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I have recently attended some shows promoted by Jimmy Starr's Falling Starr Wrestling.  I used to be a regular attendee in the 70s/80s but hadn't been for many years.  My 12 year old son asked me to take him so off we went.  FSW shows are advertised as family shows and they are pitched very much in that mould.  A good mix of styles ..... US style acrobatics, 'comedy' bouts and some good old fashioned British brawls, with some blood being spilled on occasion.  Some of the wrestlers are very young and appear to be relatively inexperienced, but they put their all into their bouts and are usually entertaining.  Others have been older and their experience shows in the way they work the crowd and tell a story during their bouts.  Danny 'Boy' Collins is a regular FSW performer and can still cut the mustard, others who have impressed me have been Jimmy Starr himself, Richard Parliament (recently seen on TNA Bootcamp), Johathan Windsor, Sid Scala and Matt 'Dark Wolf' Walters. I think me and m'boy will be regulars from now on and when he gets a bit older I reckon Ricky Knight's WAW promotions will getting a visit too.

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