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Terry Christie
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I Was sorry to hear the sad news of British Wrestler & Referee Peter Szakacs has passed away at the age of 85 years.

He used to be a great wrestler and the famous brother of Tibor Szakacs,The Heavyweight wrestler for many years.

He grappled with Sid Cooper,Jackie Pallo,Mick McManus,Brian Maxine,George Kidd,Robby Baron & Steve Logan.

Peter turned referee since the mid-late seventies until 1988 on ITV's World of Sport.

July 1988 when Peter in charge of the contest at Bridrington in Yorkshire when Ironfist Clive Myers to take on the infamous Mouth of The South,Mal Sanders who is bending the rules.

Round Three when Mal thrown out of the ring by Ironfist and he lost his temper and he got out of the ring and he took a swing at Kent Walton.

Round Five when referee Peter Szakacs sent Sanders back to the dressing room with Mal held the bottom rope for submission and he grabbed the mircophone with Mal saying he never touched the ropes and he thought he was the winner but he lost the match and the winner is The Famous Ironfist Clive Myers.

The Great Wonderful Memories of The Great Original British Wrestler & Referee icon is The late Peter Szakacs.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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A dear friend to me that i shall miss  R I P


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Dave Fletcher
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