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Ken Sowden
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In light of the tragic accident suffered by Nik Bali  last week , whilst wrestling for Celtic wrestling , and the article written by legendary wrestler : Klondyke Kate, in which she says that Promoters and wrestlers do not understand enough about the Business to practice these potentially life threatening moves, what do you think ?

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Ken Sowden
Site Owner
Posts: 45

For years, Tony Scarlo and I taught wrestling when we founded the Dropkixx Wrestling Academy, emphasising safety in falling from every angle, protecting the opponents joints and vital parts during moves, technical ability, a little shoot for self defence, credibility, selling,the 'less is more' ethic, and we were regularly assisted by some of the greatest names that wrestling has ever had to offer, such as the awesome Doug Williams, Steve Grey, Bobby Barnes,Pat Roach, Wayne Bridges, Mel Stuart, Vince Randell, Flash Barker, Jonny Storm, John Hall, Jon Ritchie (present owner),Jody Fleisch, even stars of the WWE Jake Roberts, Dave Taylor, Dave Finlay, Chris Benoit, who all preached from the same bible.We were so proud of our new wrestlers numbering well over 50, who gave 150% effort on our training shows, but unfortunately however, when we put the young grapplers on circuit, the ever growing band of small Promoters, with very little experience between them,  only wanted clotheslines and idiotic ,often dangerous aerial moves, all choreographed like dance routines. With injuries like this lad Nik Bali, and Dynamite Kid, and at risk of being called old fashioned,whilst nothing stays the same,  maybe it is time to turn the clock back in some respects , get down on the floor and do what the word says WRESTLING ,before somebody else gets seriously hurt !! There have always been minor injuries, that is the name of the game, and one could expect 4 weeks a year out of circulation, even the odd serious incident like the late great Masambula left crippled in a wheelchair for 20 years, but these were rare, and the old boys around today many of whom have had hip replacements from bumping, managed a 40 year career , working 6 nights a week, before surgery was necessary. I hope that with this latest tragedy, the young grapplers in the U.K. today, will give serious thought to their safety and wellbeing.


Frank Rimer

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Alan Hinder
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I could not agree more with Klondyke Kate, some of the moves todays so called wrestlers try to produce are stupid. They want to put a show on for the loyal fans who follow them around the country but they must also consider their own safety. Lets get back to the past and to the traditional British style wrestling of holds, counter holds, locks, and submition holds.

I would just like to end this by wishing Nick Bali a speedy recovery (fingers crossed) and if he comes through this, get out of wrestling nothing is worth putting your health in danger.

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What i don,t understand is why a wrestler would want gain a pop from 50 or so fans it just does not make sense.


In the USA wrestlers are brought up with high flying moves for which they get paid a lot more than our lads do.


There is nothing wrong with coming off the top rope (suplex) double axe handle,all are fairly harmless when done



Promoters have got to look after the young talent and tell them not on my promotion.


Its not needed the fan base is not there and never will be for such moves in any organistion in the uk (simple)


sorry to be so crude but that my friends is the truth,young wrestlers will always take a risk or too as it is a tough industry

to crack.


Somebody has got to put them right and that is down to the promoters who book them for there shows


Hopefully sense will come through and wrestlers will understand that it really is just not worth it (not on that pay) 

no way.forget it lets have a good wrestling match instead.  


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