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I think, if done properly, this is excellent news. Are any of the reunion guys involved? You guys know most about the scene, past and present. I would love Kendo to make an appearance along with other greats such as Johnny Saint, Mal Sanders, Marty Jones, Fit Finlay, Rob Brookside, Steve Regal, Wayne Bridges and Rollerball Rocco just to name a few. And, as it is being filmed in Manchester, invite Dynamite Kid (if his health is good enough). This could be a great show for a new young generation of wrestling fans and bringing the legends in, will just add that extra special touch.
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ken sowden
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Hulkster at October 22, 2016 at 3:49 AM

I think, if done properly, this is excellent news. Are any of the reunion guys involved? You guys know most about the scene, past and present. I would love Kendo to make an appearance along with other greats such as Johnny Saint, Mal Sanders, Marty Jones, Fit Finlay, Rob Brookside, Steve Regal, Wayne Bridges and Rollerball Rocco just to name a few. And, as it is being filmed in Manchester, invite Dynamite Kid (if his health is good enough). This could be a great show for a new young generation of wrestling fans and bringing the legends in, will just add that extra special touch.

Hello Hulkster


Thank you for your comment, there is certainly a lot of positive comments regarding the ITV show and anything that promotes british wrestling is very good for the business and we wish everyone involved in it the very best of luck. Whilst the Reunion are in no way connected with this show we have been asked to do a segment for BBC radio looking back at the greats of the day as well as giving our thoughts on the WOS show and this is due to be recorded in the next week or so.


We do not believe that any of the greats from the past will have an active role on this new show but ITV have also flmed a documentary (very similar to that done by BBC4 a few years ago) where a number of the greats have been interviewed and we very much look forward to seeing this especiall;y as ITV have all the footage and will no doubt show many clips that have not been seen for years.

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Terry Christie
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I am so pleased that Independent Television's World of Sport Professional Wrestling is back every Saturday Afternoons at 4pm with the new wrestlers under Lord Mountevans rule with 6-5 minute rounds for two falls,two submissions or knockout to beside the winner and the former wrestlers for many years included Jackie Pallo,Mick McManus,Les Kellett,Steve Logan,George Kidd,Big Daddy,Brian Maxine,Alan Dennison,Johnny Kwango,Johnny Saint,Kendo Nagasaki and the famous voice of the late Kent Walton.

Have a good week until next week on ITV's World of Sport Professional Wrestling.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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How very very disappointing. Entertaining?  Yes, to a point. Credible?  Certainly not. The poor man's WWE, to a point.

Certainly no disrespect whatever to the current crop of modern day wrestlers, in fact the tag match was good, and a guy called Zack (can't recall his surname) came across as probably the nearest to the old World of Sport days with some very deft moves.

But the razzamatazz, the lighting, the costumes and the repetitve "This bout is scheduled for one fall" really grated. Who spotted the faces of our classic wrestlers from years back?  During one bout, Rollerball looked thoroughly bored.  Who can blame him?  When one thinks back to what he did and achieved, this was amateur indeed.

This was a golden, and missed, opportunity, to showcase BRITISH wrestling as it used to be.  OK, if you didn't exactly want a return to the 60's and 70's, fair play.  But, wouldn't it have been good to have had a mixture of stuff?  A couple of bouts, one technically clean, brilliant and enjoyable, and one with 6x5 min rounds as it used to be (who remembers the old heavyweight 4x10 min round clashes at places like West Ham baths?) would have been the icing on the cake.  A lot of youngsters there who could have learned something about the old (and better) days

 If ITV were to make this a regular fayre, I for one wouldn't be tuning in each week or month.  But take me back to the years 62-85 then Saturday's were gospel.

On balance, I would say this is why lots of people now attend the reunion every August, to meet the true pro's and soak up the atmosphere to talk about when wrestling really was a truly tremendous believeable evening out.

Overall, a very missed opportunity to actually be different from the choreographed nonsense peddled across the pond..

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Just to add to my comments above.  It's not the skill of the wrestlers that is in question, there is no doubt they have the potential to replicate what those of us watched and loved in the 60's, 70's and 80s'. Maybe it's those who train them, or those who construct the storylines or even the promoters.  Back in the old Dale Martin / Joint Promotions days, wrestling was a truly believeable classy evening out.  Different seat price structures, with ringside prices at a premium, seconds for each wrestler, and referees crisply dressed.  Also "feuds" were strictly controlled and the whole show was truly amazing.  Now, matches are over in around 10 minutes, there are no rounds, no seconds, the referees resemble scruffs by and large (hats off to the greatest though Max Ward in his striped shirt, and more hats off to the impecably turned out Tiny Carr), but there is too much emphasis on loud music, flashing bright lights, stupid costumes and ridiculous slanging matches between the wrestlers.  As for the backstage nonsense this evening, it had to be seen to be believed.  Nobody would fall for that, except those under 12.  Let's have proper UK wrestling and show the world how we did it back in the golden days.  Believe me, there are plenty of people who would turn up for live shows as it used to be, not the pantomimes of the present day.

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steve barker aka pinhead
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My wholesale thoughts about the ITV Wrestling show yesterday, you may agree with some you may disagree with all, but having been a punter for 40 years, a second, ring crew, posterboy, second, referee, mc, promoter, even a wrestler (hardly) feel I can make critically observations and constructive comments. Firstly, for those armchair fans who haven't seen a show in the last 30 years, I hope you were not expecting to watch John Elijah v Prince Man Singh for 25 minutes,   Wrestling like life has moved on, gone are the days of old ladies and handbags in suits watching a show on a cold Thursday night in December,   the days of family Entertainment are here, along with internet fans that really appreciate the high flying moves of trained wrestlers. Secondly, for those WWE fans expecting the same huge Arena and big time atmosphere, that was not going to happen ( not in this pilot show, although who knows for the future) simply because it was filmed in a Manchester TV Studio and if you watched the Ninja Warrior programme afterwards and popped out for a cuppa between the ad breaks the audience and surroundings were pretty much the same. So where to start - The build up, the trailer, the titles, the  introduction by JR and Alex Shane was good, and I personally thought their commentary was just what a modern day viewer expects,  however I was surprised not to see the names come up on screen of the wrestlers, only a logo type on the big screen as they entetered, and on another  subject lets correct some very bad errors - Klondyke Kate never wrestled any men on TV, A battle Royale is nothing new, it was on ITV Wrestling in the 1970s,  the lie about Big Daddy's outfit splitting in front of Princess Margret and the Duke of Kent, for one Princess Margaret never attended a show with the Duke of Kent and the Silver Jubilee show he went to 30th November at the RAH - that certainly didn't happen. Now to the wrestling and the wrestlers.  Superbly turned out, good entrances - shame not enough music as they entered, and  the wrestling action was as good as you will see on good quality promotions up and down the country most nights of the week, however it really can only be criticised by one thing, on numerous occasions the wrestlers facial expressions were poor and were caught watching the other ring action, with Grado at one point sitting in the corner talking to the cameraman I think,  while other wrestlers were in action, here the two most professional for facial were Bulldog Junior and referee Steve Lynsky.   But that said the wrestlers worked hard, two  other points - missed was putting Davey Boy over instead of Grado in my opinion, as this was really a repeat of the first match, and would have given a far better storyline,   and I think it would have been better as the wrestler walked to the ring we had a cv put up on screen - ie name, birthplace etc plus 30 secs clip of him/ her in previous action as a prelude to the stat of the match, giving the viewer more of an insight as an introduction to the new characters. Moving on to the show audience, various comments here, firstly because it was filmed in a tv studio, they had a warm up act and from what I understand were told things not to shout, but also to be silent during the introductions, which on a modern day wrestling show does not happen like that, and I think  if it is to go ahead with a series it needs to be filmed not in a studio but at an arena type venue, and use a better camera / editing system as some of the action was missed when cutting into the audience, as it wasn't live that shouldn't really happen The "World of Sport" look back with interviews and soundbites I Personally thought was First Class, and would have related a lot to the older wrestling fans, who haven't seen any action since it came of our screens.  It was good to hear and see Mark Rocco, Johnny Saint, Marty Jones, Klondyke etc with clips of some action, and I think if they do make a series they should include one old bout per show. Finally while I have made some negative comments, I hope they are all constructive, I think there is a future with the programme, with it being filmed with a wrestling arena audience as opposed to a tv one, it could do with better back stage clips, and possibly a villain commentator like Mal Sanders etc or guess WOS veteran and I think it needs the help of one or two experienced  Wrestling Promoters to help  it progress, its never going to get to the heights of the WWE but with the right help can serious get viewing figures of Millons with a regular timeslot - Across all the promotions we have some superb talent in this country and they deserve the chance to appear on TV as long as its done right - ITV Thanks for yesterday I hope you take points made by everyone on board and improve your good product and we see you back on our screens soon.
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Steve - you are well respected and always welcomed at the Reunion.  Just want to say you have made some very positive points there.  Over on the heritage thread, Dave Mantell makes some equally good points, but I must say on balance the yearning for some really good stuff like we all used to watch seems to outweigh the acceptance of last night.

Perhaps, as I said earlier, a balance of both would have been a perfect mix.  Maybe the committee can discuss this in more detail, openly and in public at the next reunion on August 13th?  I think that most of those attending will have viewed last night, and be up for some sort of public debate.

I'll send an e-mail in due course to those on the committee suggesting it.  I think at the very least, ITV have got the wires buzzing!

Happy new year to you and all.

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I really enjoyed the show. My kids did too. I thought the interviews with the legends were good but could have given their title history. The backstage stuff was poor, but pleased it was kept to a minimum. I would like to have seen Rocco or Jones get involved a bit more, perhaps hand the belt to Grado. All the wrestlers were excellent. JR and Alex Shane did a grand job. I thought the mystery guest was going to be Kendo. Where was he? I hope there is another, it was great entertainment. Oh, and why canÂ’t I see my text when I type in this Forum??? IÂ’ve had to do this in Word and copy and paste!
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Late to the party as for some reason my log in was showing no text,  still isn't but logged in blind and it got me here.

Enjoyed the programme, i do reminisce for the old type bouts but life and times move on, it's just my brain that is stuck in the 70s.

Let us hope this programme might be the seed that grows into UK wrestling being back on our screens, come on ITV, there is a audience for it, we have some mighty fine grapplers who deserve to be stars.

Ah well grapple fans "Have a good week till next week"....thank you Mr Walton


What could be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you're the heavyweight champion of the world?
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