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ken sowden
Posts: 16

Whether you loved them or hated them it is without question that 2 of the biggest names ever in British wrestling were Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, a rivalry that will be remembered for years but in reality who was better?   Big Daddy was obviously many years older that Haystacks but at the peak of their careers, (for Daddy this would have been when he wrestled in the 60s under his real name) who would have won a real fight? Haystacks of course had the weight and strength but Daddy had the wrestling knowledge as well as the strength.  For me I think Daddy would have just had the edge but what do others think?

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John H
Posts: 10

I never saw Shirley Crabtree wrestle in the 60s only saw him as Big Daddy from the mid seventies onwards, and whereas I enjoyed watching some of the time, I began to think soon afterwards that he and Haystacks were too dominant and that was to the detriment of the sport as a whole.

But back to the question at hand, as to who was the better between Daddy and Haystacks, my vote would also go for Big Daddy.I say this because of what I have heard of his background and also because on the odd occasion where he wasn't involved in a bout against Haystacks or John Quinn, or when he wasn't coming to the rescue of someone like Danny Collins or Pete Ross who had just been mauled by an opposing tag team,he could actually wrestle.

There is a contest between Big Daddy and John Elijah which surfaces from time to time on the Fight Network which bears this out.


John H

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Terry Christie
Posts: 86

Big Daddy is the great heavyweight wrestler when the people and children cheered the wonderful man is better wrestler on the other hand Giant Haystacks is always the bending the rules with 46 stones and I watched Big Daddy against Haystacks at Wembley Arena London is One to Ten and Big Daddy won the contest when Haystacks over the ropes in June 1981 on ITV's World of Sport is the great original contest indeed.

Big Daddy is The Better Professional Wrestler icon for many decades for so long.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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Posts: 4

What surprises me is that despite meeting Kendo Nagaeaki over 70 times there's not one Daddy victory other by disqualification or walkout. Kendo has many wins by both falls and submissions and knockouts. 

Similar returns in his clashes with Haystacks. 

Am I right in saying that Haystacks held only two solo wins v Daddy? 

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Bill Smith
Posts: 3

Shirley was not noted for his "heart" against adversity,(He ran away from Bert Assirati),Haystacks was bigger and ,when at his best.strongerI think that in a real battle Shirley would have lost and Haystacks would have won

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mick "the pen"brown
Posts: 5

Big Daddy was the best in his younger days as the Battling Guardsman

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