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ronnie sands
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i was a bad jobber trying hard to be better, trained in gravesend by a guy  The mad monk who gym was behind a pub in gravesend. i was never gonna  be a star come to think of it wasnt very good at all. however i did meet some nice girls and it was in 1976  when my girl a the time and now 30 yrs later is my wife shw was always on about how great Tony st Clair was and how handsome etc (never saw that myself) and could i introduce her to him when i next did a show with him. i think at the time my stories of my wrestling career was exzaggerated a little;

the day came when tony was on a show at central hall in chatham and so off we went me dreading the truth outting.  whilst having a meal before the show in  the wimpey bar at chatham Tony walked in..............much to my girls joy!!! go on go on she said get him to say hello. with some dread i pop over to his table  saying hi tony remmmeber me from that show in sussex last week  he looked puzzled but when im my low stage whisper told i was a bad jobber trying to impress a new girl tony came over sat a while a made my girls day(a day she talks off even now ) he made even me think i was he s old mate.


so tony cheers mate u made my life this good

glad to know your on the mend and u are a true gen.



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Met Tony St.Clair in the "gents" (!) at Bridges PH, reunion, this August. A truly nice guy, took time to chat, mentioned he was my dear mum's favourite back in the 70's and 80's.  Said he was "every mum's favourite".  Very self-effacing and humble.   As nice and decent out of the ring as in it.  Glad your on the mend. All the best.

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