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David Unger
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Hi all

As a wrestling fan and antiques dealer its always nice to come across wrestling stuff. I bought a couple of autograph books a while ago and held onto them. I have just got round to photographing and cataloging them. I will post a full list of who is actually there when it's done, some a proving hard to identify. Amongst them there is a 'Shirley Crabtree', which is quite rare sine he almost always signed as Big Daddy., There is a Les Kellet and some other very nice ones.

I might carry on keeping hold of them for myself, or maybe put them into a specialist auction. Either way I thought people would like to see them :)


March 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Anglo Italian
Posts: 2

That's the first time I've ever seen an Ezzard Hart autograph.  You lucky blighter!

June 15, 2012 at 9:45 AM Flag Quote & Reply

David Unger
Posts: 6

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have put the collection up for auction if anyone is interested, they will be offered for sale at the Adam Partridge auction house on August 16th. 

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David Unger
Posts: 6

I haven't been able to identify all the autographs by the way, so the below isn't a full list, but its the ones I know about!

Shirley Crabtree

Les Kellett x 2

Mike Eager

Caswell Martin

Vic Faulkner

Zolton Boscik

Steve Haggerty

Lee Sharon 

Jackie Pallo

Johnny Eagles

Kent Walton TV


Mike McMichael

Johnny Casanova

Marty Jones

Tony Charles

Steve Veider

Andy Robbins

Johnny Saint

Butts Giraud

Harry Kendall

Mike Maring

Colin Joynson

Ezzard Hart

Roy St Claire

Farmer John

Tony Orford


June 30, 2012 at 3:34 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Anglo Italian
Posts: 2

Do let us know how yesterday's auction went.

Personally, I always enjoyed collecting autographs for the fun of securing them myself, and some were very difficult to get.  I am amazed people would buy them, especially as they are so susceptible to forgery.

Each to his own, but very much "Process Not Product" for me.

August 17, 2012 at 12:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

David Unger
Posts: 6

Hi guys

As you probably realised the books didn't go up for sale in August. The saleroom changed the date and I wasn't aware of this when I sent you the previous message. They are going to be offered on the 27th September and the Adam Partridge auction house. They are lot number 54a in the catalogue. -

Best regards & good luck! - David

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David Unger
Posts: 6

Regarding securing them personally. I somewhat agree, but many of the autographs here are by people who are no longer with us, so that's sadly unlikely to happen. I don't agree with the likelyhood of forgery for this sort of item. The work involved simply isn't worth the money. Forgers focus on much more hard to come by items, and much more valuable autographs. Aquiring unused books of the correct age is hard, correctly aging the ink once a forgery is done is hard. Then there is the risk of being caught for a crime that has a some pretty stiff penalties, and the obvious loss of face with the auction house. It's just not worth it for autographs that aren't going to fetch hundreds. I didn't collect the autographs myself, but considering how they came to me it's very  unlikely indeed that someone wasted the sort of time it would take to forge them!

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David Unger
Posts: 6

The set sold for £40, someone got themselves a bargain!

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