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Terry Christie
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Alan Colbeck take on the infamous Brian Maxine for the middleweight title at The Royal Albert Hall,London on Wednesday May 27th 1970 and The Referee Joe D'Orazio & The MC Frankie Blake & The Timekeeper Peter Bates.

With Maxine who is bending the rules all the time and his infamous temper and he punched Colbeck on the head with his bare knuckles and his sawing motion on the throat of Colbeck on the floor.

Referee Joe D'Orazio gives Gold Belt Maxine with the public warnings and his third one sent Maxine back into his dressing room and the title goes to Alan Colbeck.

Alan Colbeck turned referee on Tuesday September 25th 1973 at The King George's Hall Bradford with the two contests alongside Dave Barrie against Adrian Street during the interview with the late Kent Walton and the main event with Bobby Barnes against Les Kellett and The MC Ernest Lofthouse on ITV Sport.

Alan Colbeck from Tingley in Yorkshire and the great sportsmanship wrestler and referee icon on ITV's World of Sport.

The Great Contest between Alan Colbeck take on Brian Maxine at The Royal Albert Hall,London on Wednesday May 27th 1970.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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Graham Wright
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Looked for Alan Cobeck bouts on YouTube but sadly nothing.  I had the same experience with other wrestlers of the time such as Albert Wall and the Borg Twins.

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paul kaye
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I have a copy of the poster from the bout .it featured Mick Mcmanus versus George Kidd

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Is Alan Colbeck still alive?
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