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I sadly have to report attending a show this week, meeting some old timers (both fans and actual wrestlers from the 60's and 70's) and coming away very disappointed indeed.  I won't name the show, nor the wrestlers, because everyone involved tried their very best to make it work.  But, work it didn't.  The crowd was exceedingly poor (less than 300) too much time was spent "arguing" between the wrestlers, and quite frankly it wasn't worth the bother. 

Contrast this with the days of yore, when the suspenion of disbelief was a pre-requisite, and you could take anyone to the wrestling and be assured of an amazing night out. Maybe I am on the wrong side of 60, but I fear that British wrestling will slowly wither and die, contrary to current thinking, if we don't bring back the classic professionalism that once made us the best in the world.

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Posts: 2 general,i agree with this opinion....though they may be some good british wrestling around,it's being in the right part of the U.K to view it....i find that what i have seen through the video channels,that it's now put on as family entertainment which means it's hyped up for " Kids "....and alot of it is just copy cat american style...not really british style wrestling...!...Sad really...

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