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I've just arrived home following the 21st Reunion and just want to say thanks to Frank, Wayne, Sarah, Joe and Jo. Another brilliant day with any thoughts that you might be overshadowed by some fly by night event called the Olympics quickly dispelled.

I'm sure none of us understand just how much work goes into making the event such a success, but that doesn't make us any less appreciative.

Forty plus years ago how could I imagine that one day someone woud make it possible for me to talk to Dazzler Joe Cornelius, Sean Regan, Wayne Bridges, Johnny kincaid, Colin Joynson, Roy St Clair, Tony Scarlo, Bob Anthony and Johnny Saint.

Many, many thanks.

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Thank you so much for allowing us to attend your day. We didnt get all the footage we wanted but realistically we would have needed all weekend. So thank you very much to those we interviewed, thank you to those we didnt, rest assured we would of done had the realisation we was never going to have enough time hadn't struck home. Just a case now of putting the video together in a manner that does you all justice. Last but not least thank you too the organisers the work involved must have been taking alot of your time. Jon P


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Ian Dowland
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OMG What a really fabulous day I have had today, a great road-trip with 3 good pals of mine into The Garden of England, Kent, for what I felt was the best ever Southern Wrestlers Reunion. I was so overjoyed and I guess that my excitement was highly noticeable by everyone at this great event when I saw and managed to meet my all time favourite wrestler in the flesh for the very first time, yes I mean that fantastic heavyweight Irishman Sean Regan who flew in from his home in South Africa to attend The Reunion, I just cannot find the right words or superlatives to use to describe Sean Regan but I will say that my meeting him today in the bright sunshine that he must have brought with him was the most magical few minutes of my entire life, I felt like I was in a dream and having an out of body experience as I could actually see myself looking down at the pair of us sat in the garden of The Bridges (Pub). Sean Regan autographed two of his books that I was carrying for my pal Ray Barnard who was on holiday in Abu Dhabi, whilst he was signing the books we chatted away about the great days when of his UK career especially when he wrestled for Deveraux Promotions when the well respected wrestler Ken Joyce was at the helm. I met Sean Regan over eight hours ago and I still cannot control my excitement and I am asking myself if it was all a dream.

I would also like to add that it was also a delight for me to have seen so many dear friends and made some new friends, can I thank my pals that are still alive and just about kicking for adding to my superb day out, Tony Scarlo, Joe Cornelius, Baz Taxi and his Wife, referee Michael Wakely and his Daughter, Diane Fretwell , Frank Rimer, Liz Spoor and Les, Johnny Kincaid, Blondie Bob Barratt, Dean Ayass, Johnny Kidd, Peter Szakacs, Joe D'Orazio, Barry Cooper, David Franklin, Ray Plunket and so many more.


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I put a thank you on the guestbook page, but would like to repeat that here. Many thanks to Frank, Wayne and Sarah. A great day was had by all. Wonderful people and an interesting day.

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Chris Nelson
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Sounds like it was a brilliant day.  Sorry I couldn't make the party

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Jon Deacon
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Anyone know if colin groves was there aka bull pratt.

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