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I don't see any mention of Jim Breaks; saw him wrestle a few times at Guildford as well on the telly regularly. Any updates?

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Ken Sowden
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Thanks for your comment Jools.  Jim Breaks is alive and well and living in Tenerife.  Jim was indeed a regular on itv for many years.  We will soon be posting many photographs and posters to the site and am sure that some of these will be of Jim.  

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Dave Fletcher
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Brilliant wrestler was young Jimmy Breaks, I still look for any new video's of him across the web. Is he still doing Timeshare ?

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I spoke to Jim recently for a profile in FSM which will be appearing next month. I have to say it's probably my favourite in the series so far.

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Frank Rimer
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Jimmy says Hi to all members from his home in Gran Canaria. He is very well and often speaks to Wayne Bridges by phone.Now 75 years old,he attended the Reunion as a surprise visitor in 2006.Had hoped to fly over last year but was forced to postpone due to Business arrangements that could not be undone. Johnny Saint rates Jimmy Breaks as the best opponent he ever had.High praise indeeed for a master worker.

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Jimmy King of the Straight Arm Lift

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Big Dave
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One of my favourite heels! That chicken wing always looked bloody painful!

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Terry Christie
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Jim Breaks,The infamous Professional Wrestler from Bradford,Yorkshire always a rule bender with his arm leaver submission and is called The Jim Breaks Special and the crowd hate the man also they booing him as well and I Remember in February 1981 when he pulled Jon Cortez's trunks at Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire when The late Kent Walton called The Referee is The late Max Ward and he pointed out that Breaks has been cheated to 2-1 winner but The MC John Curry sent Breaks back into the dressing room on ITV's World of Sport and Breaks shouted at Kent Walton in a temper and thw winner is Jon Cortez in The Sixth & Final Round.

Jim Breaks,The infamous Rulebender of Professional Wrestling.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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I vividly remember his bouts against Alan Dennison and Loen Aris (Brian Glover) Glad to hear he's well.

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I still want to know how he managed to "crack" Steve Grey's fingers in the Albert Hall without breaking them!!

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yep remember cry baby breaks wrestle a lot at croydon fairfield halls great and some funny stuff

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