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I first had the privilidge of watch live pro-wrestling at the age of 8 in 1963 at West Ham Baths, LONDON E15.

Has anyone got similar memories, and more importantly any programmes, posters or flyers from those days they can post here?

Would be very grateful to relive those memories. The earliest are Sean Regan, Roy Bull Davies, and Joe Cornelius v The Zebra Kid.




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Tony Bates
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Hi David, I have just added a copy of a programme with me on it for West Ham, you may have been there.


Cheers Tony Baters

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Thanks Tony. Will take a look.

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Neil Sands
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West Ham baths was one of my earliest trips to see wrestling. I would have thought about 1963. I used to get the trolley bus from Barkingside. Would wait in the cold to get buy a bag of Percy Daltons peanuts with shells on. Sit in the balcony about half way down in line with the ring and throw the peanut shells at MC The great Sammy King. The 2 names I remember most were Ian Campbell who I though had this amazing aura and as a kid I thought he was fearsome. I told this to his daughter at the Leeds Reunion in September. The other was Harold Sakata who went on to be Oddjob but worked then as Togo.  Happy days indeed and times that little fire in me that finally got me w restling all around the world.  Cheers  Neil

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Hi Neil, many thanks for that. Met you at the reunion, we had a little (me, just a mere fan I'm afraid). Just want to slightly correct your post re West Ham Baths. The trolleybuses in the east end finished in 1960, and I think the Barkingside route via Ilford went in 1959, so you're even older than you think!!!!

Many thanks by the way, for the great entertainment from all. Wrestling - no.1.


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