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Hi to everyone here, let me tell you a bit about myself, I was born in the early 1960's, went to school in the 1970's, apart from school I was never allowed to play out as a kid which was considered odd back in them days but my late mother made up for this golden rule she imposed on little me by letting me watch as much TV as I wanted...and I did:D, amongst everything else and like most families back then Saturday, 4.00pm was of course Wrestling time, we never missed it, it was my late elder brother who was the biggest fan in the house, I was quite young then but still enjoyed it too, particularly Kendo Negasaki, I was always dying to know who he really was, who wasn't??, even when Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks managed to pull his mask  off in bouts and after Kendo himself volunteering to show his face some years later he still remained a mystery, especially having never spoken, I believe he is one of the few originals from that era still alive, probably because he was younger than some of the others like Big Daddy etc, his real name is Peter Thornley as doubtless many of you will already know, for anyone who has never seen it below is a link to a clip from Youtube if it's OK to put them on here??, it shows when Kendo officially unmasked, when you look at this person behind the mask you can tell that he was no ordinary dude, there was something about him that was far from ordinary and everyday, not hard to see why he was world heavy weight champion despite being relatively smaller and lighter than said Bigg Daddy and Giant Haystacks etc, he was a much scarier presents in the ring, enjoy and I hope to contribute some more here soon, many thanks:).....

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