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Terry Christie
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Kendo Nagasaki & His Manager George Gillette who graps the microphone at the end of the contests and with his mask from who knows where and in December 1975 when he faced Big  Daddy who took Kendo's mask off and the red eyes also the shaven tattoo top of his head and The late Kent Walton has said,That Tattoo No Wonder He Wore A Mask.

A Year later in The Summer of 1976 at The Royal Albert Hall in London with Nagasaki & Gillette to take on Mick McManus & Steve Logan in The Tag Team Contest with The MC,Mike Judd & The Referee is The late Max Ward and The Timekeeper is The late Peter Bates and Nagasaki & Gillette won 2-1 over McManus-Logan.


The infamous Masked Man Kendo Nagasaki & His Manager George Gillette.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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