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Hello and good afternoon

Im new to the site so wanted to introduce myself firstly. Im a long time wrestling fan (aren't we all!) Im 26 (for another few days anyway!) and i am also a documentary production final year student at the northern film school.


as a film maker i am always looking for a great story and this led me to look at wrestling as its one of my biggest passions in life. I wanted to make a british wrestling documentary and began to do some research into possible ideas around the theme. What i felt quite sad about was the fact that despite being in many peoples opinions a national institution, british wrestling from the WOS era has had very little said about it since it was off the air. Despite having millions of viewers and fans across the world very few people seem to know what happened next and from my feedback they would love to hear personal stories of how their lives changed and what this era meant to them as people.


I have been fortunate where by i have received a modest grant from the northern film school (and continue to source further funding) to put a documentary on this subject into production so I am here because as fellow fans of all things british wrestling id like your help :)


The first concern that people seem to have is that this will be a doom and gloom documentary which couldn't be further from the fact. I want to make a documentary which reintroduces younger people into just how big wrestling was on television. I want to bring back the wrestlers on screen to talk about their careers and how it changed and what they are doing now in life, as a celebration of just how much enjoyment and bonding wrestling bought to the country. I also have an interview with greg dyke confirmed in which i want to hear his side of the story and also offer thoughts and feelings from the wrestlers and fans about him and hopefully gain some closure on the matter.


So how could you help? Firstly by spreading the word and telling people that we will be making this documentary. Secondly if you are in contact with wrestlers from the era could you kindly pass on my contact details so that i can get in touch and explore the possibility of their involvement. We also want to hear from fans, do you have any interesting stories from attending live shows, do you have stories of how you, friends, family and neighbours all got together to watch on television. Do you want to share what it meant to you...then get in touch! We are also interested in photography and footage you may have, whether it be of live events, at home watching the wrestling or the wrestlers themselves.


Sorry for the long post but as you can probably tell I am very passionate about the project :)


And ill also point out that this is a non commercial documentary, I will be making it readily available upon completion for everyones viewing at no charge.


hope to hear from you all soon, take care

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