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Terry Christie
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Phil Johnson otherwise known as The Famous Grasshopper who turned Professional Wrestling since the early eighties and he is a good clean wrestler and judo as well and I Watched The Wrestling on ITV Sport since 1988 against Matt Matthews at Huddersfield Town Hall Yorkshire and the eighth and final round Grasshopper won 2-1 and it is a great sporting contest indeed.

Phil Johnson,The Grasshopper and great wrestler and judo icon for so long.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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Anyone remember a Heavyweight Wrestler called Abe Arbuckle? I only saw him wrestle once back in 1981 at the Brent Town Hall, Wembley. I was very impressed with his style of wrestling but sadly never saw or heard about him again. I also enjoyed watching two other very underrated Wrestlers in  Lucky Gordon and Studs Lannigan. My favourites to watch always though were Wayne Bridges, Tony St.Clair, Mick Mcmanus,Tarzan Johnny Wilson, Marty Jones,Rollerball Rocco, Terry Rudge and Banger Walsh. If any of those Wrestlers were on the Bill, we were sure in for a great Show.

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Hi, Does anyone know if the " Mighty " John Quinn British ring tv debut of 1979 ,where he made his first controversial speech is on Youtube? even after all these years, I am still yet to see it. I always enjoyed seeing his matches as he was such a great Wrestler and a very big draw.



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Would it be cheeky to make a request to the committee to contact the Mighty John Quinn in Canada, and ask him to jot down some of his memories of his visit to these shores in the late 70s'/ early 80's? He made such an impact.

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Mark. The bout you are on about was vs Beau Jack Rowlands. It isn't on You Tube but if you search for Quinn vs Barry Douglas you will see the famous Pat Roach challenge at the end. Subscribe to the 'Arthur Psycho channel on You Tube and ask if he has the match. Hope this helps.
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