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Dennis Lord
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It was Great to meet Alan Kilby again the last time I worked with him was 1965.

I was standing waiting to meet friends, when Adam Kilby came in ( Alans Son also a wrestler) it was like I was looking at the Alan Kilby I knew in the 60s he came in with his Sister Tracey who is also carving a career in Wrestling

One of the nicest wrestling Families,

If anyone has any Pictures,Posters or Stories of Alan, please post the to Frank at the Reunion site and share with wrestling friends around the World.

Please keep posting and make the Reunion site the no1 Wrestling page.

all the best Dennis Lord 




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I was not fortunate enough to see Alan wrestle in person, but I do remember seeing him quite often on the old World of Sport on the Wrestling Channel.

He was always someone to look forward to. I think we all had our favourite wrestlers, and Alan was one of mine.

We was a great competitor, and really loved to wrestle, one of the "good guys".

I was always fascinated to see him talking to his second during breaks, in sign language of course.

The only picture I have of Alan apart from the most recent taken I believe at the reunion, is the one I am posting here. I know it's quite old, but it's how I remember him, a great wrestler.

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Hmmmm, found another picture of Alan.......

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