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News from the British Wrestlers Reunion that Frank Rimer has bowed out as the organiser. I've no doubt the Reunion will continue and be successful but also know Frank has been the driving force behind the reunion for many years. Frank deserves a break,

Life as we know it will go on, but he deserves our gratitude. Thanks Frank. Without you the Reunion would not be where it is today. Or where it will be tomorrow.

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Terry Christie
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Frank Rimer has bowed out of The British Wrestlers Reunion for many years and he deserves a break as well and he is a great wrestler as a blue eye who keeps to the rules all the time and I watching BBC 4 Documentary Grapples,Grunts,Groans and Grannies since 2012 and repeated three times and the narrator is Christopher Eccleston,best remembered as Nicky Hutchinson in Our Friends in The North since 1996.

Once again Frank you are great help for The British Wrestlers Reunion and enjoy your retirement for so long.

 Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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