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Dennis Lord
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I have had an email looking for " Proffessor  Eddy  Stratton "  alias  " Doctor  Kamikase "

His real name was Edwin Sesei, He is no longer with us having died in the early  2000s

He is someone I never came across, so I said I would post on the Reunion site and see if any of our Wrestling friends can throw any light on his Wrestling career.




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Ken Sowden
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Eddie was a great wrestler and Martial Arts exponent who worked the opposition circuits in the late 60's/70's . There are photos of him in action against the great Butch Mason taken from our shows at that time.


He would start his bouts with a demo of brickbreaking  in the ring, which would astound the audience and opponents alike.


Latterly, he lived in Devon and continued to practise and teach  until contracting asbestosis prior to his death. He always attended the Reunions and is deeply respected for his knowledge and integrity.


Professor Eddie Stratton is sorely missed amongst the wrestling fraternity.  

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