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I was very saddened to hear of Tony Walsh's diagnosis.  Around 14 years ago, when my beloved late Mother was very ill, I contacted him to purchase a copy of his newly released book.  We had an interesting e-mail exchange, I told him about my Mother, and all the times I'd taken her wrestling over the years, and the times she'd taken me, starting at West Ham Baths, in 1963.  The Royal Albert Hall shows were her favourite, and I did inform "Banger" that he definitely wasn't her favourite!   When he had a brief resumee of my life and heard about my mother's illness, he kindly informed me that a book was already in the post, without charge, and he wrote some kind words on the inside page, wishing her well.

She was overcome by this kindness, but sadly passed away the following year.  She asked me to convey my best wishes to Tony which I did, and we have exchanged greetings at each reunion for the past ten years or so.  I wish you well Tony, especially with the fundraising in June, and look forward to shaking your hand again in August.

My Mother was very knowledgeable and keen on wrestling, but I never had the heart to tell her what really went on behind the scenes!

Best wishes to all, looking forward to August.

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Melvin M Melvin
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Whenever I encounter anyone with the surname Walsh, I refer to them as 'Banger' - not to their face, though :D - Best wishes - Dave  

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