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Terry Christie
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Joe & Doug Robinson,The Famous Brothers from Newcastle Upon Tyne and The One of The Great Judo & Professional Wrestling Superstars from The Fabulous Fifties & The Swinging Sixties and also in The Great Tag Team Matches Contests on ITV Sport.

Joe & Doug both appeared in The Great British Original Black & White Movie,The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner Starring Tom Courtenay as Colin Smith who is sent down to Ruxton Towers Borstal for the robbery & stole a lot of money and to try out as runner for The Cross Counrty Cup against The Ranley Public School,also with The late Michael Redgrave as The Governor alongside The Stuntman & Actor Ray Austin as Mr Craig.


Joe appeared in The ITV Drama shows with Danger Man,The Saint & The Avengers and The James Bond Movie,Diamonds Are Forever with Sean Connery & Jill St'John in 1971.


The Great Superstars of Wrestling icons are Joe & Doug Robinson.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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