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Terry Christie
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Jackie Pallo is one of my favourite wrestler in the sixties & seventies met the infamous Mick McManus on ITV Sport from 1962-73 raging up to 11-12 million of viewers more than the FA cup finals days before Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks in the eighties & nineties as well.

Jackie wrestled with Honor Blackman in the 1964 episode of The Avengers Mandrake and knocked him out for 10 minutes also he appeared in Eamonn Andrews This Is Your Life show is great and making a good friendship with the famous voice of Professional Wrestling is the late Kent Walton.

Sadly Jackie(Mr TV)Pallo passed away at the age of 80 years and it is so sad many grapple fans paid tribute to the wonderful man of british wrestling icon.

I Won't forget the famous wrestler is Jackie Pallo.

Terry Christie

From Sunderland Tyne & Wear

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Terry Christie
Posts: 86
Terry Christie From Sunderland
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Jill Hughes
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awww I didnt know Jackie passed away, My Dad Frankie Hughes, also a wrestler back in the 60s(pic on website of him with Vic Faulkner and others) he also passed away in 2002..... I loved watching all the wrestlers and meeting them when I was achild....I have good memories, and also had Billy Two Rivers stay at my house when I was 15, also Adrian Street did too, many many years ago when I was growing up... Jill Hughes

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