582 Madame Kiss 172859854 Lady Satan Satan sends Beverley Cohen crashing to the mat with a stupendous Body Slam 172975900 Sadista Sadista has Gina Laverne in big trouble in this Heavy-weight Tussle 173622820 Tha Masked Mistress Managed by Kevin Davis Action Promotions Doncaster 173622821 Jodie Lee 173622822 Jodie Lee Every ones favorite , east to see why !!! 173622823 Jackie McCann Jackie has Stella Fox in agony with this unusual but very effective Body-Stretch 173624144 Goldie Wells V Jodie Lee An open air Tournament brings in the crowds 175363497 Beverley Cohen Beverley Cohen has Lady Satan nicely held in this tight Head-scissors 175363499 Kelly Youngblood Kelly has Akala Jan under control 175968280 Lynn Stevens V Lady Satan Can Heavy-weight Lynn defeat the Hooded Vixen ??? 175968282 Lynn Stevens 175968283 Miss Dynamite Tries for a Pin.... 175968284 Countess De`Sade The Countess about to Body Slam the much heftier Gina Laverne 175968285 Jodie Lee V Terri Kruger Two extreme Rivals get to grips... 175969243 Countess De`Sade V Gina Laverne 175969244 Kelly Youngblood Kelly finishes Jodie Lee off with a Folding Body Press, and does`nt Kelly look pleased ? 175969245 Black Widow Black Widow pins Jodie Lee 176720711 Ana Marie Martinez Portuguese Beauty 176783970 Lady satan Lady Satan defeats Beverley Cohen with a 2-to-nil win. 176720712 Countess De`Sade V Jodie Lee 176783971