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This post was on the OLD forum but as we have recently gained a lot of new members since opening this new forum i'd like to open this topic up for discussion again.  We will be inducting some more names into the hall of fame soon and would like your opinions on who should be inducted!

As i'm sure you will all agree, there are so many great men who rightly deserve there spot in the hall of fame and when choosing who you feel deserves a spot i would like you to consider the following:-

1. Have they had a successful and varied career in there own right?
2. Have they been instrumental in the success of others through training, teaming with, or even wrestling?
3. Have they had a wider impact on the success of the wrestling business through international travel?
4. Are they somone who is well respected within the wrestling comunity and from fans alike?

Of course there are many more things that would qualify someone to be included in the Hall of Fame, these are just a few suggestions to help get you started. If you can include as much detail as possible as to why you feel a certain person should be inducted then that will be most helpful to us in reaching a decision. There will be several people being inducted.

Many thanks

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The Riot Squad
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Here are my suggestions...

Norman Morrell - For his contribution to the post war revival, amateur and professional wrestling career and membership of Joint Promotions.

Jack Dale - For his contribution to the post war revival, amateur and professional wrestling career and membership of Joint Promotions.

Billy Riley - For his wrestling career and influence on some of Britain's greatest wrestlers.

Bert Assirati - For his wrestling career at home and abroad.

Bill Robinson - For his international wrestling career and influence on young wrestlers through his training school in Japan.

Billy Joyce - For being arguably Britain's most skilful technical heavyweight.

Mike Marino - For his long wrestling career, contribution to all aspects of the business and the respect he received from other wrestlers.

Les Kellett - For popularising wrestling.

Ernie Riley - For his wrestling skill and longevity as a champion.

Eric Taylor - For his wrestling skill and longevity as a champion.

Count Bartelli - For his longevity as a masked man.

Mick McManus - For popularising wrestling and his promotional work.

Jack Dempsey - For his wrestling skill

Jack Beaumont - For his wrestling skill

George Kidd - For his wrestling skill and longevity as a champion

Johnny Saint - For his wrestling skill and longevity as a champion.

Athol Oakeley - For his wrestling skill and promoting wrestling in the 1930s

Bulldog Bill Garnon - For his wrestling skill

Jack Pye - For being wrestling's greatest villain, achieving notoriety and becoming a household name in pre tv days.

Paul Lincoln - For his contribution as a wrestler and promoter.


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There's no question who should be nominated for the hall of fame.  It's got to be Bill.  Wayne Bridges was my hero back in the 70s and as you can tell from the photo I was thrilled to meet him at the reunion this year.






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Power Trip Wrestling
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My (admittedly biased) suggestion would be someone I am always so proud to call a friend of mine, and that is Johnny Kidd.

Johnny's modesty and professionalism at all times has been such an example to this day for many of the younger wrestlers in the business today, he is still in wonderful physical condition and his ability hasn't lost a step - he can still 'go' with the very best of them.

A terrible shame he retires at the end of this year, but his 31 years in the business speak volumes and he will forever be my hero.


Petey Staniforth

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Ian Dowland
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I believe in honouring people whilst they are still alive so they will know just how much we appreciate what they have done or are still doing, it is pointless honouring someone when they are not here to enjoy it.


I would nominate three people,

1/ Paul Lincoln for obvious reasons and his longevity and for his continued support of our Sport.

2/ Johnny Kidd  (who retires this year) Johnny has work tirelessly in our Sport for 30+ years.

3/ John Freemantle for 21 years and still Promoting events under The Lord Mountevan Rules. We all cry out for the old days to return but John Freemantle is still here running the shows that we scream out for.



Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional.

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David Kidney.30 year undefeated BWA British Featherweight Champion,first won in 1959.A contempary of Dundee wrestlers George Kidd,Chic Purvey & Lee Thomas among others.Probably Britain's oldest active wrestler,he still trains youngsters in British Style & wrestles on shows to this day at the age of 80!
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